5.1 Case-Studies

5.1.1 Pregnant 15 Year Old Girl

This trainee was a pregnant teenager who had left the church and was at odds with her family. She and her family were battling over her plans to drop out of school and to marry the father of the unborn child despite his ongoing relationships with more than a dozen other girls. She also was very fearful of dying while traveling by car, having been a passenger in a girlfriend’s car when the car narrowly missed a head-on collision while passing another car at night in the fog.

Day 1: She described her session: ‘I’d been having lots of problems with my Mom, so it was great to see that I got 4 greens (new high alpha scores for the day) when experiencing going to the park with my Mom and my two little brothers. Then I got 3 greens, thinking how cool it was to control music directly with your head. I felt enjoyment, eagerness, and anticipation, and I thought of a career as a famous theatre performer, and I got all new highs on the right side of my head. I felt like a famous performer being able to control music directly with my head. Good thoughts gave the prettiest music. I was happy.’

‘Then I got greens thinking of my whole family, my aunt, my uncles, my grandpa, Mom, and Dad. My two little brothers always make me happy. I was getting high scores just swinging with them, just being with them. The music (feedback tones) was so loud when I was happy. It was just there. I could put it all together and make it sound beautiful.’

Day 2: In her words: ‘This was not a very good day. I was angry because my Mom wanted me to use my alpha training to break up with my boyfriend. She thinks he’s so stupid. She’s always telling me what to do, but she doesn’t know him. He’s really been there for me. I got angry with my Mom and Dad because they don’t understand, and they are always trying to tell me what to do. This is my training and my life, and I should be able to think about what I want.’ After this brief report, she would not say much more about her experiences of that day.

Day 3: She was excited to report: ‘I had 4 greens from being aware of or being in “Nothingness.” I heard the tones, but I just did not let anything come into my head. It was almost like asleep; except for . . . I was awake.

There were other comments about her experience, and we talked about the experience of ‘nothingness’ in meditation, which fascinated her. Then we started looking through the polygraph record, paging through more than 100 pages of brain wave tracings. At one point, there was a huge burst of alpha on both occipitals, and I commented about how lovely they were. She stared at these big bursts, and it looked like her mind had slipped out of gear for a moment. Then she pressed her hands to her mouth and began exclaiming, ‘Oh my God! Oh, my God!’ I knew she was having a powerful experience and waited for some moments to ask her what was happening. She began all in a rush to tell me. She said that she had had a compelling experience during the session seeing a most beautiful angel and that she had forgotten about it until she saw those big alpha bursts. Then the whole experience came tumbling back in on her. In her own words, it unfolded as follows: ‘Later in the session, I was sitting there, and suddenly a guy about my age was there, and he started bleeding. His mouth was bleeding. I got terrified. Then an old guy appeared and said, “It’s up to you.” Then the old guy disappeared, except he was just a face in the bright light.’

‘Then first I saw a pool of blood. Then a guy with dark brown hair was short, and it was fixed nicely. He was tanned, about 15-16 years old, and a little taller than me. He was on a playground like a park. He had blood all over his mouth area. I thought he fell. I was scared. The next thing I knew, the guy was lying on the ground on his back, and he was not breathing.’

This old guy appeared again, all wrinkly and gray-haired. He had a full head of hair. He had a beard and mustache. He was lip talking, saying, ‘It’s up to you.’ Then the old guy disappeared. ‘Then, a bright light appeared.

In it was a woman’s face. She was just so pretty. She was wearing white, and I could see she was walking toward the kid and me on the ground. Then I looked at the kid, and all I saw was blood. I never saw this kid before in my life. I don’t know why I saw him. When I saw the little boy, I knew him. I didn’t know; I don’t remember knowing him in real life. My body was all jittery.’

I thought the lady was too pretty to be real. I thought she would help the kid, but she’d get blood all over her white dress. I saw the kid and the blood, and my alpha dropped. Then I saw the older man again and got scared, and my alpha dropped even further. Then I saw the pretty lady in the light, and my alpha went up a little, and I looked directly at her, and my alpha went way up. She was in her 20’s. She had blond, really curly hair, long hair. She was so pretty. She was the prettiest woman I have ever seen. People in the park or playground were looking over and not noticing (us) or the boy on the ground. We were, to them, not even there.

The little boy reminded me of my Dad. His hair was fixed the same way, and he was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt, and brown shoes. It was like I was seeing my Dad as a little kid. This was very real.

When asked to quantify how real our conversation was at the moment, she said we were presently an 8 on a scale of 0-10. But the scene she was describing was more real, a 9.5-10 because of the intensity of the fear and anxiety and the lady’s beauty in white. ‘The old guy, who scared me, had an old baggy outfit. He was big-boned. When I saw him, my alpha dropped a lot. I got scared. Then he totally vanished. Then a very bright light appeared to my left and slightly higher than me. It was a perfect circle. It gave off white light. It was so pretty. It had streamers coming off it, streamers of light that were white with yellow around them.’

The lady appeared first with her face right in the middle of the white light. She was dressed totally in white. She smiled at me, and my alpha went way up. It was like I was reading her mind while I was thinking, Gosh, I wish I could be that pretty. I was in awe.

The old man’s voice kept coming into my head, saying, ‘It’s up to you. Now go, my child; you know what to do.’ ‘The boy had been standing up when I first saw him. In the next second, he was lying down on the pavement . . . a park or school playground with so many little kids everywhere. There was a mother there who’d lost her little boy. She was screaming its name. I couldn’t hear her, and she didn’t see me.’

‘The angel’s voice was so soft and sweet. But I did not want to hear it. It forced its way into my head. It wasn’t really a voice. It was more like she was talking directly into my mind, kind of like telepathy. The feeling of her voice was so soft and sweet and loving.’ She thought into my head, ‘You know what to do, my child. Now do it.’

‘I was so afraid of the blood. I wanted to save the boy so badly. The angel’s voice was filling my head, reassuring me. So, I resolved to do whatever I had to do, and I turned to help the boy, and suddenly the whole scene disappeared. I realized I’d already done everything I needed to do to help. I had decided to ignore my fear and help him. The angel was so lovely.’

Day 4: She began to describe her experiences: ‘Early in the session, I got greens, then my scores settled down until I started thinking about going home. I got 5 greens when I thought about what I was going to do when I got home. I got excited about going home. I want to see my friends and my little brothers. But I don’t want to deal with MOM.’ Then she launched into a major discussion about her Mom and her boyfriend, the father of her unborn child. She said she got much higher alpha feedback scores when she thought about getting married to someone (not her boyfriend), and she saw everybody accepting it. When she thought about getting married to her boyfriend, her alpha was not as high, and she saw the family unhappy. She got really high alpha thinking about her two baby brothers. She got somewhat high alpha thinking about her Dad and somewhat high alpha thinking about past times with her Mom, but low alpha thinking about her Mom in the present in their state of conflict over the boyfriend and her plans to drop out of school to marry the boyfriend. She said of her Mom, ‘I care about her, but I hate the things she does.’ Adding, ‘I can’t tell Mom the truth, and I can’t tell my aunt because she talks to Mom.’ Then she began to reflect and added, ‘They want me to be happy in their thoughts.’ She also confided that ‘I rebelled way more than I should have.’ She then willingly accepted coaching in forgiveness and agreed to try forgiving her parents and herself in the next day’s session.

Day 5: Her descriptions of her experiences just flowed out of her: ‘I did all the forgiveness work today. I felt so full of energy. As my alpha climbed, I found myself on top of a hill with flowers all around. I felt like I could fly.’

‘When I started the forgiveness work, I thought of my Mom and Dad and how they screwed up and how I screwed up. And then I thought everybody deserves a second chance. So I started with my Mom and forgave her, and my alpha went up, and then went back and forgave other people, and my alpha went up. I then forgave myself for everything I’ve done and haven’t done, and my alpha went up. After that, I felt so free. I thought, now I can fly. I felt so light and happy in the chamber; I just wanted to go running. And I learned how to control my temper today. I was in the booth wanting forgiveness, and I got all 6 greens!’

‘I thought of the baby in me and realized that you couldn’t be a good role model for your own daughter when you hate your mother. And my Mom didn’t do anything to me, and she wants the best for me. I hope she can understand my feelings toward my boyfriend.’

Day 6: In her words: ‘I was tired today because I stayed up late last night talking with Mom on the phone. We discussed our control issues. Mom now agrees with my new plans. There was real healing between my Mom and me. We were on the phone until midnight. At the beginning of the session, I did forgiveness work with Mom, which gave me high scores and 4 greens! It was a challenge to stay awake because I was so tired.’

‘I am afraid of dying, and today I went into my fear of dying in the chamber. I did a worst-case scenario and originally thought I’m not unattached to the idea of dying. But then I thought, if I did die, I could be an angel and go into people’s minds and make them feel good like it happened to me.’

‘Before this, I never really believed in God. I had questions, and I doubted. After I saw the angel, I knew she was an angel, and she talked to me inside my mind, and I now believe in God.

‘Also, I remember when I did the forgiveness work yesterday, I was so happy, and I totally forgot the anger I was feeling toward my parents, especially my Mom. Now I’m not afraid of dying. I’m not angry, and I believe in God.’

This 15-year-old girl reconciled with her family and returned to the church, this time with a real belief in God grounded in her personal experience with an angel. She also realized that the child’s drug-using, drug-dealing, and philandering father was not a suitable husband for her, to her family’s great relief. She allowed her mother to care for the baby after it was born to continue her education. She also transcended her fear of dying during car travel and knew that there was a life for her after death.

5.1.2 Pregnant Mother of Three with Unplanned Pregnancy

This pregnant mother of 3 children was 5 months into a pregnancy that was unplanned and strongly unwanted. She referred to the growing child within her as ‘the alien’ and was resentfully estranged from this child in her womb. She also had an excessively protective attachment to her 3-year-old child, leading to neglect of her 10 and 11-year-old children. She had some deep-seated issues from childhood and family problems but launched into her training in a very open way.

She began the forgiveness work earlier and more enthusiastically than most trainees. She seemed to have fewer excuses about why she couldn’t or shouldn’t forgive this or that person or herself. By the third day, she was coming in saying that the huge persistent problems in her life now had become powerless over her. She looked at them as faded, yellowing photographs in a picture album. She recognized problems as dominating her life were now just faded memories in a photo album that she could easily close and put away.

This woman loved whales and had pictures of whales in her house and tapes of whale songs in her music collection. Near the end of her 7-day training, on day 5 or 6, she had a profound experience of swimming with a whale in a warm sea, communicating with it in complex songs, and having a telepathic experience of mind-to-mind contact with the whale. When she described this experience, I noted that her unborn child was, right now, swimming in a sea of amniotic fluid insider her womb, and I gently asked her if she had been in telepathic contact with this child. The strangest look came over her face as she accessed the memories of the experience. Her mind seemed to slip out of gear for a few moments, and then she burst into a radiant smile of amazement. Indeed, she had been in deep telepathic contact with her unborn child, and in those moments of introspection following my question, she had merged very deeply and thus consciously re-established that telepathic connection with the child in her womb. Immediately the persistent and restless agitation of the child within her ceased. Abruptly the baby was different. In a surprise, she commented that the child’s behavior inside her had suddenly changed and that she now had a loving bond with the little boy baby. She was utterly amazed that a change of attitude on her part could so quickly and dramatically affect the baby’s behavior in her womb. Her whole attitude toward the unborn child changed, and instead of calling it ‘the alien’ she began referring to him by the beautiful name she and her husband had chosen.

On the last day of her training, she came in slightly agitated because she had a design project at work that was due the next day, and she had not even started to think about it. She was a toy designer and was skilled in making computer renditions of the toys once she had decided upon the kind of toy and the colors and textures and sizes and other parameters. But coming up with the ideas and parameters was always a struggle. Before she went into the chamber, she asked to be reminded to start her toy design work as soon as she was finished with her session,

During her alpha session, the toy design was accomplished with grace and ease and entirely without the usual struggle. She started thinking about a theme for the toy and sorted through dozens of themes until her alpha tones increased markedly while considering one particular theme. She took this as a confirmation of the wisdom of using that theme to base this toy. In the same way, she thought of colors until one particular color combination increased her alpha tones markedly. In the same way, she determined the textures and fabrics and the sizes of the toy’s components. When she came out of the chamber, she was calm and beaming. She asked for a piece of paper and rapidly sketched the entire toy, including the theme or story was written to go along with it. All the colors and textures and fabrics were clear in her mind, and that night she implemented her vision on the computer, producing a color model of the toy. The next morning she delivered the completed design to her workplace, for the first time having accomplished a design project without struggle. She had used the alpha feedback process as a stimulus to and as a guide of her creative processes. She had established a deeply loving and accepting relationship with her unborn child. And she had done powerful forgiveness work, which allowed her to place all her biggest problems into faded photographs in an album, which she could then put away and forget. After her new child was born, it soon became apparent that the possibly excessive attachment to her 3-year-old was mellowing into a loving and supportive relationship with all her four beautiful children.

A Happy Ending (and a Happy Beginning)

About 18 months after the beautiful baby boy was born, I had the opportunity to visit the mother at her home. The baby clung to her and would not let go. She told me that her bonding with the baby was so deep and remarkable that it would not go to anyone else. Not even the baby boy’s father was able to hold him. We had been sitting on the soft, deeply carpeted stairs near their front door when almost simultaneously, the telephone rang, and the doorbell rang. The mother had to put the baby down to answer the telephone and the door simultaneously. In the twinkling of an eye, the baby boy clambered up into my arms and held on to me the way he had been holding on to his mother. I was delighted with the baby’s warmth and affection and sat quietly with the baby’s arms wrapped around my neck and with my left arm supporting the baby’s back for about ten minutes. Then the Mother came back to sit with me. A look of astonished disbelief flashed into her face. She exclaimed, ‘He has never gone to anyone except me! I can’t believe it!’ The baby looked at me with a quizzical look, wordlessly asking if he had done anything wrong, and I hugged him as I said, ‘It’s OK. Everything is OK. I love you, and if you want, you can go back to your mommy now.’

The baby reluctantly and slowly left my arms and went back to his mother, who had sat down next to me on the staircase. The baby continued to look at me with wide-open eyes filled with love, almost drinking in my presence.

The mother and I then discussed the obvious implications of this remarkable event. The baby had instantly recognized me as the agent of his reconciliation with his mother when he was still in the womb, which had been a tough time for the fetus and the mother, who had hated the fetus and kept calling it ‘the alien.’

The mother’s hostility toward this baby and her harsh rejection of him was magically transformed into acceptance and love through the mother’s Biocybernaut alpha wave training, and the baby knew me almost 2 years later as the agent of this powerful emotional healing. This was a wonderful blessing and a truly angelic reward for my role in healing the Mother’s aversion to her fetus and her unwanted pregnancy. It also speaks volumes about how much children still in the womb can know and remember the world outside the womb.

This child’s amazing love and trust, and recognition continue to magically inspire the work I do through the Biocybernaut alpha training.

5.1.3 The Artist Grandfather

This Alpha feedback trainee was a creative artist and a grandfather that I’ll call ‘AG.’ He was a Christian, but his Christianity had a driven quality, and he was overburdened by guilt. He also worked excessively, spending little or no time with his family or grandchildren.

Day 1: During his alpha feedback, he experienced a biblical story of an outcast (money changer/tax collector), with whom he identified (feeling himself an outcast).

As his Alpha increased, he became aware of a scene in which Jesus came walking along through a crowd of people happily dancing and being joyful. He singled out AG and held his hand. AG was feeling unworthy of this attention. Then Jesus put his hand to AG’s forehead. Jesus used his other hand to hold AG’s hand and press it to his (Jesus’) heart, and AG felt deeply healed. Then Jesus and AG walked hand-in-hand through the dancing throng.

Some people were there who were not dancing. They were in gray sackcloth, seated on the ground with their heads down and arms around their legs. Jesus took AG’s hand and used it to touch each one of these people. As he touched them, he experienced powerful forgiveness energy flowing, and each person arose, was filled with joy, and began dancing with the others. AG experienced his lesson as forgiveness, guided by Jesus. It was also acceptance of and healing for AG by Jesus.

Five epochs before the end of the alpha enhancement, AG had had enough and wanted out of the feedback chamber. I was called and prepared to go into his chamber. He was standing up when I went in. Still, in talking, he recognized his family’s legendary temper and the family members’ characteristic demanding ego, and he resolved to overcome both of these in his week of training. He was able to remain in the chamber and complete that session.

Day 2: As AG’s alpha increased, he saw Jesus in the distance under a rainbow. Jesus started walking toward AG, getting bigger and bigger. Then Jesus took the ends of the rainbow in his hands and bent it into a circle, and said, ‘This is a symbol of my love for you.’ This evoked potent emotions in AG since he’d never seen anything like this in his entire life. Later that day, AG and I had a meeting, set up by prior arrangement, where we reviewed the Biocybernaut Institute’s Zen graphs from a study done with Zen meditators. There we saw the records of a Zen Roshi with the bi-modal coherence pattern that may well be the basis of the spiritual phenomena known as halos. And AG said that he thought that the rainbow Jesus bent into a circle for him foreshadowed the knowledge of the brainwave pattern underlying halos.

In that session, during one period of high alpha activity, AG saw a large shallow brass bowl filled with water, with mountains around the edge of the bowl, reminding him of Crater Lake. He described the events as follows: ‘Then Jesus was suddenly in the scene carrying the bowl, and the top of my head was open. Actually, the top of my head was missing, and the water in the bowl was suddenly anointing oil. I prayed on my knees and asked the Lord to ’fill me with his presence and spirit.’ Compared with the very personal Jesus of yesterday, today’s Jesus was bigger than life. Jesus was pouring the anointing oil into my head. The oil turned into a fire on the inside and was burning up all the impurities. The anointing oil was cleansing, burning up the old dirty wax of past fears, guilts, and doubts. . . . It was profoundly cleansing. My usual feelings of gloomy, awful, reckless, and angry were replaced by feelings like devoted, enthusiastic, timid, powerful, agreeable, contented.’

Day 3: AG told this story: ‘As soon as my alpha started to increase, I found myself talking with my deceased son and my deceased Mom and Dad, always in the presence of the Lord, having His approval. Then I had an experience that reassured me that my Dad was with the Lord, which I had worried about a lot. My Dad had been very harsh with me and had left my Mother and taken up with another woman. He had two women to support, and he lost his house and business and went bankrupt, so he came to live with my wife and me. All his family had turned their backs on him, and now they shunned my wife and me for taking this man in. My father was ill and was in bed most of the time and was very demanding. One day he called me into his bedroom and said, ’you know I’d said if I ever saw a Christian, I’d become one?’ Then he gave up his rantings about the hypocrisy of Christians because of the love and Christian charity my wife, and I had shown him.’

‘He died two months later, but I always doubted his conversion to Christianity. Then in alpha, I had an experience that reassured me.

I saw a huge bronze ring with hundreds of people in it, including my Mom and Grandmother. But Dad was outside the ring. Then Jesus appeared and lifted the ring and brought Dad inside the circle. This was gratifying and heartwarming.

‘Then I had an experience, which was just the most glorious experience. My scores had been rising steadily, and suddenly when the tones stopped after one epoch, and the scores lit up, my highest score of the 6 scores was 666. As I looked at the three ’sixes,’ the circles in the 6’s opened up into holes in the vacuum. It was like the movie the Philadelphia Experiment. The vacuum suction was pulling me in, and I was initially terrified as houses and cars and trees were being pulled into the awful suction. People were screaming. There was a lot of noise and chaos. Then I thought, ’In Him, I will overcome.’ and I called the name of Jesus, thinking, ’whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Suddenly Jesus was there with his arms wrapped around me, and I had total peace even as the force was pulling in houses and rocks and trees and trucks and busses. The fear was instantly gone. Each hole had the power to destroy everything and to suck things into it and off into oblivion. It was literally a hopeless situation for anything caught in that suction, and the more I saw how destructive it was, the tighter Jesus held me in his arms. And the more peace I felt in Jesus’ arms, the worse the scene got.

Then I thought of the Song of Solomon 2:6 and remembered, ‘His left hand is under my head, and his right hand doth embrace me. And I thought I know that I will overcome. And I thought, “He is all-powerful, and I am literally saved from the strongest power on earth by Jesus.” During this intense experience, my scores rose ever higher, and for the first time, I broke through the alpha score level of 1,000. I saw that I got to witness the awesome power of destruction and utter annihilation while safe in the arms of the Lord. This experience was just the most glorious.’

‘At the peak of my scores, I realized that Jesus has all the power. Then I rested, and my scores dropped back lower. But there was an encore, the second peak in my scores. It was in realizing that I had power over alcohol. If the name of Jesus was that powerful over 666, then that power could help me control my use of alcohol.’

‘I felt utter ecstasy that the Lord will help me when I call on his name.’

Day 4: AG spoke freely about his experiences: ‘In the beginning, there were Green scores, indicating I was setting new highs for the day. I wanted an intense experience like yesterday but sensed that it was not yet time. I felt an incredible closeness to the spiritual world. I felt hot and had a sense that He was there too. The more I thought about the Lord and sang songs of praise (silently in my heart), the better I would do . . . have higher scores and louder musical tones. But the intensity of yesterday’s experience evaded me. It just would not come. I felt demanding and thought that I really want to leave because I want to leave. I was totally uncooperative. Then this amazing thing happened.’

‘I don’t know how I could see this because I know the room was completely dark, but all of a sudden, it was no longer dark. A fat black lady walked into my room and sat down. For some reason, I asked her if she was an angel. She laughed and said, ’Yes. Why? Do you need one?’ I told her that I always feel like the musical feedback tones are like angels lifting me. She said, ’I’m Molly. How can I help you?”

‘I told her, ’I’m not having a perfect day here because I was expecting something spectacular, and nothing spectacular is happening.”

She said, ‘ Well, I’m here, and I’m an angel, and I came to tell you a bedtime story about a little boy who has a name very similar to yours.’ Then she proceeded to tell me a story that was so magical and heartwarming that I know it will be a best-seller as a children’s book. In fact, I knew immediately that this book would generate a million dollars of income. I knew I had been given a great gift.

Suddenly it did not matter about my expectations for spectacular experiences. ‘One more thing exciting happened. I saw a painting. It was very wonderful. I could see the light contrasting with a color of medium value. Suddenly I knew that it used titanium oxide white, little slivers of layers looking so shimmering. I’ve seen that effect in Monet and never knew how to achieve it. Now I have been shown how it is done.

Day 5: AG described his day: ‘As my Alpha increased, I began having conversations with people; conversations just in my mind. This was a real revelation. I was thinking about my feelings of unworthiness. I’d tried to help an in-law. They never communicated with me. I have tried everything, helping put the kids through school, getting them a car, which they won’t drive, wanting to do anything to help out. All of a sudden, as I was reviewing all this disappointment, there was a big alpha burst, and I realized at that moment that my worthiness has nothing to do with the expectations of others. The lack of appreciation of others does not lessen my worthiness. The causes of my completeness are inside me, not in the hands of others. I let go of this. I forgave them for everything, and I forgave myself. My worthiness or unworthiness has nothing to do with the actions or inactions of others.’

‘When I started this training, I was all logic and thought, and I was trying to avoid feelings because they were often bad feelings. I’ve always been careful in spending money on myself, and I’m still facing this issue. But I’ve decided that you should give it your best. I’m not going to waste good money on bad attitudes. So I have a right to get as much out of this training as I can, including getting rid of my bad attitudes.’

‘The next thing I knew, I was walking through this gauzy curtain, like a wind. I was walking on a cement floor, all gray and cold. Suddenly, people from all sides, very sarcastic and cynical people, and very arrogant and self-righteously pious people surrounded me. Then I realized I was naked. The people gave me looks. They raised their eyebrows. They pointed fingers. I covered myself with my hands, but their judgment was so strong that this did not appease them, so I sat down on the cold cement to hide more of myself. The people just stood there and stared at me.’

‘I was suddenly watching this scene from another perspective, like from an elevated balcony over a courtyard. I asked for help, for deliverance, and suddenly Jesus just appeared. He was wearing only a breechcloth, very simple as if to show the arrogant people he did not need many clothes. He had a garment in his hand, and he put it over me. I felt tremendous peace and then power. When Jesus put the garment over me, I flashed back into myself from the out-of-body perspective up on the balcony. I was back in myself again, and I felt peace. Then the words came to me, “Wisdom. Ask God for wisdom.” And so I did. Then I was flooded with power and peace and wisdom and more power. Then all the critical people disappeared. Then Jesus disappeared, and suddenly I realized that every attachment in my life is related to fear. Then I saw myself walking among the people I love. I was displaying and feeling the power of the love that I have for people. I felt worthy. I felt complete.’

Day 6: In AG’s words: ‘When I got into alpha, I started feeling that the relationship we have with God is one of giving. Grace is unconditional love. If you really want to see it for what it is, you must have unconditional love. I started thinking of the potential of a shared fellowship of the mind, connecting my brain waves with other people who have had these insights, a communion of the spirit. The closer a man is to God, the more giving he is. When you look at an apple tree, the greatness is in its fruit. I wondered, ’What is Grace?’ I tried to see it from a visual standpoint, and suddenly I saw how I have driven friends away and how I have walked away from friends by not understanding, by not seeing.

‘I became inspired by the reality of knowing that we can truly change our minds. We can have power over even our thinking processes. I have the power to bring my scores up. How can I do that? I realize what has been blocking me has been my fears, especially my fear of being alone. So I started by looking that fear Devil in the eye and knowing as I walked away through the door into the light . . . such an incredible light, that God’s promise is real: I will never leave you or forsake you.’

‘Then I saw a happy scene with my Trainer when I was showing him a funny picture I had made, and the last 5-6 epochs of the day were so happy. I was getting the giggles. It was just fun. I don’t think my son would believe how happy I am now and how much fun I have been having in this tiny little room. He thought I’d never been able to sit still long enough to do this training, and now I’ve done it, and I feel so free and so happy. I can see that whatever is good is God. If we think in those terms, we are giving back goodness to the world. Each night after training is more significant in itself. I’m thinking and understanding more about God and goodness.’

This creative artist had spiritual experiences, which put his guilt into a more healthy perspective and gave him direct and personal experiences of God’s love for him. He also did profound forgiveness of himself and others. Following this, his creativity exploded. His assistant, who counted 80 significant pieces of art produced over more than 10 years of work for his major client, gave one measure of his expanded creativity. In the two and a half months following his Biocybernaut training, he produced 110 significant art pieces for the same client. In addition to this phenomenal creative output, the man was also finding more time to spend with his grandchildren, taking them to dinner and telling them stories whenever he was in town.

5.1.4 Merging and Shared Feedback Experience

This story came out of the preparation for the Green Beret project, previously mentioned in Chapter4. A 3-star General named Burt Stubblebine, head of Army Intelligence, had foreseen cutbacks in the budgets and knew that the Army would have to do more with less. He wanted to develop his troops’ mental and even psychic abilities for intelligence purposes, and he was very open in that regard. He generated many enemies in the Army from people who wanted to be more traditional, and at one point, he was forced out. However, this project involving the Biocybernaut training for US Army Green Berets was approved before that happened. On a secret Army base where Green Berets were trained, a group of ‘enhancement programs’ were brought in, and they had six months of contracts to bring advanced technologies to the Army. The Biocybernaut Institute was one of the sub-contractors. Before the Army project began, I had the opportunity to train two owners- a just married couple – of the prime contractor company.

They were both very wide-eyed individuals, having had many profound experiences with, shall we say, psycho-pharmaceuticals. They had also spent almost ten years in Buddhist meditation. They were in a very close group to the Dhali Llama, so they had lots of profound experiences.

During their Alpha One training, there was an amazing experience of shared consciousness between Joel and his wife Michele, who was in a different chamber. During the final White Noise baseline that follows the alpha feedback training, Joel was in his chamber when, all of a sudden, his beloved wife Michelle came spiraling out of the ceiling, tumbling toward him. She literally entered him and merged with him. He could look out through her eyes or his eyes, and then they became their shared eyes. It was a very profound experience– this merging of the two of them. I tape-recorded this report by Joel while I was interviewing him. Joel and Michelle had staggered start times to interview with one person while the other person was still doing feedback in another chamber.

When Michelle was finished, I went into her chamber to interview her. She didn’t know about what had happened to Joel. Astonishingly, she reported an absolutely identical experience. She had been in the latter stage of her alpha feedback when Joel had his experience of merging with her. Michelle reported that she went out of body-she went to Joel’s chamber, came at him out of the upper corner of the room, went inside him, merged with him, and was looking out through what was essentially their shared eyes.

Another exciting experience happened with this couple during their second week of training at Biocybernaut. One type of advanced training that we do at Biocybernaut is Shared Feedback™. Unlike flying, here you solo first. When you start to learn to control your brain waves, you go into the chamber by yourself, and you hear beautiful musical sounds, all of them coming from you. You must know all the sounds are coming from you because you may not know what is making the volume of the sounds go up and down. But since you know that they are all coming from you, you can then be motivated to try to learn how to control the tones. And it means you can be confident that when you tune your awareness to get in touch with the waxing and waning of the tones, you will discover the mechanism of your own alpha production, and then you will know how to control your brainwaves. If somebody else were in the chamber or several other people, so only some of the tones were yours, and some were others. The complexity of the learning task would be extraordinary or even overwhelming. It would take much longer to learn, which is why we do Shared Feedback™only as advanced training.

Joel and Michelle came for several weeks of training. In the first week, they did their individual training, and then they did another week that included learning how to put on electrodes, how to run the equipment, and how to do Shared Feedback™. I was in the chamber with them at one point doing Shared Feedback™. Joel wanted to sit by the door, Michelle was in the middle, and I was against the far wall. The feedback started, and strangely, for me, it was like trying to run through cold, dense molasses! I was getting these images of heavy, dense female sexuality and images of protection. My alpha was really suppressed, and I was struggling; I know very well how to make alpha; however, just then, I was having the hardest time doing it.

After about 15 minutes, all of those images of heavy, dense female sexuality and protection went away, my alpha took off, and I had a perfectly wonderful time in the chamber. At the end of Shared Feedback™, we remained seated in the chamber and discussed what we had each experienced. When I shared about the energy I had felt, they both looked at each other in some alarm but didn’t say anything. I thought that was a bit strange, but I did not ask them about it. The next day when they came in for their training, Joel took me aside and told me the following story.

At that time, Tibetan Buddhist practice was very secretive. Not long after the Dhali Llama realized the Tibetan religion was going to be destroyed by the Chinese, he instructed his followers to be more open about their spiritual practices, so the outside world could learn about Tibetan Buddhism before it was destroyed. However, at the time of our Shared Feedback™experience, secrecy was the order of the day about their practices.

What Joel then told me was fascinating. At the start of our Shared Feedback™session, Michelle had invoked a female Tibetan goddess, a deity who has a conical energy field (like a Christmas tree) with objects of protection placed very densely all the way around. The whole essence of this Tibetan deity is powerful female sexuality and protection. As Michelle invoked that female deity of protection, the dense energy field overlapped me since my chair was just an inch to the left of Michelle’s chair. Not knowing Michelle was doing this, I did not think to put up any of my own energy shields. The Tibetan deity’s powerful energy field permeated the room and partially blocked my access to my own alpha, especially the higher levels of my alpha.

When Michelle stopped drawing in the energy Goddess and undertook her own work with the feedback that the external energy field no longer interfered with my energy and my alpha took off and was able to go soaring off into the bliss of high alpha. Joel and Michelle said that they could not tell me the name of the Goddess, but since I had experienced her presence, they felt that it was only fair that they tell me what Michelle had done. Experiences like this are common in Shared Feedback™-you literally tune in to other people’s experiences. You link minds as you synchronize your brain waves with the other person, and you then share experiences with other people.

5.1.5 The Tears of War from a Brave Warrior

In preparation for the training of the US Army Green Berets, which is described in Chapter4, I first had to train the command staff, which included the company clerk, the captain of all 24 Green Berets we would train, and the commander of the base who was a full bird colonel and who was there in training on only some of the days. Also, there was a man who had just mustered out of the Marine Corps as a colonel after 20 years of distinguished service and who was now part of the primary contracting company

On days that the base commander colonel was there, we had six in the group, but on the days he was not there, I would put myself into the circle of six stations for alpha feedback trainees as the sixth person. The first day that I was the sixth person doing feedback, I noticed several things.

One, I could not get my alpha up more than about half as high as I knew it would go at that time in my development. In the back of my mind, I was aware of a disturbing undercurrent of violence. The group we were working with were non-combatants; they were called Trojan Warriors, and they were being trained for deep observer missions behind enemy lines. Of course, they were trained to kill, but their primary mission was non-violent and even involved befriending civilians in the enemy territory. However, elsewhere on that base, other soldiers were trained to kill in very creative and violent ways. In that aura of violence, my brain would not open more than halfway into the alpha state of which I was capable of. I realized later that it was protection; my higher self was saying ‘No’! It was not going to allow me to expose myself to any more than half-energy of this background of intentionally murderous violence.

So I was sitting there doing feedback, wondering what is going on and why I can’t get my alpha to go any higher, when this tear rolled out of my eye, down my cheek, dropped off, and landed on my tie. Now I’ve done enough Shared Feedback™and individual feedback in groups to know that when this happens that either (1) I’m starting to get in touch with sadness in myself or (2) someone else in the group is experiencing sadness. So I did a scan internally, and I found nothing like sadness in me, so I knew that one of the people in the group was experiencing sadness.

When the feedback training for that day was over, it was time for the interview to tell their story, giving their subjective reports about their experiences. However, during the interviews, nobody said anything that was in any way related to sorrow. So I told my story of the tear. I told everyone that I knew someone in this group was experiencing sorrow, and they needed to own up to it (I was told to use military discipline with this group). I slammed my hand down on the table and said that none of us would leave this room until the person who experienced the sadness owned up to it. I had been given the ability as the group leader on this military base to do this, and my demand was followed by about two minutes of excruciating silence.

Then this hard-bitten, just-mustered-out-of-the-Marine-Corps colonel sheepishly raised his hand to say it probably had been him. He told us that he had gotten in touch with a huge wave of sadness when he was in the alpha feedback chamber. I asked what it had been triggered by. He told us that when he was in college, he used to sing in the glee club. He experienced such joy since he loved both the music and the fellowship. But when he went into the Marines as an ROTC officer, he had made a conscious decision that joy does not belong in the life of a Marine officer, and so he consciously turned off the joy in his life. There was no joy for 20 years while in the Marines because he thought it incompatible with a Marine officer’s role.

So he had awakened there in the alpha chamber, after 20 years of distinguished service in the Marines, to feel the heavyweight and powerful impact of having lived 20 years of his life joylessly. When he realized that it had not been necessary to shut off his own joy, he felt a deep and great sadness. He wondered if his joylessness might even have been implicated in his wife’s lymphoma-a result of living all those years with a joyless husband. He did some good work with that discovery, really getting into it. He made tremendous emotional progress and did a lot of healing.

The next day the base colonel was again not there for the training, so I sat in the sixth chair and did my own alpha feedback along with the group. This time floods of tears poured down my face and splashed onto my tie. Again, I did an internal scan to see if it was coming from me, but I detected no sorrow of my own. When the alpha feedback session was over, we went again into the interviews. At the end of that day’s interviews, when no one said anything about their sorrow, I silently took my tie and wrung it out so that teardrops dripped out of it onto the table. I did this to show them how drenched with tears my tie was. Once again, I said, someone here is experiencing sorrow, and it’s time to come forward and talk about it. And we are not leaving this room until the truth comes out.

This time there were maybe more than two minutes of this painful silence. And then the same guy, the just-mustered-out-of-the-Marine- Corps colonel, sheepishly raised his hand and came forward with a profoundly saddening story. In 1968 during the TET offensive, he was at a small forward firebase near the DMZ (the so-called demilitarized zone along the border with North Vietnam). During this TET offensive, the Viet Cong sent human wave attacks to overwhelm his little firebase. He almost single-handedly prevented their little base from being overrun by running the machine gun all night long. Then when dawn came, and he looked out and saw these huge piles of bleeding dead bodies that he had caused, he had emotions that he could not handle as a soldier or as a man. That was all locked up inside of him with no way to get out. However, he was able to express it through my eyes, which cried for him the tears that he as a macho-man Marine officer could not cry, and in this way, through my eyes, through my tears, he was able to let it go.

5.1.6 Theta Training to Enhance Skills of Reading in the Akashic Records

One of the Biocybernaut Institute staff members possesses a previously trained skill at reading in the Akashic Records. When she first came for her Alpha One Training several years ago, she had been previously trained to read in the Akashic Records. She showed increases in theta brain waves in both the frontal and central areas when accessing the Akashic Records. After Alpha One, she came back for Alpha Two, and then she came again and participated in our advanced theta training, which led to large theta increases in the brain’s frontal area. This allowed her to directly access this universal database in the quantum field without going through the ritual in which she had been trained by her teacher and without repeating the sacred prayer. She could ‘go there’ and be in the records with no preliminary steps. The ritual and the sacred prayer were part of an induction for enhanced theta. With the Biocybernaut-trained ability to increase EEG theta at will, no ritual or prayer was necessary to increase the EEG Theta activity to provide her with access to the Akashic Records.

Indeed, as a confirmation that the enhanced theta waves provide the person with the experience known as access to the Akashic Records, there was an intriguing follow-up to this study. I trained myself on that very same theta pattern during a 5-day theta training that allowed me to have experienced similar to those reported by this person when she was in the Akashic Records. The experiences included being able to ‘hear’ the voices internally and even to ‘see,’ with closed eyes, the luminous beings described by practitioners of this tradition as the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic records. They are somewhat like the librarians of the records, and they assist in accessing the information.

According, to the Akashic Records reader, the Akashic Records are . . . ‘a body of knowledge that records every thought, word, deed, feeling, and action of every soul that ever lived, a place where all knowledge of all potentials and possibilities are recorded. Although seemingly incomprehensible, this is the Akashic Records, also known in the Bible as “The Book of Life.” Every soul has information written on the pages of their own Akashic Records from their inception, and each has the natural born right to access this information.’

Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means boundless space or primordial substance. These Records are open to us, as Edgar Cayce and others have revealed. By accessing the Akashic Records of thousands of clients, Cayce provided guidance, insight, and hope to individuals based upon their inquiries and needs. The importance of the Records, according to Cayce, was not so much to dwell upon the problems of the past but to find the elements usable in the present to effect change or transformation through choices made consciously.

When one comes for an Akashic Record reading, it is important to be willing and ready to go deeper, a soul level about oneself. Our individual journeys may appear to be similar, but the way we experience that journey is different and unique to each one of us. The information brought forward is always appropriate to one’s level of understanding. Teachers regard your space as sacred and operate in a field of unconditional love without judgment.

Like the DNA of the universe, the Akashic Records is encoded in a language of vibrations that requires a trained approach for a clear translation. The communication received by the reader is energetically received as symbols, words, and pictures, specifically fitting the parameters of the question asked. In fact, framing the question properly is key to receiving the best guidance of the Masters and Teachers. By using a sacred prayer, the reader attunes himself or herself to the individual’s life energy being read and invokes the protection granted by these high teachers and guides.

The Akashic Records move and work expansively in all directions without limitations of time and space, unlike the restrictions we must abide by in our daily awareness. Instead, they work in the realm of possibilities and probabilities and assist in discovering and releasing patterns of addiction and other blocks that keep us from the full expression of our being-ness. Those consulted may ask questions related to all life situations, including career, finances, relationships, health, and even past life experiences. Actually, one can take a reading to an even higher level of inquiry and ask questions that reflect one’s soul’s purpose, potential, and original cause for beliefs and behaviors. The signature of the truth embodied in these readings is the authenticity you recognize as the message unfolds for you. You know it is true in a way that is direct, relevant, and comprehensive.

The Akashic Records is a powerful tool to help one to lift the veil of one’s consciousness to see below the surface the pure face of truth at the core of our thoughts and actions.

The Biocybernaut Brain Wave Training Process’s importance to expanded spiritual awareness has just begun to be elucidated. After the Alpha One training, the participant may elect to go next into the Theta One Training since theta brain waves are the key to opening our access to the Akashic Records; it has become commonplace in Biocybernaut theta pieces of training to assist people in doing just exactly that type of access. Remember that there are many different types of theta waves, and only the mystical theta waves enable the person to access the Akashic Records.

Learning how to turn on your own mystical theta waves allows each theta trainee to experience their own connection to God in the manner most comfortable and familiar to them. Advanced training can greatly enhance the mind’s gifts that were thought to be rare or required prescribed rituals or prayers to invoke. Like the rest of our conscious reality, we are now learning that these gift s of the mind result from a specific brain wave pattern that can be imparted to anyone with appropriate training. With the Biocybernaut Brain Wave Training Processes, you can access the mind of God, walk through the universal library of all history and time, and merge with the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of others.

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