Increase IQ By 11.7 Points

Using the Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test,  Dr. Hardt tested people before and after the Alpha training and what was found was there was an increase in IQ that averaged 11.7 points. The IQ boost of the Alpha One training averaged 11.7 points of IQ, and that was stable at least a year out.

Now, there’s more. There’s more details that we can get into because IQ tests are typically composed of a verbal part, verbal IQ, and another part which measures mathematical and logical abilities. Both of these two subscales or sub-dimensions of IQ increase significantly as a result of the Alpha training. In the verbal IQ, the strongest effects were seen in auditory recall and in delayed auditory recall, so you understand more of what other people are saying, and you remember it, both in the short-term and in the longer-term much better after the Alpha training.

The gain in IQ was across the board. There was no tendency for smarter people to have larger increases, and there was no tendency for people who are not as smart to have bigger increases. In other words, this is a process that helps everyone essentially equally, and this was cheecked through analysis and scientifically there was no correlation between the initial IQ level and how much the person gained, so the Alpha training produced equal benefits for everyone, and those benefits averaged 11.7 points for each person.