Increased Joy

Joy is at the top of the emotional hierarchy, which starts at the bottom with apathy, goes up through sadness and depression; the next step up is anger; a step above that is fear, and once you work through your fear, then you can live in joy or bliss.

And so as you progressively forgive and release the things that make you sad or depressed and the things that make you angry, you then have an opportunity to deal with your fears, which you do with a worst-case scenario followed by Alpha flooding, and then you come to joy.

Joy is at the top of the emotional hierarchy, and it is where we would all love to live all the time. And so, to get to the joy, you need to do the forgiveness work; you need to get past the anger, past the sadness, past the fear, and then you have the experience of living in joy.

When you are in a very high state of Alpha, you live in unconditional alignment with your purpose and with your higher self. This is a ready source of joy for anyone and everyone all the time. When you’re in this high state of Alpha, you can live in unconditional alignment all the time.

"If you really want to experience the most fascinating, profound, and life changing journey into inner space go to Dr. Jim Hardt’s brilliant biofeedback institute. I am amazed by the continuing experience of daily increase in brain power, positive energy, and creativity. When you go you will also experience the genius, kindness, and care of Dr. Hardt who is clearly an example of the work that IS his life."
Robert Colt-Increased-Joy, Anger Management Training, Anger Management, Anger Management Institute
Robert Colt
Graduate 2015
Transformational Seminar Teacher/Entrepreneur
"The deepest conscious relaxation I’ve ever experienced. An amazing journey in self-awareness!"
todd grannis-emotional-hierarchy
Todd Grannis
Oregon Betsy Kropf, Interior Designer
"It was extremely challenging to be able to use my mind in a way previously unknown to me, and to allow it to function at a new level. This was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life … I have more awareness of what my mind can do, so I expect more of myself and I produce more. I seem to be clearer in my relationship with life and what I’m doing. The training makes life much more fun and much easier."
Denver Coleman
Brain Lead Magnet

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