9.3 Green Beret’s Experience of Shared Feedback™

You will remember reading earlier in Chapter 4 about the training we did for Green Berets at a secret army base. Several years before we did that work, we trained two Army Lt. Cols from Army Intelligence. They did two weeks of training, the first being their individual Alpha One training, and the second week they did share feedback, sitting side-by-side in the same chamber and hearing both their own feedback tones and each other’s feedback tones. They also saw their own scores and each other’s scores. One of those Army officers is now a retired colonel. Here, retired Col. John Alexander describes his shared feedback experience in his inspiring book, The Warrior’s Edge.

‘During the second phase, week 2, of my training with Lt. Col. MacLachlan, he and I were trained together in the same chamber in what Dr. Hardt calls “Shared Feedback.” The EEG was wired separately for both of us but recorded on the same chart. Our brain waves became not merely similar but almost identical. My brain waves seemed to increase the amplitude and speed to replicate Lt. Col. MacLachlan directly. Clearly, MacLachlan was driving our Shared Feedback experience, for my pattern became similar to the pattern he developed in the prior week of individual [non-shared] feedback when we were in separate training chambers.’

EEG alpha training:

‘This experiment suggests the potential for linking or entangling the brain waves of two or more individuals. The potential for getting groups of individuals on task and working better together is extensive and exciting. Colloquially, our language has incorporated this idea for a long time, perhaps foretelling what Dr. Hardt can now train with his technology. We talk about “getting on the same wavelength,” or “getting our heads together,” or “tuning in,” and so on. Our Shared Feedback EEG graphs in Dr. Hardt’s lab indicate that this precise effect may be voluntarily controllable.’

‘An interesting personal dimension developed during these sessions. Both MacLachlan and I noted that secrets would “slip” from one of us to the other person from time to time. Although this phenomenon was not being specifically tested for in the training we were doing, other people training together with Dr. Hardt’s Shared Feedback methodology also found that they sometimes would simultaneously – and non verbally – acquire information about each other.’

‘We can infer from this both the potential of telepathic communication when our brains are in sync, and also that there must be trust and intimacy between individuals participating in this kind of training. Clearly, our EEG charts in Dr. Hardt’s lab indicate the viability of EEG alpha training as well as a way to enhance collective thought through shared feedback. We believe this may be the next frontier for EEG training.’

‘Alpha enhancement can benefit corporations and groups of people who must interact with creatively continuingly, as well as individuals, by reducing the time it takes for individuals to think productively and collectively.’

‘For warriors, particularly those operating in small groups, such as special operations forces or high-level staff, who must turn out coherent policy and plans – such training and the opportunity to think creatively together can enhance their ability to function and, ultimately, to survive.’

9.3 Green Beret’s Experience of Shared Feedback™ — Biocybernaut
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