Chapter 4

Surfing the Alpha Wave

In the last chapter, we learned about some of the consequences of living in the internal hurricane: the Beta brain wave state. We saw a little bit of how our society has created expectations, habits, preferences, structures, and institutions – a vast unhealthy playing field that violates our physiology’s fundamental principles.

Beta brain waves:

The problems arising out of too many Beta brain waves have upset our physical and mental ecology. They have even damaged the planet’s ecology upon which we depend for our very lives. Everywhere we look stimulants for the constant Hurricane in the Brain – including our food supply and a diet laced with garlic, onions, and caffeine.

In this chapter, I’d like to begin to show you some alternatives to a highly ego-driven beta brain wave lifestyle that is filled with big beautiful alpha brain waves so you can begin to understand more of the benefits gained by surfing the alpha wave through the Biocybernaut Institute’s Alpha Wave feedback training. At the end of this chapter is a detailed description of the Neurofeedback process of the Biocybernaut Alpha One Brain Wave Training.

The following is a list of some of the many benefits that my clients have experienced during brain wave training sessions in neurofeedback held at the Biocybernaut Institute:
Brain Lead Magnet

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