4.5 Meditation and Expanded Awareness

In the practice of meditation, those rare individuals who are gifted in perceiving the subtleties of naturally occurring changes within themselves get feedback from their own perceptions of their internal processes. As a result, they develop rapidly. Brain wave neurofeedback training makes the inner subtleties glaringly obvious to everyone, even to people who are usually oblivious to their own internal processes. Consequently, rapid development in the skills of meditation is common rather than rare.

Several researchers have shown that the level of development in Zen meditation is related to specific brain activity patterns. Kasamatsu and Hirai
studied both Soto and Rinzai sect Zen meditators. They found that the brain activity patterns of those considered most highly advanced are seen only in some of the Zen
meditators who have practiced Zazen in daily meditation for 21-40 years. Even though we know that suitable technology can speed things up, it is still remarkable
that these advanced Zen brain patterns can be achieved by non-meditators in just seven consecutive days using our neurofeedback technology and methods! I will go
into more detail about the relationship between alpha wave activity and meditation and spiritual experiences in Chapter 5, Expanded Spiritual Awareness

4.5.1 Becoming Aware of the Vastness of the Self (Oneness)

One of my primary interests is the development of higher mental functions. If we can record just a few people who manifest an unusual mind skill or ability, we can train ordinary people to have this same pattern and skills by achieving the same mind state. For instance, we have studied professional psychics while accessing their special information sources or doing healing. I was often invited to India to record EEG and other physiological data on advanced Yogis gifted with Siddhis (or special powers), who were capable of exceptional feats. I have also studied Zen meditators and gifted research scientists. The unifying theme of all this diverse work is learning the essential brain patterns of changes that accompany the awareness shifts, which enable a person to shift from an ordinary mind state into extraordinary mind states.

Brain pattern feedback quiets the mind. In this stillness, the deep purpose can become directly known. The training process includes purifying the emotions
and clarification of the intent through in-depth work with a computerized assessment of emotions using our proprietary Mood Scales. Rapid development follows when the emotions are purified, the intent is clear, and the awareness can be shifted and controlled.

4.5 Meditation and Expanded Awareness — Biocybernaut
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