Not too long ago, I had the good fortune to meet an amazing man, Dr. James Hardt, Founder of the Biocybernaut Institute. As the developer of the Holosync™ System at Centerpointe Research Institute, I already know a lot about brain waves and spiritual states, but Dr. Hardt had a lot more to teach me as he is one of the world’s most respected authorities on brain
wave biofeedback training.

Brain wave biofeedback:

Dr. Hardt has developed a sophisticated form of brain wave biofeedback, tested and researched over 30 years, which can be used to learn to create states of happiness, joy, feelings of connection and love, and many other beneficial metals, emotional, and spiritual states at will.

Dr. Hardt is especially well known for his research into the connection between brain waves and various beneficial states of consciousness, including enhanced creativity and performance, fro- found spiritual states and states of consciousness associated with advanced meditation. His findings have been published in scientific peer-review journals such as the highly esteemed journal Science and the Journal of Experimental Psychology. He continues to present his research and findings to audiences all over the world.

I agreed to write the foreword to his book to introduce a wider audience, including Holosync™users, to an important, life-changing, ‘World-changing’ approach using research-based brain wave biofeedback. Coupled with the power of forgiveness, creating a high alpha state allows people to release negative emotions that keep them from experiencing at-will states of happiness, joy, feelings of connection, and love.

After meeting Dr. Hardt and hearing him speak about his life’s work, I traveled to Santa Clara, California, to attend one of his alpha brain wave training. During my seven-day experience at the Institute, alpha feedback training intentionally created more and more alpha brain waves. As I did so, I felt more joy, inner peace, and a greater connection to the universe! It was truly amazing, especially since I had been using my Holosync™system for years and already had the ability to go into an alpha state.

All the participants who were with me that week had profound meditative and spiritual experiences, which Dr. Hardt helped us understand. Emotional and spiritual issues needing resolution came to the surface. Dr. Hardt showed us how to resolve them using powerful forgiveness techniques (which is much easier when you’re in a ‘high-alpha’ state). As issues were resolved, we could make more and more alpha, and our experience of joy and connection INCREASED and INCREASED and INCREASED!

By the end of the week, everyone was transformed. In my training, two people arrived depressed and confused about their lives and with a significant amount of emotional baggage (in one case, quite severe emotional baggage).

At the end of seven days, though, these two looked and behaved like the long-time users of my Holosync™program. They were happy, bubbly, focused, joyful, and radiant. They smiled. Their posture was more confident, and their attitude upbeat. They looked you in the eye when they talked to you, whereas they could not do so before the training. I’ve kept in touch with both of these people, and the positive changes they experienced have definitely lasted – even accelerated – in the time since the training.

Since then, I have referred over a hundred Holosync™users to the Biocybernaut Institute for this training. The purpose of the training is to use feedback from your own brain to learn how to intentionally increase the presence and strength of beneficial alpha waves, which are associated with mediation, creativity, emotional healing, incredible joyfulness, and a lot more!

More recently, my teenage son did the training. He arrived depressed, uncommunicative, and closed. He left happy, open, alive, and (this really amazed me) truly interested in what, to him, was a whole new world of spiritual growth. Now he wants to use my spiritual program, he’s reading spiritual books, and his attitude has changed. What happened to my cranky, hormone-driven teenager? He learned to make more alpha!

You can find many examples of the profound experiences people have had with the Biocybernaut training in this book, The Art of Smart Thinking. The book also explains how Dr. Hardt developed this amazing technology and what led him to choose this as his life’s work.

As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about all of this. In fact, I consider Dr. Hardt’s work to be some of the most ground-breaking work in spiritual growth on this planet. Read the book, see what others have experienced, and find your way to Santa Clara to experience this work for yourself. I guarantee you will be positively transformed by the impact it makes on your life.

Bill Haris CEO Centerpointe Research Institute
Foreword — Biocybernaut Institute
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