9.2 Linking up with Shared Feedback

When I was a grad student at Carnegie-Mellon in the first brain wave feedback lab I ever built, I explored ‘shared alpha feedback’ with a friend and colleague named Rick Odell. First, we plugged just Rick’s electrodes into the machine. We sat quietly in the darkness of an electromagnetically shielded acoustic chamber as we listened on separate sets of earphones to Rick’s alpha. Then we unplugged Odell’s electrodes and plugged in mine. My alpha was noticeably higher in frequency.

We guessed that we could discriminate each other’s alpha if we were both plugged in simultaneously, so we tried that, and it worked. We sat listening to the fast and the slow alpha’s random blending as each waxed and waned according to the variations of our individual awareness. However, after what seemed like a short while, we noticed that the blending was no longer random. The fast and slow alpha began to wax and wane (to appear and disappear) simultaneously. We were quite startled when this happened, and we had some strange shared experiences.

For example, we began to speak the same words simultaneously. On one disappearance of alpha, we might both say nothing. On the next disappearance, we would simultaneously say, ‘What did you just do?’ The next time we would simultaneously say something else like, ‘What happened?’ We both independently tried to think of novel ways to exclaim about the surprising simultaneity of our individual alpha waves’ waxing and waning. We thought that if we said something quite novel, it would be impossible for the other person to mimic what we were about to say. Therefore you can imagine our surprise when we simultaneously came with, ‘What, perchance, hast thou has done?’ We must report that we were unprepared, at that time, for such an experience of simultaneity in consciousness. We found it somewhat unsettling, rather like two small children who discover a pump over a well, and after raising and lowering the handle a few times are startled to see water flowing out of the mouth of the pump, and they run away in alarm. Not having a model of what was happening, and both of us being unexposed to ESP, telepathy, and training in shared awareness, we were sufficiently unsettled by the simultaneity of our experiences that we discontinued the experiment.

A possible analogy to explain our reactions at that time would be the difference between an unsuspecting person being secretly given LSD vs. someone deliberately choosing to take LSD with a full understanding of the changes it can produce. In 1971, when we had this first Shared Feedback™experience, we were literally unprepared for the shared consciousness resulting from our pilot alpha Shared Feedback™ study. We were only later able to appreciate the experience and discover how to build on the insights into the structure of consciousness, which flowed from such studies. Today with an increased understanding of what can happen and with an appreciation of the value of such experiences, we now routinely practice Shared Feedback™to to establish and deepen rapport and teach ourselves and others more about the potential of the group mind experience.

9.2.1 Guidance from the Alpha State

During the early 70s, I explored in my own mind in the alpha feedback chamber. The alpha state being the source of creativity, it was understandable that I would receive guidance from my own creativity about everything I was doing. Much of the guidance had to do with improvements to the technology. I’d be sitting there in a high alpha state, and I’d be shown, in great detail, some improvements that could be made in the hardware or the software or the training protocols. Sometimes I’d get an inspiration about some feature that I’d like to have in the feedback that would require innovations in the software and the hardware, and after the session, I’d sit down and begin to think about how to implement that. I began to get an image of this process that was sort of like Alice in Wonderland ‘through the looking glass.’ I’d put my head through the ‘looking glass,’ i.e., into the high alpha state, and I’d look around and see the deep structure of things and all the details of how the world worked, and then I’d pull my head back out and be back to ordinary reality. But now I knew because I’d seen it in the high alpha state, what I would have to do to implement some new wonder in the hardware or software. And it would be relatively quick and easy because I’d seen it, sort of from the inside. This was both fun and productive, and technology evolved rapidly. But as time went on, this guidance began to be more than just a creative idea that was an upgrade to the hardware or software. I began to get guidance as to what I was supposed to do with the technology. And I’m talking about BIG PICTURE kinds of guidance. These were topics I’d never thought about until they showed up in my mind in the alpha chamber. I now understand this information as coming from my higher self, which naturally has a much bigger picture of my life than my intellect or rational mind. For example, in one alpha session, I was essentially told that I should advance three independent programs through my technology’s appropriate use. I saw and heard the names of these three different programs, and it was indicated to me that this is what my life was to be about: 1) Mass Market Applications, 2) Key Person Program, and 3) Higher Self Training. Each of these programs I was to implement was then followed by detailed information that was shown to my mind about what to do and how to do it.

9.2.2 Mass Market Applications

The Mass Market Applications are divided into two tracks, (1) the fix-It things, working with people in dysfunction, and (2) the enhancement of gifts, which is people going into hyperfunction. I have identified about a dozen areas in each track that are ripe for applications of this technology, areas where the technology is efficacious, and probably the most cost-effective way to deal with these issues, which included everything from treating obesity, eating disorders, high blood pressure, personality disorders, drug and alcohol abuse and a whole range of fix-it things on Track 1 to IQ boosting, raising creativity, accelerating meditation, and developing advanced mind states in Track 2. Each of the one dozen or more topical areas in each of the two tracks could become a separate company working with the Biocybernaut technology’s mass-market applications to bring the benefits of the technology to specific parts of the overall economy’s market for such services.

At one point in 1993, I devoted six months to design a five- year roll out of a drug and alcohol treatment company that, in its linked spreadsheet model, grossed a billion dollars over five years and brought $600 million to the bottom line before taxes, while permanently healing a lot of addicted people from their addictions, saving lives and families in the process. The drug and alcohol treatment company model even had international licensing. A clinical trial research study ran inside the corporate-startup to optimize brain wave training for different personality types with different abuse drugs. That model is just sitting on the shelf waiting.

9.2.3 Key Person Program

The Key Person Program identifies leaders in our culture, people in science, government, industry, sports, the arts, entertainment, transportation, communication, education, and the military. Under their knowledge and their position, these leaders are people who can and do, daily, influence the rate and the direction of the evolution of our culture. Far too many of these key people currently lead from a mindset of need, fear, and greed.

Following their Biocybernaut alpha training, a significant percentage of them will have different values and guidance from their own higher selves. They will then lead more from their hearts and a sense of love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding. They will still have their knowledge and their positions of power. They will already be in place in society as leaders and will implement sweeping changes quickly. This is good because we could use some rapid changes.

In some of our cultural initiatives, a 90 degree turn away from the direction we are headed would be very helpful. In other instances, a 180-degree turn would be in order. For example, instead of increasing the atmosphere’s CO2 content, we could begin to reduce it. In short order, we could have a radically different direction for our culture all across the board, not just in one area. The problems of resource scarcity and environmental degradation will be solved creatively. We will avert some of the impending disasters in health, epidemics, education, the economy, international relations, and the environment. Goodwill happen. Awareness will expand. The Dark Forces will retreat. We will enter an enduring ‘Golden Age of Humanity’ and other life upon the Earth.

9.2.4 Higher Self Training

This topic’s title, as it was given to me, was the least descriptive. So I was shown much more detail on how to implement this theme. In higher-self training, I am to bring together people committed to furthering the development of their own consciousness and the consciousness of humanity daily. Just like the Green Berets who got up every day committed to self-improvement that day in some area related to their mission, the Biocybernaut Delta Force people will have that same dedication. Daily, they will come to a Biocybernaut training center and do both individual and group feedback with a shared intention for, as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock would say, ‘the good of the many.’

Part of what this Mind Power Delta Force will do is to be guinea pigs for new technology coming out of the Biocybernaut R&D labs. As new training types are developed, the Delta Force will be the first to try them out, much as James Bond would get to experiment with new techno-wonders from Q’s genius. But more importantly, the Delta Force people will engage in Shared Feedback™with specific intentions. The mind influences reality. And if we get a large number of minds holding the same intention and holding it in the same brain wave state, there is a force to be reckoned with!

To understand, by analogy, the power of Shared Feedback™, imagine that we got one hundred people together and gave them each a flashlight and had them shine it at the wall. All we would get is a bright spot of light. Now take the same number of photons as those flashlights emitted and make them coherent, which would then be called a laser. It is still the same number of photons, powered by the same two D-cell batteries, but if you aim those hundred lasers at the wall, it will burn a hole through the wall and all the way out to the street.

When you bring people together and get their brain waves coherent, not just in one single head but coherent BETWEEN heads, you have the consciousness equivalent of a laser. The ability to influence reality will be enormous.

The Transcendental Meditation people have published several studies on the societal effects of group meditation. As an example, every night for a month, 100 meditators drove their cars into a crime-ridden neighborhood, and a hundred people sat and meditated for an hour and then left. For the next several months afterward, the crime statistics in that neighborhood dropped dramatically and then started going back up. Meditation and shared intention clearly work.

In the Celtic system of magic and metaphysics, there is something called the hundred-handed being, which is 50 people who gather together to do works of magic. They talk about this concept with starry eyes, and there is fabled lore about the works of magic that only large groups like that assembled as a full college of 50 people can do. Yet you can be certain that in any group of 50 people gathered together, you will not have all 50 doing the same thing simultaneously, even if that is what they have come together to do. The same is true of the 100 TM meditators. Not all of them will be in alpha simultaneously, so the power of what they are doing is reduced proportionately. However, using the Biocybernaut Institute’s group feedback technology, you can literally get everyone in the group on the same wavelength simultaneously. This is the secret of the power of the Biocybernaut Delta Force.

Let me give you an example because what we are talking about is purifying the degree of coherence among people. Take a sample of the element iron, which is going to have a small percentage of impurities. Then heat this iron very hot so that it becomes a vapor, and we float this vapor into a vacuum chamber and allow it to be deposited in thin whiskers of iron wire. We can grow a thin wire of iron by vapor deposition. We thus obtain a thin whisker of a wire of iron. Then we can measure its tensile strength by putting little weights on it until it breaks. Now let us try this with iron that is of higher purity. And then even higher purity.

As you measure these wires’ strength, repeatedly growing new wires of increasing purity, gradually the wires become stronger, with greater tensile strength. They can hold more weight before they break. More purity means more tensile strength, and it is a steady, gradual improvement. However, the gradual improvement in strength only continues up to a certain point. At this point, where you have achieved a substantial reduction of impurities, and you have very, very pure iron, the tensile strength of the wire suddenly increases phenomenally. Whereas at first, the strength had been going up gradually with increasing purity, suddenly the strength jumps up very dramatically.

How does this happen? When you grow iron wires by vapor deposition, the metal forms in crystal structures as the layers of iron atoms are deposited. In the crystal lattice structure of atoms in the iron, there are impurities, which are the atoms of other elements that are not iron. These atoms are either bigger or smaller than iron atoms. Thus you are growing a crystal lattice made up of atoms of different sizes, some bigger or smaller than the iron atoms. These differently sized atoms distort the lattice structure. Those distortions weaken the bonding between iron atoms. When the percentage of impurities falls to a certain low level, all of a sudden, the iron reveals an innate strength that is many times stronger than what you saw at just a slightly higher impurity level.

So it is with brain wave biofeedback. Purify your individual brain waves sufficiently, and you get Supermen and Wonder Women. When we get groups of brain waves aligned and coherent to a certain degree of perfection, suddenly phenomena that had not been observed before by science will become a matter of fact. Coherent brains and united minds will profoundly alter the course of future realities. Euphemistically I call these Biocybernaut Shared Feedback™groups ‘Steering Committees.’ The most powerful Steering Committees will be the Delta Force, which will do shared delta feedback while holding shared intentions for, as Mr. Spock would say, ‘the good of the many.’

As Peter Russell says, ‘Which way we move is up to us, the ’neurons’ of this global brain. Do we continue to see ourselves as separated individuals, reach out for our own interests? Or can we see ourselves as part of a greater whole, humanity emerging into its full flowering? The choice is ours.’

Shared Feedback™training is now an opportunity available to all graduates of the Biocybernaut Institute’s Alpha One training, a seven-day intensive exploration into consciousness. Graduates of Alpha One can schedule shared alpha feedback training with one or more willing partners who have also done at least that level of training. The Alpha One training is the entry point brain Wave Training 101-into the more than two-dozen advanced brain wave training programs offered by the Biocybernaut Institute.

Arthur C. Clarke said that ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,’ and this technology can be used to create and expand the science of magic. According to the Celtic tradition, there are three elements to a successful magic work: desire, expectation, and merging. These are the keys to successful magic. The mind influences the universe’s quantum wave function and shifts the probabilities enough so that unexpected, low probability results can occur. The results of this work can even look like it is going outside natural law, but from the boundless perspective, all things are possible. Any physicist will tell you that if you jump up off the ground here on Earth, there is a small (very, very small) probability that you will come down and land on Mars or Venus. Electrons routinely tunnel through potential energy barriers. Humans being more massive, do this more rarely.

In prayer, meditation, magic, and Shared Feedback™, you work with altering probabilities. The first two elements, desire, and expectation are generally understood and are easily coached verbally. The key third element, merging, can be trained, strengthened, and deepened with suitable brain wave biofeedback training.

Performing this type of shared prayer or focused intending in a group seems to scale the intention’s effectiveness as a power function of the number of group members who are, at any given moment, on the same brain wavelength and are coherent. Unlike learning how to fly an airplane, you learn to solo first in the alpha feedback training, and only later do you learn to fly in inner space with other biocybernauts doing Shared Feedback™.

Shared Feedback™is very important to the study of awareness and the rapid development of human consciousness. Neurofeedback technology can become the neural network, the central nervous system, which connects together all the brains of all the humans on this planet to form the Global Brain envisioned by Peter Russell, and before him Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Christ said, ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I also.’ Many other powerful historical and spiritual figures have also recognized the transcendental power emerging from minds that are linked by shared intention, meditation, and prayer. Indeed Guru Nanak, the founding guru of Sikhism also knew of the power function law governing the effectiveness of people meditating together when they were meditating ‘correctly’ i.e., on the same brain wavelength.

9.2 Linking up with Shared Feedback — Biocybernaut
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