Fear Resolution

Fear Resolution

In the emotional hierarchy that we found so effective, apathy is at the bottom; above that is sadness and depression; above that is anger; above that is fear, and at the top is joy.  If anger is showing up in the person, we know there’s fear, and fear is a gateway to joy because when you, in the safety of the Biocybernaut neurofeedback chamber, explore into the face of your greatest fears using a worst-case scenario, it will always be your fastest growth path, and it will take you inexorably to joy. 

And so in order to deal with fear, you will learn how to do a worst-case scenario. This learning will occur several days into  the training because we want you to be somewhat skilled in Alpha generation before you try it.

The way it works when you do a worst-case scenario is as follows. You pick something that you’re afraid might happen, and then you catastrophize it. You imagine that happened and then something worse happened, and that led to something worse, and as you get more and more afraid, your Alpha will drop more and more, and at a certain point, you do a pattern interrupt, and you grab the fear, as it were, by the throat, and you set it to the side, and you say, OK, now, wait here for a minute, and during that pattern interrupt, you go into something that you know will surely give you high Alpha: petting puppies, playing with babies, smiling and hugging someone that you love; all of these are methods that will raise Alpha.

And so when the Alpha goes up in the face of the fear, it diminish the fear — diminishes the fear in the same way that the morning sun diminishes the fog. It just dissolves it. It goes away. And so this gets the fears out of the way so that you can then more easily live in joy.

"The #1 thing I have noticed since attending Biocybernaut — I don’t have this inherent anxious heart beat residing in my chest/heart chakra every day when I wake up (or almost ever). It just dissolved! I didn’t even realize it at first, oddly, but it has actually become more apparent recently as time passed. Thank you so much for the opportunity to train and brain hack with you guys!"
Susan Lyon
Graduate 2015
San Jose, California

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Deluxe Premium Double 7 day with Dr. Hardt

Premium Double trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $79,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Double Training package.

Deluxe Premium 7 day Training with Dr. Hardt

Premium trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $49,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Training package.

Premium Double 7 day Training

The 7-Day Premium Double training provides double the amount of Neurofeedback training time as the 7-Day Premium Training. The 7-Day Premium Alpha One Training has been scientifically proven to deliver significant beneficial results including continued improvement after the Training. The 7-Day Premium Double is an intense experience that enhances the experience of the Trainees and maximizes the results. In addition to providing double the Neurofeedback training time as the Premium 7-Day training, the Premium Double offers a gradual increase in the number of EEG head sites that the Trainee is given Neurofeedback. So the Premium Double gives double the amount of time in the feedback chamber and it works up to double the number of head sites at which the trainee is given feedback.

Premium 7 day Training

The Biocybernaut Premium is the 7-day training program that is the core Biocybernaut offering and with which all of our scientific papers have been produced. The 7-Day Alpha One Training is scientifically proven in peer-reviewed scientific publications, to deliver significant beneficial results to the Trainee, including the Trainee’s continued improvement after leaving the Training.

5 Day Intensive

This Training is based on the Premium Double 7-Day Training. It is for those people who cannot find the time to get away for the full 7-Day Training. The Trainee will experience neurofeedback training twice a day and will have an incremental increase on the head sites they will receive feedback.