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General Information


Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that utilizes real-time displays of brain activity, often measured through electroencephalography (EEG), to help individuals learn how to self-regulate their brain function. By providing immediate feedback on brainwave patterns, neurofeedback enables individuals to gain awareness and control over their brain activity, promoting positive changes in cognition, emotions, and behavior. This non-invasive technique has shown promising results in various areas, such as improving focus, reducing stress, and enhancing overall mental well-being.

During your BioCybernaut neurofeedback training, we utilize advanced 8-channel EEG neurofeedback technology systems. Under the guidance of Certified BioCybernaut Trainers, you’ll learn to self-regulate your brain functions through personalized coaching and instructions.

Traditionally, achieving voluntary self-regulation of brain-states would take many years of daily practice. However, with our patented neurofeedback technology, we expedite the process significantly. Instead of dedicating several decades to training the conventional way, you can experience transformative results in as little as seven days with BioCybernaut.

The sole distinction between our centers lies in their physical locations. Biocybernaut has two centers, situated in Sedona, Arizona, USA, and Bavaria, Germany.

All our Trainers undergo a meticulous selection process, receive training directly from Dr. Hardt, and benefit from ongoing mentoring and support.

Each Trainer contributes their individual expertise and knowledge, enhancing the Biocybernaut Alpha brainwave training experience in a unique way.

Unlike standard traditional Neurofeedback that relies on operant conditioning, BioCybernaut employs conscious learning through voluntary control. During our training, we offer feedback on your brainwaves, with feedback tones adjusting volume based on the size of your brainwave microvolts. In this process, you actively and consciously make the desired changes yourself.

Our programs are intensive and conducted over 5 or 7 consecutive days at one of our centers. Throughout the training, you’ll experience a supportive group process and debriefing component, creating a confidential and encouraging environment to examine your experiences. This facilitates a deeper understanding and integration of the individual learnings gained during the training.

With over 40 years of experience, Dr. James V. Hardt is a renowned figure in the study and development of neurofeedback.

On our website, you’ll find a wealth of valuable information, including case studies, academic papers, and research authored and co-authored by Dr. Hardt. As a pioneer in this field, he is frequently sought after for his expertise and has been featured in numerous interviews and lectures. You can explore his insights and knowledge through podcasts and videos, gaining a deeper understanding of neurofeedback training and its benefits.

At the BioCybernaut Institute, individuals opt for training for diverse reasons. Yet, what unites them all is the shared desire to bring about a substantial transformation in their lives.

If you are committed and open to learning about what might be holding you back from fully stepping into your life, then this is the training for you.

We encourage you to become familiar with the testimonials from our Alumni and with the benefits page on this website.

We have three primary training programs to choose from:

1. The 7-day Premium Program – This comprehensive program, forming the foundation of our scientific studies, consists of one session in the chamber for the first four days. Days 5, 6, and 7 offer the option of a second session. The total price for this training is $14,998 (USD), with a required non-refundable deposit of $3,998 (USD).

2. The 7-day Premium Double Program – Our most popular and intense program, featuring two sessions in the chamber per day. Packed with learning and growth opportunities, the total price for this training is $19,998 (USD), and the required non-refundable deposit is $4,998 (USD).

3. The 5-day Double Intensive Program – Designed for time-conscious BioCybernaut Alumni, this program includes two daily chamber sessions for five days. The total price for this training is $14,998 (USD), with a required non-refundable deposit of $3,998 (USD).

For more information, visit our Pricing page.

After completing Alpha 1 training, graduates have the option to return for a short 1 to 4-day “Tune-Up.” Please note that Alpha 1 training is a prerequisite for exploring Theta training.

We look forward to welcoming you to our transformative programs!

Throughout the program, you will have daily sessions with your Trainer to review your results and discuss your experiences.

You’ll be able to observe the changes in your results as they are reviewed from one day to the next.

During the training, we provide an immersive experience that encourages self-exploration, focusing on understanding the ego and behavior.

Through this process, participants gain heightened awareness, enabling them to make conscious choices regarding their future behaviors. This newfound understanding empowers individuals to overcome limitations that might have previously hindered their personality and performance.

The training program requires travel to one of our centers for completion.

For those seeking further engagement, we offer the option to join our group and participate in online discussions about the BioCybernaut process.

To stay updated and connected, we encourage all interested individuals to connect with us on social media platforms.

As of now, the BioCybernaut Institute is not affiliated with any other organizations that provide brainwave or neurofeedback training. Dr. Hardt has dedicated years to developing these processes and technology.

Regarding other organizations, we cannot provide any comments or information as we are not affiliated with them and are unaware of their offerings.

If you’re interested in attending our training, we invite you to explore our BioCybernaut website, where you can find available studies, and visit our YouTube channel, which features numerous testimonials and interviews with Dr. Hardt. These resources will provide valuable insights into our training programs.

In a study funded by a federal grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, participants who underwent training demonstrated a correlation between increased Alpha brainwave activity and reduced anxiety and anxiety-related behaviors.

Remarkably, testing conducted six months after the training revealed even more significant reductions in anxiety levels. The astounding part is that these anxiety levels continued to decline further after 12 months, indicating the long-lasting effectiveness of the training. The results at six months were even better than those observed immediately after the training, and at 12 months, the improvements were even more pronounced.

Throughout your time at BioCybernaut, we encourage you to collaborate closely with your team and openly discuss any concerns you may have regarding the lasting benefits of the training.

It’s essential to understand that this training is centered around self-responsibility. We do not impose any changes on you; instead, we teach you how to increase your Alpha brainwaves and raise awareness of factors that contribute to low Alpha states. Your journey doesn’t end when you leave BioCybernaut; you carry the learnings with you to continue experiencing the positive effects in your life.

To explore further, visit our website at the following link: .

Dr. Hardt has authored a book titled “The Art of Smart Thinking,” available on the BioCybernaut website, Amazon or through our centers.

If you have any additional inquiries, please reach out to one of our representatives.

Stay connected with us by following BioCybernaut on social media.

Biocybernaut training is available in multiple languages. The Biocybernaut Mood Scale documents have been translated into German, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian.

If you require a personal translator to attend the training with you, please be aware that the responsibility for sourcing the translator and covering all associated costs lies with the trainee.

The Biocybernaut training sessions are conducted in English. However, we can accommodate translators at all our training centers. To ensure smooth arrangements, kindly inform us in advance if you will be bringing a translator along with you.

Certainly, at BioCybernaut, we can accommodate individuals with hearing issues. Please inform our sales representative of any medical or health concerns you may have, so our team can make necessary preparations for your visit.

If you have unilateral hearing loss, we have the capability to adjust the volume of your feedback tones independently on the left and right sides of your head. Additionally, if certain frequencies are more challenging for you to hear, we can customize individual speakers to address this.

It’s important to note that the primary Alpha tones typically range between 400 and 800 Hz. Therefore, common types of high-frequency hearing loss are not likely to hinder your full enjoyment and benefit from the feedback tones. Your experience with us will be tailored to ensure a meaningful and inclusive training.

Currently, we do not offer a home unit for our training.

To fully benefit from our cutting-edge technology and training, you will need to visit one of our centers and immerse yourself in a 5 to 7-day program with us. Our in-center experience ensures personalized support and optimal results.

Neurofeedback has been associated with potential IQ improvement based on several studies. While we cannot guarantee specific results, research has indicated an increase of up to 11.7 IQ points and a rise of 15.8 EQ points in some cases. The actual outcomes may vary for each individual.

Over 40+ years of research and practical application, the BioCybernaut Process has demonstrated significant gains in various areas:

1. Reversing brain aging: Restoring more youthful brainwave patterns.
2. Relief from stress, anxiety, and depression: Participants with high anxiety levels experienced significant reductions after learning to increase Alpha brainwaves.
3. Increase in creativity: Scientists from the Stanford Research Institute saw a dramatic 50% increase in creativity after Alpha One training.
4. Increase in IQ: On average, an 11.7-point increase in IQ.
5. Control over “flow” states: Achieving mental and physical “flow” states on demand, preceded by a burst of Alpha brainwaves.
6. Heightened awareness: Deepening spiritual awareness and meditation practice.
7. Enhanced focus: Maintaining calm and focus under pressure.
8. Greater confidence: Building self-esteem and self-confidence.

For more in-depth information, please explore the various case studies and academic studies available on our website. These studies provide additional insights into the transformative effects of the BioCybernaut Process.

During the initial training, the primary focus is on Alpha brainwaves, while also gaining awareness and understanding of other brainwave patterns.

For first-time attendees at BioCybernaut, the essential starting point is completing the Alpha One Training. Following this training, discussions will revolve around determining the next best steps, which may involve attending Alpha 2 training or THETA 1 training, based on individual preferences and goals.

Attending Alpha One Training is a mandatory initial step for all newcomers at BioCybernaut. Once you complete this training, numerous other brainwave training options become available for you to explore.

Throughout your journey at Biocybernaut, we encourage open communication with your Trainer. Trusting their expertise and experience is vital during your time with us.

If you find Theta or any other training intriguing, we recommend discussing your interests and aspirations with your Trainer during the program. They will guide you on the most suitable next steps to take.

Neurofeedback offers valuable insights into your brain’s activity, indicating whether your meditation is successful or not.

Unassisted meditation often presents the challenge of uncertainty regarding correctness. With neurofeedback, individuals can precisely target and gain deep familiarity with specific brain regions and frequencies that would otherwise remain elusive without this technology. It empowers a level of awareness and precision that enhances the meditation experience significantly.

Numerous individuals who opt for BioCybernaut training have no prior experience with meditation. Even those who are seasoned meditators have reported tremendous benefits to their practice after completing the training.

When you join BioCybernaut, the essential initial step is Alpha One training.

If you are intrigued by Theta or other training options, we encourage you to engage in a discussion with your Trainer during the training. They will help determine the most suitable next steps for your journey.

Our training centers are located in Bavaria, Germany, and Sedona, Arizona.

While we occasionally offer tours of our facilities, please be aware that these opportunities are limited as we highly value and prioritize the privacy of our Trainees who are attending the center.

Yes, we often have the pleasure of welcoming Trainees from all over the world.

Typically, we conduct the training at our centers on the 3rd, 13th, and 23rd of each month.

However, we do have some flexibility with these dates on occasion. If you have specific preferences or requirements, please feel free to reach out to us, and we can discuss the best date that suits your needs.

For planning purposes, plan to arrive no later than the day before the training starts and leave no earlier than the morning/afternoon of the day after training finishes. 

Example: Training 3rd (9am) to 9th (Pm)

Arrive no later than the 2nd

Depart no earlier than the AM/afternoon of the 10th.

Indeed, we provide corporate trainings. For additional details and to schedule your training, kindly contact us directly.

BioCybernaut has had the honour of working with families, including children as young as 7 years old.

Through Alpha training, we have witnessed remarkable transformations within family units.

We firmly believe that nurturing healthy families leads to stronger communities and a better world.

To support families, we offer a special rate for those interested in attending Alpha training together. It’s essential to note that a parent must accompany and participate with their child during the training.

*Please be aware that our special programs and offers cannot be combined; only one discount can be applied to a Training.

At BioCybernaut, numerous seniors opt for training and experience significant improvements in their quality of life. If you’re interested, please reach out to us for more information, including our special senior pricing.

*Please be aware that our special programs and offers cannot be combined; only one discount can be applied to a Training.

Over the years, BioCybernaut Institute has had the privilege of welcoming numerous Veterans. For information regarding our Veteran pricing options, please inquire with one of our representatives.

*Please note that our special programs and offers cannot be combined; only one discount can be applied to a Training.

There are two options, the Friends and Family package, where you can use the trainings for your friends and family or you can purchase the exclusive Diamond Dozen where these trainings can be used just for your own personal training.

*Please be aware that our special programs and offers cannot be combined; only one discount can be applied to a Training.

At Biocybernaut, we understand the importance of privacy and exclusivity for our trainees. While our regular class sizes are intentionally kept small to maintain a confidential atmosphere, we also offer the option to reserve the Centre exclusively for one or more individuals from the same group.

This exclusive option ensures that you and/or your group will have the entire Centre dedicated solely to your training program. This means no external participants will be present, providing a fully private and personalized experience for you and your group.

Please keep in mind that the availability of this exclusive experience is subject to prior bookings and scheduling. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible if you are interested in this option.

If you wish to explore the availability and pricing details for an exclusive training experience, kindly contact us. We are dedicated to creating a transformative and discreet training environment that exceeds your expectations and respects your need for complete privacy.

We offer three primary types of training programs.

The Premium Double 7-Day Training Program – You have two sessions in the chamber each day. It is intense, the days are long, and it is our most popular program. The total price for this training is $19,998 (USD), and the required non-refundable deposit for this training is $4,998 (USD).

The Premium 7-Day Training Program – All of our science and studies are based on this program. Over the first four days, you have one session in the chamber. Then, on days 5, 6, and 7, after your first session in the chamber, you get the option of going into the chamber for a second session. The total price for this training is $14,998 (USD), and the required non-refundable deposit for this training is $3,998 (USD).

The 5-Day Intensive Training Program – chamber each day for all five days—a popular option for BioCybernaut Alumni that are pressed for time. The total price for this training is $14,998 (USD), and the required non-refundable deposit for this training is $3,998 (USD).

Please see additional details about these programs, as well as our Deluxe Package options to train with Dr. Hardt, on our Pricing page

Biocybernaut Trainings in the U.S. are secured by a non-refundable and non-transferable registration deposit of:

  • $4,998 for the Premium Double 7-Day Training.
  • $3,998 for all other Premium Single 7 day and the 5 day Intensive
  • $7,998 for the Deluxe Premium 7-Day ($50k) Training with Dr. Hardt.
  • $9,998 for the Deluxe Premium Double 7-Day ($80k) Training with Dr. Hardt.

Trainings in Germany are secured by a non-refundable 50% deposit. 


Scholarships programs have been available at Biocybernaut in the past through grants for the US Federal Government, Private Foundations, and philanthropic individuals. With this grant funding, hundreds of people who could not afford the training themselves were able to gain the benefits of Biocybernaut training. Presently, we have no grant funding. However, if you would like to make a grant to fund members of your family and friends, please contact us. If you buy and pre-pay for a package of 12 trainings for your family and friends we provide a 15% discount. This is called the Friends and Family Dozen Package.

A 20% discount is available for you when you buy a Diamond Dozen Package that is only for you and your own training. This enables you to go deep and to go deep as fast as you can come back for more of your 12 trainings. These training are just for you and cannot be shared with friends and family. That type of package offers a 15% discount and is available, as described above.

*Important note: Our special programs and offers cannot be used in combination – only one discount can be applied to a Training.

Yes, Biocybernaut has created a payment plan to assist in making training more accessible. Biocybernaut has also aligned with a third-party finance company to assist our Trainees in attending this life-changing trainings. All trainings have to be paid in full before starting the training. Please refer to the Pricing page on our website or contact our sales representative.

We also offer a variety of promotions to make this training more accessible. Please contact us directly for more details. 

Full payment needs to be received on or before the first day of training.

Training can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit. 

We have developed several programs that make this training more accessible.

Please contact us directly.

*Important note: Our special programs and offers cannot be used in combination – only one discount can be applied to a Training.

While it is often difficult to get healthcare companies to cover optional training or procedures, we do have insurance codes that you can submit to your insurance company to determine if they will, fully or partially, cover the expense.

If you’d like to know more, please reach out and ask one of our representatives for details.

In fact, there is! Head on over to our financing pricing page for more details. We work with SweetPay for US financing and Medicard for Canada.

A 20% discount is available for you when you buy a Diamond Dozen Package that is only for you and
for your own training. You can buy a Diamond Dozen Package for yourself or for someone you love.

This enables you [or the one you love] to go deep and to go deep as fast as you can. Because you can come back as soon as you want for more of your 12 trainings. If you choose to purchase this package of training for a loved one, then you will receive a 15% discount.

*Important note: Our special programs and offers cannot be used in combination – only one discount can be applied to a Training.

All trainings in Germany are subject to the 19% VAT unless you are exempt from the VAT. 

The prices of our trainings on the website are not inclusive of VAT.

We can provide you with additional information about the VAT parameters however, for questions regarding your personal tax situation we advise you to speak to an accountant familiar with your situation.


At this time, our trainings at our German centre, we have select training blocks available. These seats fill up quite quickly and we encourage you to contact our sales representative. 

Trainings dates usually begin the 3rd to the 9th; the 13th to the 19th and the 23rd to the 29th of each month.

Our Sedona centre has training available 12 months a year.


The first day of training begins at 9:00 am. We ask Trainees to arrive at 8:45 am. Please have the requested forms and payments completed before arriving at the center.

The length of the day depends on the number of Trainees in training and what each Trainee is processing and working through. We don’t complete the day until all of the Trainees and the group have completed the process. Plan for 10 to 14 hours a day of designated training which is comprised of education, testing, protocols, learning how to apply the technology to the protocols, review, process work, sharing, discussion.

The start time for the next day is decided upon at the end of each day. We believe this structure offers a more individualized, thorough, and supportive experience for the individual Trainees choosing to train with Biocybernaut.

We do have several recommendations and suggestions that we believe will enhance the Alpha brain training experience. These recommendations and suggestions will be sent to Trainees upon receipt of their deposit.

We recommend that Trainees give themselves the space to rest and integrate their experience before travel.

We do suggest a minimum of 18 hours from the end of the last day until planning travel. This allows for rest and reintegration.

Ultimately, when you choose to travel after the training is your choice.

We advise Trainees that they will have limited access to their cell phones each day while training. This is to ensure less distraction and to ensure the privacy of other Trainees and staff that may be present.

Cell phones and timepieces will be handed in at the beginning of the day and returned at the end of the day.

If there is an emergency, we can always accommodate your needs.

We encourage Trainees to arrange their lives before training to ensure that distractions are kept to a minimum and focus can be kept on this life-shifting experience.

We advise Trainees to plan for 10 to 14 hour days.

Our program is intense, and we encourage Trainees to plan for long, focused days. We recommend preparing for this beforehand to eliminate outside distractions during your training time.

You’re going to need time to relax and recover. Plenty of rest, journaling, and reflection on the experience is suggested to enhance maximum benefits.

We offer a personalized and supportive environment where this depends on the program and the individual requirements of the Trainees.

For our Premium Double Program, we offer small training groups of usually no more than three people in training. For our 5-day Intensive Program, there are no more than five people in training.


For maximum benefit, we encourage all Trainees to complete their training.

Once Trainees have graduated from Alpha One, they have the option of returning for a short 1 to 4 day “Tune-Up.” Graduating from Alpha One is a requirement for this option.


Yes, before attending the training, we will provide you with a questionnaire that includes a section to list allergies and dietary restrictions. We ask that you provide this information on your Confidential Information Form AND discuss this with your Trainer on your first day of training.

We recommend speaking to your prescribing Doctor before stopping or altering any medication prior to attending training with Biocybernaut.

With regard to supplements, once we receive your deposit, we will provide you with information and suggestions about preparing for your training with Biocybernaut. Ultimately, it is your body and your choice and information we provide you with about diet and supplementation is suggested and may enhance your training experience, however it is not mandatory.

Both accommodations and transport are the client’s responsibility.

Accommodations and transport are not included in the cost of the program. Once your deposit is received, we will provide you with a comprehensive logistics, accommodations, and training preparation email.

If you would like to explore the area or run any errands – a rental car is advisable.

Please be advised that some people find that deep Alpha work impairs their ability to drive – in such cases, a car service is preferred.

Once your deposit is received, we will provide you with a comprehensive logistics, accommodations, and training preparation email.

We are unable to provide transportation – most of our clients decide to rent a car or arrange a car service.

We will provide you with a comprehensive logistics, accommodations, and training preparation email. This document has a list of transportation services.

Once you are scheduled for training, we provide you with comprehensive Pretraining Preparation, Logistics and Accommodations information.

For both our Sedona and Germany locations we request that you arrive no later than the evening PRIOR to you training start date so that you can rest and relax. Unless otherwise stated training starts at 9am on your scheduled start day. 

When planning your return travel, we finish late in the evening on the final day. We always suggest to trainees to plan to leave no earlier than late in the afternoon the day following.

Example for a training starting on the 3rd of the month:

Arrive at your accommodations on the 2nd

Start training 9am on the 3rd

Finish training late on the 9th 

Rest and reintegrate the morning of the 10th; depart afternoon on the 10th.

This is a recommendation and completely your choice as to when you chose to travel. 


No, you do not. During the training, your support team will make some suggestions and recommendations if you want to go deeper, but your results will be significant regardless.

Our team meets you where you are at in your process.

You will receive permanent lasting results from one session. Trainees often attend one training and begin to plan for their second training. It completely depends upon the individual, their time, and resources.

After graduating from Alpha One Training, Trainees have the option of returning for a short 1 to 4 day “Tune-Up.” Graduating from Alpha One is a requirement for this option.

Yes! There is a Membership Group that allows all Trainees to get the information and education they need to keep their brains at the frequency they want it to be. Coaching, courses, and other assistance will be available there.

We also have an Alumni Gateway group that you will be invited to join. Joining our Alumni group will give you access to deeper discussion, additional lectures from Dr. Hardt, and updates on all the happenings at Biocybernaut.

On occasion, individual coaching is available. (Let’s talk about it if you’re interested!)

Yes, please contact one of our representatives to discuss this.

Well, for one thing, it’s untrue that brain wave entrainment has been “heavily researched over the last 100 years,” as has been said elsewhere. Brainwaves are relatively new to the scientific community in this past century, and none of the early researchers did any kind of entrainment.
Herr Dr. Berger discovered the existence of Alpha brainwaves in the early parts of the 20th century and continued his research with EEGs through the 1960s. Neither he nor any of the early researchers did any entrainment unless you consider Electro-Convulsive Shocks, a gruesome and painful procedure used by psychiatry for a while, to be “entrainment.”
There is a certain “looseness” with the truth as it pertains to the science of entrainment, generally. Inserting non-indigenous frequencies into the brain (invasive frequencies) is a kind of “ecological recklessness” with the brain’s ecology, just like inserting invasive species into an ecosystem is also ecological madness. If you insert a 2-pound African toad to a Hawaiian island, soon, all the ground-nesting birds will have gone extinct.
The brain consists of a highly complex system of frequencies, and a bumbling intervention with entrainment is extremely unwise and likely to be dangerous to some aspect of your being, including your spiritual being.
The good news is that there are safe training methods, neurofeedback training methods, which give the brain information about even the slightest occurrences of a frequency you might like to have more (or less) of, and then the brain figures out, in its wisdom, how to make more (or less) of that frequency in a way that is compatible with all the other activity going on in the brain. This is a sane and ecologically defensible way of getting more (or less) of some desired frequency in the brain.
In short, entrainment is best avoided as a form of ecological recklessness: Inserting invasive frequencies into the brain is best avoided…or perhaps limited to science fiction or horror movies.

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