Peak Performance

Get In The Zone: A State Of Peak Performance

There is a direct connection between the ability to make Alpha and successful athletic performance. In many sports, the athlete is moving, running, even jumping, and so it’s not possible to do accurate brainwave measures during this extreme physical activity because the muscles produce much bigger electrical signals than the brain waves, and they swamp the brain waves, making them essentially undetectable, like trying to listen to a cricket chirping next to an air raid siren that’s going off,- … very hard.

But there are some sports in which the athlete is motionless just before the performance.  A golfer lining up a putt is absolutely motionless.  A marksman, whether in archery or with a rifle or with a pistol is motionless.  The marksman is completely motionless before the shot, and a basketball player at free throw is motionless before the shot.  And so, in all of these sports, where the athlete is motionless just before the shot, brain waves have been measured, and what they find is that just before an athlete’s best shot, there will be a big burst of Alpha waves.  If there is not big burst of Alpha waves, then it will not be a good shot, because the athlete is NOT in the Zone.

If you could think of it in terms of Zen archery, the Zen archery coach might suggest to you that you hold the bow and arrow steady and you don’t let it go of the arrow until you feel that you and the arrow and the target are one, and when you feel that sense of oneness, only then do you let the arrow go to where you already feel it to be, and that experience of oneness is a bull’s-eye feeling because the oneness is a big Alpha burst. To experience oneness, you would have to have a big Alpha burst. And so it has been demonstrated by scientific studies that just before your best shot, you need to produce a big burst of Alpha.  So if you can learn how to produce Alpha at will and as needed, then you will dramatically improve your performance.