4.9 Description of the Biocybernaut Alpha One Training Process

Many people are interested in more detailed information about the Biocybernaut training programs so that they can begin to understand how it can deliver such
amazing results in just one powerful week of training. So this detailed description is given in support of this kind of interest in the procedural details and can help you
decide to participate in our introductory Alpha One training program. At Biocybernaut, we have more than two dozen advanced training programs, and the Alpha One is the entry point to all of them. There are 9 levels of the Alpha Training, 9 levels of the Theta Training, 9 levels of the Delta Training, and combinations of these,
like Alpha One plus Theta One. The Alpha One Training is the place to start. It is like Brain Wave Training 101, and in it, you will learn amazing things about yourself, your
emotions, personality, ego, and, of course, your brain waves. In conversations with people interested in taking the Alpha One Training, we find that they would like to know more about:

4.9 Description of the Biocybernaut Alpha One Training Process
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