4.11 Results

In the early years of my research, I documented the beneficial personality changes from learned EEG alpha increases. Other researchers have subsequently confirmed these. It used to be thought that personality was stable over the adult life span. With extensive counseling or psychotherapy, one could, at best, tinker at the margins of the personality dimensions. However, EEG recordings of multiple personalities showed that when a new personality ‘clicked in’ at that moment, there were profound changes in the brain waves. Brain wave feedback is now a recognized effective treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD]. If spontaneous personality changes were associated with big changes in the brain waves, it becomes more understandable that learned changes in the brain waves could bring personality changes. A Science paper that I co-authored in 1978 shows the reduction in Anxiety, both state Anxiety and trait anxiety produced by learned alpha increases. The high Anxiety participants who increased their alpha above their White Noise baselines became low Anxiety people. Subsequent studies have confirmed this benefit of alpha enhancement. A draft of the Science paper is available for you to read on the Biocybernaut web site. In later research, I showed the relationship between brain activity changes across the entire head and the entire frequency spectrum from delta through beta about changes in moods and changes in personality. This work is presently in patent-pending status and will become the basis of many different kinds of education and skill training because there is an electrophysiological basis for mastery in a wide range of human endeavors, making learning and improvement faster and easier.

In 1993 I published a paper reviewing work that linked creativity to increases of naturally occurring alpha activity. This paper extended that earlier work by testing scientists from Stanford Research Institute for creativity, then giving them a week of alpha training, then re-testing them for creativity. They had, on average, a 50% increase in their creativity. The control group showed no change in creativity. A copy of the paper is available on the Biocybernaut website at the following link: www.biocybernaut.com/increase-creativity-by-50/


IQ boost:

More recently, we have done a study of IQ and alpha training. The study’s analysis is not yet complete, but everyone in the alpha training group has had increases in one or both of their dimensions of IQ [crystallized and fluid], some as large as 39 point increases! None of the control group subjects has had an increase in IQ, so this is quite promising. The IQ boost has averaged 11.7 points of IQ, and the gains are stable one year later.

Many of the participants have had profound spiritual experiences and awareness that I have begun to write a book about these experiences. This is presently in process. Three of the cases in that book are included in this book in Chapter 5, ‘Expanded Spiritual Awareness.’

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