Better Focus


It turns out that many children being maintained on Ritalin because of ADD or ADHD can benefit enormously from the Biocybernaut Alpha training program.

We’ve worked with children from 8 years of age up to 15 who have been attention deficit disorder and ADHD, and what we find is that as they increase their Alpha, the symptoms of ADD are first reduced and then eliminated.

Examples would include a 9-year-old boy who came from Iowa with his father. He had just scored 60 percent on the statewide tests, and he was on Ritalin. After his seven-day Alpha One training, he no longer needed to be on Ritalin, and next year in school, he scored 96 percent on his statewide tests in Iowa, and it can be reported that recently his father sent the Institute an email, and he was so happy; he was so grateful because his son had just graduated from college with honors. Really amazing.

Another ADD story would be about a little boy who was 9 and maintained on Ritalin, doing poorly in school. After his Alpha training, when he went back to school, he did much better. He did not have to be maintained on Ritalin, and he sought out the school bully, and he taught the school bully how to meditate, so the benefits for this little boy in his Biocybernaut Alpha training extended not only to himself but to all the other students in that school who had been terrorized by this bully.

The transformations in children’s lives are phenomenal when they increase their Alpha, they open their hearts, they do forgiveness, and they become transformed.