6.7 Reuniting the Heart and the Mind

There is an ancient split, with roots that go all the way back to ancient Greece, between Apollonian and Dionysian cults. The god Apollo was the god of the intellect and mind, and Dionysus was the god of feelings, wine, women, and song. The Dionysians were into sexual debauchery, orgies, getting drunk, having a good time, lots of feasts, whereas the Apollonians were more into cerebral pursuits.

Even today, there is a clash between spiritual paths over whether they focus on the mind or the heart. Some people today who advocate a focus on the heart, like the Heart Math organization, go so far as to say things like ‘bad old brain’ versus the ‘good heart,’ making the brain itself, as an organ, bad, and making the heart out to be not only good but also superior to the brain. They get very excited about tens of thousands of neurons around the heart but are completely uninterested in tens of billions of neurons in the brain. Making the heart good and the brain bad, or vice versa, is an example of dualism that we would be wise to avoid.

The truth is, the two are united. Brain and heart must work together. You cannot enhance your alpha brain waves unless you open your heart, and opening your heart is one of the most important things we teach in our alpha brain wave training. Forgiveness training is a key part of this heart opening, and forgiveness fosters this ability to open the heart. Yamada Roshi told us that the Biocybernaut forgiveness work required him to open and taught him how to open his heart chakra. He said the states of compassion that he experienced in his forgiveness work in his Biocybernaut alpha Training were closer to Buddha’s original conception of compassion than modern Zen as taught and practiced in Japan today. Awesome stuff!

Buddha is famous for his incredible compassion, central teaching in Buddhism, yet Ryuho Yamada Roshi said there is no Zen compassion. Yamada Roshi described Zen as very lean, very austere, very militaristic, and even slightly cruel. He said he had seen much damage done to people because they are so strict and militaristic in some Zen training in Japan. He said this Biocybernaut training combined with Zen restores Zen closer to Buddha’s original idea where you have the high-mindedness, but you also have the compassion, the open heart.

You can’t be anti-brain and be a whole person with any self-esteem or self-worth. You can’t value wholeness and integration in your life and be anti-brain-you can’t even be an anti-little finger. People who hate any part of themselves begin to experience problems with that area of the body. You can’t hate any part of yourself and be a whole and a happy person. We are one – the brain and the heart are one. The mind and compassion are one.

Biocybernaut Process:

The Biocybernaut Process enables very rapid attainment of expanded states of awareness similar to 20 plus years of meditation practice. Even busy, bottom-line oriented CEOs have been impressed with the results, as the following from Eric Barnes, President of Capital Funds Group, relates:

‘I’ve had much interest in the workings of the brain and what the potential might be if I could in some way expand this blessed engine of potential. For me personally, that potential lies more in the area of spiritual awareness, a greater connection to whatever the ’thing’ is, the “intelligence” which permeates the entire universe (pick your own word/name). Others seek other goals, all of which are personal to them.’

‘While doing the alpha training, I began to realize that my ability to ’be’ in alpha, at will, rapidly improved. It took much less time, each session, to get into it, based on the evaluations afterward. I also began having ideas or visions, later shown to spike on the graphs, which increased as we went along. That ability to be in alpha has continued to improve, even five years later. I am far calmer, more at peace, able to look at “problems” with ease and ’permit’ answers and solutions to come to me without effort or strain.’

‘ It also was the release of a greater sense of self-love, then out of that (came) a higher loving of others- along with far less judgment.’

‘What I have realized about the Biocybernaut process is that what is being provided are tools for the greater expansion of awareness of our consciousness, a larger use of our brains (exercising them, if you will) in ways we’ve never done before. (As an aside, my hat size used to be 7’ . . . it’s now 7 3/8! So some growth has taken place. Go figure!) Dr. Hardt’s intention is to make these abilities and heightened awareness available to many ’opinion leaders’ in societies around the world. As that happens, such people will resonate differently with those around them, causing still wider ripples of peace, tranquility, greater creativity, and conscious awareness. I recommend this process with my highest endorsement!’

6.7 Reuniting the Heart and the Mind — Biocybernaut
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