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It turns out that many children being maintained on Ritalin because of ADD or ADHD can benefit enormously from the Biocybernaut Alpha training program.


We’ve worked with children from 8 years of age up to 15 who have been attention deficit disorder and ADHD, and what we find is that as they increase their Alpha, the symptoms of ADD are first reduced and then eliminated.


Examples would include a 9-year-old boy who came from Iowa with his father. He had just scored 60 per cent on the statewide tests, and he was on Ritalin. After his seven-day Alpha One training, he no longer needed to be on Ritalin. Next year in school, he scored 96 per cent on his statewide tests in Iowa. It can be reported that recently his father sent the Institute an email, and he was so happy; he was so grateful because his son had just graduated from college with honours. Really amazing.


Another ADD story would be about a little boy who was 9 and maintained on Ritalin, doing poorly in school. After his Alpha training, when he went back to school, he did much better. He did not have to be maintained on Ritalin, and he sought out the school bully. He taught the school bully how to meditate, so the benefits for this little boy in his Biocybernaut Alpha training extended not only to himself but to all the other students in that school who this bully had terrorized.


The transformations in children’s lives are phenomenal when they increase their Alpha, and they open their hearts, do forgiveness, and become transformed.

"Its 6.10pm on Saturday 21st Dec 2019 and I am reflecting on the 2nd level of Alpha training I have just completed at Biocybernaut, Sedona, Arizona. The experience was absolutely brilliant! I had massive life changing experiences. The best of all was cleansing myself of a life time of guilt I had been carrying unjustly since 5 years of age. Letting that guilt go has changed my life in a huge way, words cannot express the magnitude of the change that I have experienced its just phenomenal. I feel calm inside, content.

Another great benefit manifested the day after I completed the programme. I have been writing a book for five years and there just seems to be too much information  and too many pages, this is due to my very subtle perfectionism.  Then yesterday I had a thought, - just seperate the large book into small books I felt relaxed about the idea, I had given myself permission to let go of the need to be perfect WOW!!!  

This second training has just turned things around I feel so relaxed now and focused.  I am eternally grateful to Dr Hardt and the Biocybernaut team. I cant wait to go through further Alpha training to the upper levels."
ADD, ADHD, Better Focus, Alpha training program
Matt Worthington
"Thanks to the Biocybernaut Alpha training, I have had the most productive five months in the history of my business. I am mentally more efficient and have a clarity I never thought possible."
Gunnar Hurtig - Peak Performance, strategic decision
Gunnar Hurtig
Graduate 2016
Venture Capitalist
"Dr. Hardt is brilliant and ahead of his time. The Biocybernaut Institute's work is groundbreaking. Highly recommend CEO's, world leaders, and other individuals who seek to maximize their full potential to contact Dr. Hardt. Dr. Hardt appeared on my national radio show and the response was incredible. He's well spoken and a true visionary of personal development."
Ryan McCormick - make-Alpha, Better Decision Making, Make Your Choices
Ryan McCormick
Co-Founder of Goldman McCormick Public Relations
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