Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief

Alpha & Stress

The Alpha training is like a silver bullet against stress. When Alpha goes up, anxiety goes down.  This has been demonstrated in several studies with college-age males where the high-anxiety people, when their Alpha increased, actually became below average in anxiety.

Now, anxiety is higher in women than it is in men at every age, and in both men and women, anxiety goes up with age.  In women, it goes up faster, and so older women would be perhaps the most at-risk population for anxiety.

Dr. James V. Hardt designed a study, which was funded by a large federal grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, and women were trained who were from 60 years of age up into their 80s, and what was found exactly matched what was seen in the younger population, which was when their Alpha went up, their anxiety went down.

And so many people ask, well, how long do these benefits last? And the good news is that in this federal-grant study,  a six-month follow-up was conducted to check, and there was a  12-month follow-up to further check to see how long the benefits lasted.  Now, from testing anxiety before to after the training, big drops in anxiety were seen, and when testing the people six months later, all were astonished to discover that there were further drops in anxiety.  At 12 months, there were even further declines in anxiety.

So the training is very powerful, very effective, and the results at six months are even better than they are just after the training, and at 12 months, they are better still. So it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

"Its 6.10pm on Saturday 21st Dec 2019 and I am reflecting on the 2nd level of Alpha training I have just completed at Biocybernaut, Sedona, Arizona. The experience was absolutely brilliant! I had massive life changing experiences. The best of all was cleansing myself of a life time of guilt I had been carrying unjustly since 5 years of age. Letting that guilt go has changed my life in a huge way, words cannot express the magnitude of the change that I have experienced its just phenomenal. I feel calm inside, content.

Another great benefit manifested the day after I completed the programme. I have been writing a book for five years and there just seems to be too much information  and too many pages, this is due to my very subtle perfectionism.  Then yesterday I had a thought, - just seperate the large book into small books I felt relaxed about the idea, I had given myself permission to let go of the need to be perfect WOW!!!  

This second training has just turned things around I feel so relaxed now and focused.  I am eternally grateful to Dr Hardt and the Biocybernaut team. I cant wait to go through further Alpha training to the upper levels."
Matt Worthington
"The #1 thing I have noticed since attending Biocybernaut — I don’t have this inherent anxious heart beat residing in my chest/heart chakra every day when I wake up (or almost ever). It just dissolved! I didn’t even realize it at first, oddly, but it has actually become more apparent recently as time passed. Thank you so much for the opportunity to train and brain hack with you guys!"
Susan Lyon
Graduate 2015
San Jose, California
"(As a journal Editor,) I receive hundreds of studies every week. It is rare for a study to show changes in personality and if it does (then) it shows changes for one or two measures for a segment of the population. These are baby steps. When I saw the Biocybernaut data that showed changes in all measures for all participants I got excited. This is not a baby step, this is an elephant step."
Dr. Andy Campbell
Editor in Chief of Advances in Mind-Body Medicine
Graduate 2012
"The deepest conscious relaxation I’ve ever experienced. An amazing journey in self-awareness!"
Todd Grannis
Oregon Betsy Kropf, Interior Designer

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Deluxe Premium Double 7 day with Dr. Hardt

Premium Double trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $79,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Double Training package.

Deluxe Premium 7 day Training with Dr. Hardt

Premium trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $49,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Training package.

Premium Double 7 day Training

The 7-Day Premium Double training provides double the amount of Neurofeedback training time as the 7-Day Premium Training. The 7-Day Premium Alpha One Training has been scientifically proven to deliver significant beneficial results including continued improvement after the Training. The 7-Day Premium Double is an intense experience that enhances the experience of the Trainees and maximizes the results. In addition to providing double the Neurofeedback training time as the Premium 7-Day training, the Premium Double offers a gradual increase in the number of EEG head sites that the Trainee is given Neurofeedback. So the Premium Double gives double the amount of time in the feedback chamber and it works up to double the number of head sites at which the trainee is given feedback.

Premium 7 day Training

The Biocybernaut Premium is the 7-day training program that is the core Biocybernaut offering and with which all of our scientific papers have been produced. The 7-Day Alpha One Training is scientifically proven in peer-reviewed scientific publications, to deliver significant beneficial results to the Trainee, including the Trainee’s continued improvement after leaving the Training.

5 Day Intensive

This Training is based on the Premium Double 7-Day Training. It is for those people who cannot find the time to get away for the full 7-Day Training. The Trainee will experience neurofeedback training twice a day and will have an incremental increase on the head sites they will receive feedback.