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Anger Management from the BioCybernaut Institute

The emotional hierarchy used at BioCybernaut Institute starts with apathy at the bottom, goes up to sadness and depression; then above that is anger; above that is fear, and at the top is joy. So if somebody is in the experience of anger, if they are angry, we understand that there’s something that they’re terrified of, that they’re denying, that they do not want to look at. Maybe they’re feeling a sense of loss of power, loss of control. Whatever it is, the way that it gets expressed is through anger.

And so at BioCybernaut, we help people get over their anger first by detecting it, in both its unconscious and conscious forms with our computerized mood scales, then quantifying it and then teaching people a forgiveness method, so that by going through the forgiveness method, they can forgive individuals or organizations or groups that they may be angry at. Once this forgiveness is accomplished, then the anger disappears, and people are no longer at risk of hurting themselves or others by angry outbursts.

And so anger is quantifiable by the computerized mood scales that we use every day. We can see how when a person’s Alpha goes up, their anger is reduced, and then when you add in the forgiveness work, the anger is profoundly reduced, which allows people to come to the next stage, which is to begin to deal with their fears.

"If you really want to experience the most fascinating, profound, and life changing journey into inner space go to Dr. Jim Hardt’s brilliant biofeedback institute. I am amazed by the continuing experience of daily increase in brain power, positive energy, and creativity. When you go you will also experience the genius, kindness, and care of Dr. Hardt who is clearly an example of the work that IS his life."
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