7.1 Forgiveness and the Biocybernaut Process

She was making some progress with the training, so I was quite surprised to see that when I went into the chamber at the end of the third day to do the interview, she was hopping mad! I had never seen her mad, and she was actually fuming. She snapped at me, ‘I thought you said this alpha was good!’ I just nodded and asked her to say more. She said, ‘When I did bad things, my alpha went up!’ So I asked what bad things that she did. She replied, ‘I thought about all the people who ever did me dirty in my life.’ She said that she had brought these bad people into her awareness during her alpha suppression session, thinking that would suppress her alpha. Instead, her alpha went up, and she was confused at this and then became cross and then even angry. So I asked her to say more about the ‘bad people’ she thought of who made her alpha go up. She huffed and fumed and then consented to talk about this. She said that she would think about a bad person, one at a time, and bring them to mind, and then she added that she forgave them. I stopped her and asked her to check me as I restated what she had just said to make sure I understood her. Slowly I spoke: ‘OK, you are doing forgiveness, and you think that is a bad thing? I paused and looked at her, and suddenly her lights went on, and her expression changed as she realized why her alpha was going up when she thought about ’bad people.‘ She was such a dear person that she was only willing to think good things for enhancement. In alpha enhancement, she would only think of good thoughts like “world peace” and “ending hunger,” but she was a bit bolder for alpha suppression. She would never think about anything bad herself, but she was willing to go outside of her goody-two-shoes boundary to think of other people who were bad and who had done her dirty. However, she was so sweet that even when she did think of bad people who had done bad things to her, she moved very quickly into forgiveness. And now she and I were discovering that forgiveness actually worked to enhance her alpha.’

In the weeks, months, and years that followed, I gradually brought the forgiveness process into the training, and now it is a very major component of the Biocybernaut work. Sometimes when people are slow to begin their forgiveness work, and it gets to Day 5 or 6, and they have not yet ‘gotten to it,’ I tell the trainees that I have this big imaginary forgiveness drum, and I beat on it chanting, ‘Do the forgiveness work! Do the forgiveness work!’ I emphasize the importance of forgiveness work because many people will put this off, and putting it off delays their progress and allows their egos to remain in control of them.

The way we work with the forgiveness theme involves several different tracks. One track is to learn to ‘do alpha’ and to ‘get into’ the feedback-the musical sounds, the colored scores-and to enjoy it, get into the fun of hearing your own brain waves and, in the process, get your alpha up somewhat during the first couple of training days.


Mood Scales:

A second track involves the work with the computerized Mood Scales. The operation of these Mood Scales is described in detail in chapter 4, so we will briefly describe the actual process of how we help people come up with compelling forgiveness candidates for their forgiveness work in the alpha chamber. At the end of each day, the trainer works individually with each of the trainees to review all of their results. In this review, the trainer tells the trainee/client each of the mood words from the Mood Scales that the computer flagged with a ‘sigma’ to indicate that the computer did not think the trainee had answered accurately. Each of these mood words that gets a sigma is likely to be related to some trauma or painful experience and connected to one or more people in the trainee’s past. When the trainer asks the trainee about one of those flagged words, those people and those traumatic experiences are encouraged to come back up into conscious memory. Those experiences and those people then become grist for the forgiveness mill the next day. Those people and those painful events are the forgiveness targets, and the trainer will hold the trainee’s feet to the fire to make sure that they actually do the forgiveness work on those ‘forgiveness candidates.’ There is no compulsion, but the trainer will keep requesting that the trainee do the forgiveness work and offer many helpful suggestions on how to do this.

The Mood Scales allow the trainer to function as though they were psychic because they identify latent negative emotions present in a person that the person is unaware of. Thus the person cannot even try to work on those emotions and those issues. The work with the Biocybernaut Mood Scales brings these emotions and these issues to the surface, up into consciousness.

The work with the computerized Biocybernaut Mood Scales will cause the unconscious hidden emotions to rise to the surface so that the trainees will recognize their core issues. These emotions might be fear, sorrow, anger, guilt, unworthiness, depression, or all of the above. While doing forgiveness work in the chamber, the trainee brings one of those flagged ‘sigma’ issues, people, or stories to mind and then begins to delve into it to forgive. However, wanting to forgive doesn’t do it.

Trying to forgive also fails in achieving forgiveness. Only authentic forgiveness works; only real forgiveness does it. It has to be ‘effective forgiveness.’ But, the problem for people is, ‘How do you do that?’ It is not easy. In fact, there was a Gallup Poll done in America on the topic of forgiveness. They found 80% of Americans felt forgiveness was important. For those who really felt it was important, a full 85% said they could not do forgiveness independently. They needed some outside help, God’s help or something, but they could not do it on their own. And amazingly, given the large Christian representation in the 80% who felt forgiveness was important, Gallup found that even ‘prayer’ did not correlate with effective forgiveness. Of the things that Gallup asked about, only one thing correlated with effective forgiveness. That was ‘meditative prayer.’ Well hello! That means alpha waves. Anytime I hear meditative anything, I see alpha waves. For example, meditative walking or meditative gardening or meditative swimming, or meditative anything means more alpha waves in that practice than the non-meditative practice of the very same thing. Even good old George Gallup is helping us conclude that to do effective forgiveness, we have to have more alpha waves.

So how do you do meditative prayer, or meditative forgiveness, or meditative alpha training? It is different for different people. If I were to tell you what five different people did to achieve effective forgiveness, you would find that none of them did the same thing. They all did something that falls under that heading of forgiveness, and for each one of them, it worked. So the theme must be forgiveness, and there must be an intention to do forgiveness, and then people search, with the help of the alpha feedback, for their personal effective forgiveness method. When they hit even momentarily on something that works, they are rewarded at that moment with a brief surge in feedback tones. This serves to point them unerringly toward the appropriate forgiveness tool or method for them.

Once they discover a strategy that works for a moment by generating a brief increase in the feedback tones, then that strategy can be applied for two full minute epoch. At the end of that epoch, when the scores come on, if all the scores light up green, meaning new high scores for the day, then they know they have found their personal forgiveness tool.

Now they’re superhuman because they can go through an entire lifetime of grievances, grudges, withholds, fears, and quickly and easily forgive them.

The meditation traditions all teach non-attachment-letting go. But what we’ve learned in the Biocybernaut training is that unless someone first forgives, they cannot truly let go. We tell people to include themselves in their list of people to forgive because it is just as important to the entire process. And people have so many judgments against themselves.

7.1 Forgiveness and the Biocybernaut Process — Biocybernaut
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