Depression Relief

Sadness And Depression

At Biocybernaut we look at sadness as anger that was suppressed or denied, and through working with our computerized mood scales and skill trainer, we can get to a point where you know what it was that made you angry, which when suppressed turned into sadness or depression.

Once you know this, then you can use the 14-step Biocybernaut forgiveness method to heal the trauma that came along with whatever it was that made you angry. And remember it was your denying or suppressing your anger that left you with the experience of sadness.

Now, when people do the Alpha training, they find that sadness is reduced the more Alpha goes up. Depression is reduced the more Alpha increases, and depression/dejection goes down as your Alpha waves increase.  We have a number of different measures of sadness. They are unhappy, depressed, depression/dejection, and all of these forms of sadness are reduced when you learn how to increase your Alpha.

Using the emotional hierarchy that helps us at Biocybernaut to help you to heal your traumas, apathy’s at the bottom; sadness and depression is above that; anger is above that; fear is above that, and joy is at the top of the scale.  So if you’re feeling sad or depressed, we see that as being the fact that you are angry but unable to get in touch with that anger, unable to express it. Maybe you have it suppressed because as a child you were required to suppress your anger, or maybe it’s denied because you think anger is so bad that you deny having it, and so this suppressed or denied anger turns into the experience of sadness. 

Now, above anger is fear, and above fear is joy, so as you do the work of going into that which makes you sad and doing the forgiveness, you’ll find out what the anger was,  and do forgiveness by going into the fear doing a worst-case scenario technique.  Finally you will find yourself living in joy.