Better Decision Making

High Tech Decision Making

Many times when people are making a decision, they’ll make lists of pros and cons. Those more mathematically sophisticated will make weighted lists so that a pro item might be worth 2 ½ times a corresponding con item, pros and cons. However, even when you do this and you sum up the weightings for pros and cons at the end of your list making, you may not really feel in your gut, or with your intuition, that that is the best decision you could make.

So Biocybernaut offers another way, which is to be in the Alpha chamber doing feedback and bringing to mind successively each one of the alternatives that you are considering, whether it’s a job offer, a series of job offers, whether it’s where to move, what college to go to, what courses to take, what relationships to pursue, all of these can benefit from invoking the full power of your intuition and your cognition and combining them in a powerful decision-making technique known as the Biocybernaut high-tech decision-making tool.   With this technique you imagine that you have actually made one of the decisions, and then you live it out noting what your Alpha scores are trending – are they going up, are they going down, are they high, are they low, and when you have thoroughly explored that option, then you step out of it, and in your mind you step into another option.  You do that with each one of the options, and at the end you will know which one of the options give you your highest Alpha.

And one way to understand this is that that option is most in harmony with your emotions, your feelings, your intuitions and your intellect, and so it’s likely that that’s going to be a very wise decision for you to make.