6.8 Egoism and Mysticism

Ego dissolution is the goal of mystical practices in all cultures and leads reliably to mystical experiences. We are interested in such mystical experiences for many reasons. There is a priest or guru who acts as a conduit to altered reality (mystical experiences) for his or her followers in some spiritual traditions. The priest or guru sometimes requires that the followers surrender their personal will to his will, and then he provides transcendent experiences in return. As history has shown, there is much mischief that can accompany the follower’s submission to the will of the priest or guru, including psychological, sexual, and financial exploitation of the leader’s followers (e.g., Reverend Jim Jones, etc.). Once the leader dies and is gone, the followers often have no further access to the higher states they craved and which the leader provided (e.g., Swami Muktananda).

The Biocybernaut Training Process is a profoundly democratizing influence in spiritual discovery. Each trainee discovers and develops their own personal connection to the Divine, to the desired states of altered awareness, to mystical experiences. With neurofeedback training, each trainee allows their ego to dissolve to open more fully to their higher self and the Divine Will. In Hymn of the Universe (1961) by Teilhard de Chardin, we see that:

‘The true self grows in inverse proportion to the growth of egoism.’

Surrendering one’s own ego to the ego of another person (the spiritual leader) actually limits the individual’s growth, in part, because the leader’s ego grows, and the total system of the leader plus follower does not diminish in total egoism. While the initial surrender by the ‘follower’ to the leader’s ego may lead to some growth of awareness in the follower relative to the follower’s original egoic state, this growth is limited by the inherent limitations of the leader and the leader’s ego.

The Biocybernaut Training Process offers a better way. If, instead, the Biocybernaut trainee diminishes his or her own ego in favor of his or her own higher self, then the trainer who assists this process has successfully functioned as an assistant coach, whose primary mission is to establish effective communication between the trainee and the trainee’s higher self, which is the head coach. This head coach can best connect the individual with the Divine awareness.

There is still a role for leadership in spiritual exploration with the Biocybernaut Process. Still, this role becomes one of organizing and optimizing an individual’s spiritual experiences or a group rather than, as in the past, the leader being the source of spiritual experiences. Also, the requirements for leadership change, and rather than being based on power in evoking mystical experiences in their followers (like Muktananda’s shaktipat), leadership now requires wisdom and compassion in guiding the mystical experiences which the ‘followers’ now have the full ability to evoke on their own with the Biocybernaut technology. This also means that the leader must lead with love rather than discipline, penalties, or punishment. In a less enlightened past, these latter negatives may have been useful with some spiritual children, but not now. The radiant beings awakening through the Biocybernaut Training Process into a fuller understanding of the Divine source of the universe will only respect and gather around leaders whose central premise is Love.

Again from Chardin:

‘Reflecting . . . on the state of affairs which might evoke this new universal love in the human heart, a love so often vainly dreamed of, but which now leaves the fields of Utopia (meaning it ceases to be an unattainable utopian ideal) to reveal itself as both possible and necessary, we are brought to the following conclusion: that for men upon the earth, all the earth, to learn to love one another, it is not enough that they should know themselves to be members of the same thing; in planting themselves they must acquire the (larger collective) consciousness, without losing themselves (or their individual consciousness), of becoming the same person. For there is no total love that does not proceed from, and exist within, that which is personal.’ And from Chardin’s, Hymn of the Universe:

‘The true self grows in inverse proportion to the growth of egoism. The element becomes personal only in so far as it becomes universal. If the human particles are to become truly personalized under the creative influence of union (in a higher-order collective awareness), it is not enough for them to be joined together, no matter how (haphazardly). Since what is in question is achieving a synthesis of centers, it must be center to center (heart to heart, mind to mind, brain to brain, and through love) and in no other way that they establish (this deep) contact with one another. In other words, the [issue] to which all this leads is the [issue] of love.’

‘To be pure of heart means to love God above all things, and at the same time to see him everywhere in all things. Who then could fail to see that the effect of this contact with God must be to unify it to the innermost core of its being?’

‘Given a profound insight into the concept of collectivity, we are bound to understand the term (collective consciousness) without any attenuation of meaning. The stuff of the universe does not achieve its full evolutionary cycle when it achieves [merely] consciousness; we are therefore moving on towards some new critical point (the Omega point, Christ said,

“I am the alpha and the omega,” the beginning and the end, so the Omega point is the endpoint of individual human evolution and the beginning of the evolution of the human collective consciousness). The noosphere (the envelope of consciousness around our planet) becomes a single closed system in which each element individually sees, feels, desires, and suffers the same things as all the rest together with them.’

‘Thus we have a harmonized collectivity of consciousnesses which together make up a sort of super- consciousness; the earth is covered by myriads of grains of thought but enclosed in one single (vast) envelop- ing consciousness so that it forms, functionally, a single vast grain of thought on a sidereal scale of immensity, (in which) the plurality of individual acts of reflective consciousness (are) coming together and reinforcing one another in a single unanimous act.’

‘Such is the general form in which, by analogy and in symmetry with the past, we are led scientifically to envisage that humanity of the future in which alone the terrestrial drives implicit in our activity can find a terrestrial fulfillment.’

Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a gifted Jesuit scholar, foresaw the coming awakening of humanity’s collective superconsciousness. And even though he wrote of this coming awakening in very highly Christian terms, he so frightened and scandalized the Catholic Church by his prescient vision of the future of humanity that he was locked up in virtual house arrest for the rest of his life. He was held under interdict, forbidden to speak publicly, and he was only able to write letters to pre-existing friends outside his confinement to continue to share his ideas. At an earlier age, he would have been burned to death by the Holy Office of the Inquisition, even though he wrote with such faith and devotion, i.e., ‘To be pure of heart means to love God above all things, and to see Him everywhere in all things.’ After his death, those precious letters were published, so we have a little glimpse into his vision of the future of the human collective consciousness. Sometimes it is not an easy life when you can see into the future.

In this case, those who hold power, the Catholic Church, do not welcome a future in which their power is reduced. As you can see in Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, the oil companies and those who profit from them suppressed the electric car to ensure they could continue to sell oil even while the CO2 levels in our atmosphere are melting the ice caps, raising the ocean levels, and ushering more and bigger hurricanes, droughts and floods. Even though GM’s beautiful electric car that could beat a BMW and a Porsche in the quarter-mile had no emissions, and cost much less to run than the gasoline cars, they were all destroyed, sent to the shredder, and no more are being made. Why? There is money to be made from the oil spill in the ground, so those who hold power ignore the blight they bring upon the Earth and the suffering they cause. Suppress the electric car. Let us sell oil.

Drug companies do the same thing, but sometimes they get caught, as they did with Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens). This plant has berries that can reduce the prostate’s swelling, which often occurs in older men. Berries and teas of the leaves have been known and used in folk medicine for a long time to reduce swelling of the prostate and the attending urinary difficulties. A drug company came up with a prescription drug that did the same thing, except it was only about 30% as effective as Saw Palmetto berries, plus it was more expensive. So the drug company did the usual thing to try to eliminate the competition for their product. They got one of their congressional supporters to introduce a bill to ban Saw Palmetto.

Lucky for us, and unfortunately for the drug company, many of the 60, 70, and 80-year-old men in the Congress knew about and even depended upon Saw Palmetto. They were not about to let the drug company get away with this, at least on this issue. So they not only pushed back on the anti-Saw Palmetto legislation but then went further and wrote into the law protections for other natural herbs and supplements.

In almost every instance, power centers will resist even the most beneficial changes if they lessen their power and reduce their income. Indeed, humanity’s history is replete with the suppression of those brighter futures and the silencing of those who see and who dare to speak of the coming changes. Brain wave feedback went through such a ‘silencing’ period from 1972 – 1989, but that is the topic of a different book.

The good news is that the genie got out of the bottle again in 1989, and brain wave feedback is once again generally available. So we find ourselves here on the threshold of a Golden Age of Humanity that is being prepared and launched by consciously self-regulating human beings, and none too soon, given the enormous problems we are facing in the world. Remember the Einstein quote:

‘Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them’

‘We talk attaining the Self or of reaching God, in time. But there is nothing to attain. We are already Self-existent, nor will there ever be a time when we shall be nearer to God than now. We are ever-blissful, Self-existent, the infinite now. Our consciousness is unbroken, continuous and eternal. It is all Maya (illusion), self- hypnotism, to imagine that now we are otherwise. Dehypnotize yourself! It is ego which deludes conscious of now (the person), and the other – the higher, the divine – of which we shall one day become conscious. This is false. There is only one Self and it is fully conscious now and forever: there is neither past, present nor future for It since It is out of time.’ [Ramana Maharshi]

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