Free Will and the Biocybernaut Technology for Training Subtle Brain Energies

As we learn to detect ever more subtle process of the brain, and as we learn to make these detected processes more perceptible to the mind, we will grow in knowledge of how we function and how we malfunction and how to attain to and then sustain Hyperfunctions.

The Ultimate Peak Performance: Alpha Feedback Training For Us Army Green Berets

Two 12-man teams of Green Berets participated in 7-days of intensive alpha brain wave training. According to the POMS personality inventory, both 12-man teams showed significant reductions in Depression/Dejection, Fatigue, Confusion/Bewilderment, Tension/Anxiety, and Anger/Hostility. According to the CMS personality inventory, both twelve-man teams showed significant reductions in Sleepiness, Unhappiness, and Dizziness. Increases in alpha activity were also correlated to decreases in Faking, Depression, Paranoia, Defensiveness, Mania, and Fatigue. Increases in alpha activity were correlated with increases in intuition, inner directedness, self-actualizing values, spontaneity, self-regard, and self-acceptance.

Beneficial Changes To Personality As A Result Of 7-Day Alpha One Brain Wave Training

The study was conducted to determine if alpha brain-wave neurofeedback training can have positive psychological results by reducing anxiety and other psychopathology. It was discovered that Alpha brain-wave neurofeedback training daily for 7 days does have positive psychological results in adult male and female Canadian aboriginals as measured by data from four psychological tests on the participants.

Creativity Increases In Scientists Through Alpha EEG Feedback Training

A group of Stanford Research Institute scientists was tested on various measures before and after alpha brain wave training. The scientists in the experimental condition who were given alpha brain wave training experienced statistically significant increases in a standard measure of creativity. The scientists also experienced a statistically significant decrease in subjective stress and physiological stress.

Anxiety Change Through Electroencephalographic Alpha feedback seen only in High Anxiety Subjects

Subjects who were either high or low in trait anxiety used alpha feedback to increase and decrease their electroencephalographic alpha activity. The alpha changes were tightly linked to anxiety changes, but only in high anxiety subjects (for whom anxiety was reduced in proportion to alpha increases and was increased in proportion to alpha suppression). Low trait-anxiety subjects were superior at both enhancement and suppression training, but their alpha changes were not related to anxiety changes. These results suggest that long-term alpha feedback training (at least 5 hours) may be useful in anxiety therapy.

Alpha EEG Feedback: Closer Parallel with Zen than with Yoga

Participants engaged in 7 days of Alpha Brain Wave Training. A previous study measured the brain waves of beginners, intermediate, and advanced zen meditators. The brain waves of the participants in the study were compared to the brain waves of zen meditators at each level of experience. Brain wave patterns found only in Zen meditators with 21-40 years of meditation experience were found in participants after their 7 days of alpha brain wave training. Zen meditation, Yogic meditation, and neurofeedback training are compared. Neurofeedback is closer to Zen meditation than Yogic meditation.

Biocybernaut Alpha Training For ADD/ADHD Children and Adults

Treating ADD with intensive Alpha EEG Training is rarely undertaken.  Most neurofeedback practitioners with ADD clients rely on previously reported Beta EEG training protocols.  However, Siegfried Othmer has reported in some of his long-term beta training studies of ADD children that the children showed clinical and behavioral improvements without any statistically significant changes in their beta EEG activity.  Also, Julian Isaacs has suggested that neurofeedback in and of itself may have a stabilizing and re-regulating effect on behavior even in the absence of any changes in the feedback parameter(s). 

Your Wealth And Your Brainwaves

In simple language, Brain Waves Rule

This simple rule is taught at Biocybernaut Institute under the name of The Psychophysiological Principle, and it says that “Any experience you have as a living human being, you have only when you have the appropriate underlying pattern of brain waves.

So your brain waves rule your emotions and your feelings.  Your brain waves rule your sensory perceptions.  Your brain waves rule your athletic performance and enable Peak Performance.  Your brain waves rule your thoughts.  Your brain waves rule your creativity and your intuition.  Your brain waves rule your motivation and your self-confidence and also your self-doubt and your self-sabotage.  

Alpha Brain-Wave Neurofeedback: Social and Economic Impact on Community​

In a recent paper, we described a pilot study done on a cohort of 63 Canadian  male and female aboriginals using neurofeedback training.

The neurofeedback training consisted of a set of methods and technologies used for the purpose of providing individuals with immediate information about what their brains are doing, while their brains are working.

It is like a mirror of brain activity and it informs the trainee in real time. Feedback, derived from an EEG signal, on naturally occurring frequencies in the brain is provided as a core component of this therapy. Most individuals are unaware of the subtle ongoing fluctuations and variations in brain activity. By learning to voluntarily increase one’s alpha brain waves, one can reduce anxiety. 

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