Increase Creativity By 50%

Alpha And Creativity

Dr. James V. Hardt did a study with Stanford Research Institute scientists, where he gave them a test of creativity before their Alpha One training and again after their Alpha One training. Their average increase in creativity was 50 percent. These guys were astonished. Some of them solved problems in their training that they had been working on, struggling with for over two years.  In the high Alpha state, the solutions came quickly and easily because in Alpha, your brain assembles information, maybe from different categories of knowledge and experience, things that you’d been exposed to before, maybe even had forgotten.  In high Alpha, your brain assembles the information necessary to solve the problem in a manner which will distinguish you as a creative person.

When Colin Martindale studied creativity, he found that highly creative people had the ability to turn on Alpha when they were working on a problem, and normal people didn’t. Normal people would try to solve problems in the same brainwave state that they occupy when they’re at rest, but the highly creative people could turn on a high Alpha state within which they could quickly and effectively solve problems.

And so Colin Martindale, a researcher at the University of Maine in Orono said that creativity is simply a matter of having the right brain waves. Creativity is simply a matter of having the right brain waves, and so if you have the right training, you can turn on Alpha; you can be creative in whatever area you want.