Anxiety Relief

Alpha & Stress

The Alpha training is like a silver bullet against stress. When Alpha goes up, anxiety goes down.  This has been demonstrated in several studies with college-age males where the high-anxiety people, when their Alpha increased, actually became below average in anxiety.

Now, anxiety is higher in women than it is in men at every age, and in both men and women, anxiety goes up with age.  In women, it goes up faster, and so older women would be perhaps the most at-risk population for anxiety.

Dr. James V. Hardt designed a study, which was funded by a large federal grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, and women were trained who were from 60 years of age up into their 80s, and what was found exactly matched what was seen in the younger population, which was when their Alpha went up, their anxiety went down.

And so many people ask, well, how long do these benefits last? And the good news is that in this federal-grant study,  a six-month follow-up was conducted to check, and there was a  12-month follow-up to further check to see how long the benefits lasted.  Now, from testing anxiety before to after the training, big drops in anxiety were seen, and when testing the people six months later, all were astonished to discover that there were further drops in anxiety.  At 12 months, there were even further declines in anxiety.

So the training is very powerful, very effective, and the results at six months are even better than they are just after the training, and at 12 months, they are better still. So it’s a gift that keeps on giving.