4.12 Goals

Each person is invited, early on, to outline their own goals for their Alpha One Training and then is supported in the attainment of those goals. The training documents that people fill out in advance, even arriving for their training, list and describe in detail the goals they have for their Alpha One Training. Typical attainable goals include becoming:

Happier, more Loving, more Aware, more Forgiving, more Centered, more Motivated, more Enthusiastic, and Less Anxious, less Depressed, less Angry, less Hostile, less Unhappy, less Attached

EEG Alpha Feedback:

We have also noted that almost whenever someone comes in with high blood pressure, their blood pressure drops when they raise their alpha scores. When I ran a Federal Grant entitled ‘Anxiety and Aging: Intervention with EEG Alpha Feedback’ for women 60-81 years old, there were remarkable reversals in many aspects of the aging process, with women in their 70’s going college, getting advanced degrees, even getting advanced degrees, beginning new careers, and starting businesses, and even beginning new personal relationships.

A pilot study was done in an urban hospital where everyone admitted during a 6-month period was given an EEG. All those admitted for any reason [elective surgery, pregnancy, gunshot, stabbing, auto accident, etc.] were given an EEG and then followed up six months later. Fully 50% of those with no alpha in their admission EEG record were dead within 6 months. Alpha is a profound indicator of health and well-being and not just physical well-being. The amount also indicates psychic and emotional well-being, the changes in, and the distribution on the head of EEG alpha activity. The range of goals one can set out and then attain with the self-control of this potent brain activity is truly broad (and that may be an understatement.)

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