The Art of Smart Thinking

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James V. Hardt, Ph.D.

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Dr. Hardt
The Art of Smart Thinking


In a book on ‘smart thinking’ it is appropriate to include a discussion about ‘What is thinking?’ and ‘What are thoughts?’ You are interested enough in this topic to be reading this Introduction so let us note that the existence of ‘Smart thinking’ implies the existence of other kinds of thinking, some not so smart, and maybe even some thinking that is downright stupid. At one point in the development of the corporate culture of IBM (International Business Machines), the management issued a desk sign to every employee who had a desk. The sign was about nine inches long and about two inches high and was imprinted with just one word: ‘THINK.’ Some IBM employees took this as a reminder; some took it as an instruction; some took it as an order; most everybody took it seriously, and a very few took it as a joke. The company wanted everybody to think. In this corporate objective, IBM was unique among large companies.

In other organizations there have been different instructions to the members. For example in the organization of Benedictine Monks the members are instructed differently: ‘Ora et Labora.’ This translates from the Latin as ‘Pray and Work.’ There is no mention of thinking. The classic sculpture of Rodin’s Thinker, shows a musclebound man with his fist to his chin, eyes downcast and every muscle of his well-muscled body bulging with taut exertion The implication is that thinking is hard work and only by exertion of muscular power can the mind be constrained into the path of thinking.

The idea that the mind must be constrained, by huge efforts, into the path of thinking would help explain why IBM’s management would spend all that money to put signs on every employee’s desk that urged them to ‘THINK.’ It also suggests that the mind has a tendency to wander rather than to stay thinking on one chosen topic.
Here we are using words like ‘think’ and ‘mind’ in a casual way with the assumption that everyone understands these words and that they mean the same thing to everyone. In fact a great deal of philosophizing has been done on the topics of ‘mind’ and ‘thought’ these words mean very different things to different people. Eskimos have multiple words for snow because it has survival value. Last year’s snow has different properties than freshly fallen snow, and by having different words for different types of snow the children’s attention is directed to those different properties and they grow up making useful distinctions that empower them to live more safely and effectively in their snow-filled environment.
Similarly, we live in a world of thoughts and ideas and many of us make our living with our minds more than with our bodies, so we too can bene􀏐it from having some distinctions about different types of thought, different kinds of thinking, including Smart Thinking. And it can be very useful for us to learn about different levels of mind, because the mind is where thought, smart and otherwise, occur.

Table of Contents

  1. Your Hidden Million Dollar Brain Account
    1. Emotions Affect Brain Waves
      1. Early Research Into Brain Wave Feedback and Anxiety
    2. Emotions Affect the Health of the Body and Mind
    3. Not Thinking is Smart Thinking
      1. Creative Cat Naps
      2. The Brain Bubble Technique
    4. Cultivating the Intuitive Mind
      1. The Ecology of Consciousness
    5. The Roots of Brain Wave Research
    6. The ABCs of Brain Waves
      1. Delta Waves
      2. Theta Waves
      3. Alpha Waves
      4. Beta Waves
      5. Gamma Waves
      6. Driving Your Brain
    7. The Alpha 'High'
  2. Falling Into a Pool of Alpha
    1. Falling Into a Pool of Alpha
      1. Discovery: The Thinking Blocks Alpha
      2. Participating The 'Witness' Perspective
      3. Soaring on an Alpha High
      4. Ego's Lie: Fear of Falling
      5. 'Rescued' from the Chamber
    2. We Can Do That Here!
    3. The Science of Biofeedback
    4. You are Naturally in Control
    5. The Biocybernaut Institute and the Biocybernaut Process
  3. Calming the Hurricane in Your Brain
    1. Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol
      1. Caffeine
      2. Nicotine
      3. Alcohol
    2. Garlic and Onions
    3. Lack of Sleep
    4. Worry, Anxiety, Fear, Anger
      1. Anger and Hostility
      2. Sadness and Depression
      3. Apathy
    5. Uncovering Unconscious Research
    6. New Paradigm for Anxiety Research
    7. Case-Studies
      1. Panic Attacks, Stress, and Anxiety
      2. A Paranoid, Hostile, Schizophrenic, Unemployable Man
      3. Chronic Pain, Stress, Depression, and Attempted Suicide
      4. Depression and Bereavement in an Elderly Widow
    8. Migraine Headaches
    9. Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  4. Surfing the Alpha Wave
    1. Restoring a Youthful Brain Wave Pattern
      1. Dilating Blood Vessels
      2. Reducing the Blockages Within the Blood Vessels
      3. Negative Emotions, Stress, and Aging
      4. Anxiety and Aging
    2. Improving Relationships
    3. Increasing Creativity
      1. Creativity Takes Root in Childhood
      2. More Secrets from Dr. NakaMats
      3. Creativity is a Matter of Having the Right Brain Waves
      4. Creativity and the Alpha State
      5. Creativity Increases in Scientists Through Alpha EEG Feedback Training
      6. Improved Corporate Creativity
    4. Peak Performance
      1. The Zone
      2. Green Berets - The Ultimate Peak Performers
    5. Meditation and Expanded Awareness
      1. Becoming Aware of the Vastness of the Self (Oneness)
    6. Super Learning and Increased IQ
      1. Increased IQ
    7. Personality Change
    8. Perceptions of Change from Alpha Feedback Training
    9. Description of the Biocybernaut Alpha One Training Process
    10. Training Protocols
      1. Introduction
      2. Preparation
      3. Reviews of Results
    11. Results
    12. Goals
    13. Taking Advanced Training Programs
      1. Track One: Alpha Training at Biocybernaut
      2. Track Two: Theta Training at Biocybernaut
      3. Track Three: Delta Training at Biocybernaut
  5. Expanded Spiritual Awareness
    1. Case-Studies
      1. Pregnant 15 Year Old Girl
      2. Pregnant Mother of Three with Unplanned Pregnancy
      3. The Artist Grandfather
      4. Merging and Shared Feedback Experience
      5. The Tears of War from a Brave Warrior
      6. Theta Training to Enhance Skills of Reading in the Akashic Records
  6. Zen and the Art of Smart Thinking
    1. Brain Wave Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) Enhances Meditation
      1. Clearing Inner Emotional Obstacles
    2. Some of the Immediately Available Applications for Biocybernaut Technologies
    3. Annotated List of Applications to Symptoms of Central Nervous System Dys-Function
      1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Programs
      2. Chronic Pain
      3. Geriatrics: Preservation and Restoration of Cognitive and Physical Functions
      4. Diabetes
      5. High Blood Pressure
      6. Stress Reduction and Stress Management
      7. Personality Therapy (Phobias, Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia, Schizophrenia)
      8. Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)
      9. Attitudinal Healing and Therapy
      10. Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Weight Management)
      11. Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment
      12. Corporate Health Care Market
      13. Psychoneuroimmunology (Improvement of Immune Function to Fight Disease)
    4. Annotated List of Applications to Symptoms of Central Nervous System Hyper-Function
      1. Psychoneuroimmunology (Improvement of Immune Function for Higher Levels of Vigor, Health, and Wellness)
      2. Corporate Training and Wellness Market
      3. Human Potential Movement: Individuals Interested in Self-Improvement, Self-Actualization, and Success
      4. Athletic Peak Performance, Especially for Professional and Olympic Athletes
      5. Military Applications to Training and Peak Performance (Green Berets)
      6. Meditation Acceleration and Augmentation
      7. Creativity Enhancement
      8. IQ Boosting
      9. Education, Acceleration of Learning, Rapid Attainment of Mastery
      10. Development of Latent Mental Skills and Exceptional Mind Abilities
      11. Entertainment, Virtual Reality, Truly Interactive Games, and Inner Explorations
      12. Research into Brain/Mind Functions
    5. Comparison of the Biocybernaut Process to Meditation
      1. Instant Zen
    6. Experience of Zen Masters
      1. Brain Wave Patterns Predict Zen Roshi Attainment
      2. Neurofeedback Democratizes Spiritual Discovery
      3. More Powerful than TM
    7. Reuniting the Heart and the Mind
    8. Egoism and Mysticism
  7. Extreme Forgiveness
    1. Forgiveness and the Biocybernaut Process
    2. Denied Anger and Forgiveness
    3. True Forgiveness Requires an Alpha High
    4. The Forgiveness Process
      1. Create a Loving Space in Your Heart
      2. Bring to Mind the Person and Situation
      3. Read the Charges
      4. Forgive the Other Person-and Yourself
      5. See it With Their Eyes
      6. Rescript the Event
      7. Forgiveness Can Have Awesome Results
  8. Uncovering the Authentic Self
    1. Stuffed Emotions Bury the Authentic Self
    2. Your Ego is Not You
    3. How Do We Know There’s an Ego?
      1. Third-Day Note
    4. The Narcissist in Your Brain
    5. Ego is not Your Friend
    6. The Five Hindrances
      1. Ego Stifles Creativity in Favor of the Limelight
    7. Pride Goeth Before an Alpha Fall
  9. Linking Up: The Global Brain Becomes a Reality
    1. The Future of Humanity’s Consciousness
    2. Linking up with Shared Feedback
      1. Guidance from the Alpha State
      2. Mass Market Applications
      3. Key Person Program
      4. Higher Self Training
    3. Green Beret’s Experience of Shared Feedback™
    4. Creating a Neural Network

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