8.4 The Narcissist in Your Brain

One of the insights I have gained from creating and operating this laboratory of human behavior is that the ego is a narcissistic sub-personality. Based on my observations, the ego actually has self-awareness. One of the things that all sentient beings have are intentions, and it’s obvious to me from my pattern recognition on my huge database that ego has intentions. When a trainee has a breakthrough in dealing with the emotional blocks that prevent them from achieving a high alpha state, within a day and sometimes within minutes, the ego counterattacks with some stab in the back; ego defends territory, defends its control of the person and personality.

What I just said is considered quite radical in psychology and only slightly less so in the field of consciousness research. Some people deny they have an ego. Many people who acknowledge ego and deal with ego will consider it no more than a blindly operating ‘sub-program.’ But that view is not consistent with my data. Based on actual brain wave data, computerized mood scale data, and the trainees’ subjective reports, I actually see ego as a separate sentient being with its own intentions that may be very different from what you think your intentions are. If your intentions differ from your ego’s intentions, you must expect that the ego will seek to sabotage your intentions, which can even include sabotaging your success, your happiness, and even your physical and emotional health.

There is so little in our culture that educates people about their egos. Parents, schools, teachers, TV, even churches, mosques, and synagogues offer very little useful education about the ego, how it works, and how to discipline and control the ego. Without the benefit of the Biocybernaut technology to shine the technological light of awareness on ego, it usually operates successfully in the shadows and behind the scenes pulling strings and moving levers that you don’t usually see. One of the intentions that characterize all sentient beings is the preservation of the continuity of their consciousness. This is why ego resists so mightily when you begin to do spiritual growth. Remember Teilhard de Chardin telling us, ‘The true self grows in inverse proportion to the growth of egoism.’ So spiritual growth means a shrinking ego, and no ego is going to shrink without a fight. You cannot negotiate with it, or if you think you agree with it, all you have to do is turn your back or stop monitoring it for an instant, and it will stab you in the back and undermine your spiritual progress your alpha enhancement work. It does not fight fair, and in dealing with the ego, ‘Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.’

For some people, the idea that their ego is a separate conscious awareness with intentions different from and possibly at odds with their own intentions is a scary thought and one they would like to dismiss immediately. So let us consider an example from the study of the great apes to show how this common initial reaction that would dismiss the notion of a self-conscious ego has a parallel in the research work done on the qualities and properties of the consciousness of the great apes.

In the 1960s, when scientists began to carefully study the great apes, the orangutans, the gorillas, the chimpanzees, nobody was suggesting that they had self-awareness. The very idea was considered ridiculous. In the 1970s, a few people, mainly women, worked closely with some of the great apes and taught them sign language. Based on their careful and detailed observations, they began to suggest that the great apes did have a sense of self-awareness to a very skeptical world. In the 1980s, some very clever experiments were designed that demonstrated quite conclusively that the great apes do have a sense of self-awareness. They can learn sign language, point at themselves in the mirror, point at themselves, and give the sign for ‘same.’ As a result of these clever scientific experiments, even those skeptical people changed their minds. The consensus now is that the great apes do have a sense of their own self-awareness.

Similarly, we could design experiments that would demonstrate that the ego is self-aware. While those experiments have not yet been done, I’m convinced that based on all the data I have generated and observed, it will be possible to show that the ego is a self-conscious awareness separate from what most people know themselves to be. Based on the data, I estimate that the ego is like a bully 6-8 years old. It is smart and devious, but it can be outsmarted and outmaneuvered. And it is possible to keep secrets in your mind safe from snooping by the ego. Such secrets can include your daily plan for your alpha training forgiveness work, which your ego would oppose if it knew of them in detail. Indeed many of the problems that afflict people in their lives come from their lack of awareness of the separateness of their ego’s intentions and their own intentions. When people learn about the Five Hindrances + forgetfulness, they suddenly have a test to determine, moment-by-moment, whether their thoughts and feelings, and actions are being guided by their ego or by their true self. The former British Prime Minister Disraeli said, ‘To be aware that we have a problem is 90% of the way to a solution.’ And so it is with ego. Once people have been educated in their Biocybernaut training about the ways and the means of the ego, they will never be the blind victims of the ego’s often-ulterior motives.

When people have a simple test they can perform in their minds, based on the Five Hindrances + forgetfulness, to clarify the source of a thought or an urge or a motivation, they become enormously more powerful and effective. Being able to recognize and to avert the ego’s intentions and its impulses toward ego-based action means that the Biocybernaut graduates can operate in their lives more and more from their higher selves. In this way, they come increasingly into harmony with the Divine will, and they more easily feel and act upon their own more spiritual intentions. When the ego is set aside, the person enters a flow state or ‘the Zone,’ and it is highly prized and sought after. And it requires a temporary suspension of ego.

The ego is self-protective and is very capable of rebellion and sabotage of the Biocybernaut Process! One time a group came to my laboratory from a famous learning center. They were interested, they said, in making the Biocybernaut training available to their clients. As I explained the Biocybernaut process to the group to discipline and control one’s ego, one woman immediately took major offense at this discussion. She became arrogant, haughty, filled with ego, and very angry. She aborted the discussions, and the group left earlier than planned. Later we found out that this woman had scored really high on ‘ego’ in a recent personality assessment test given at her place of work. She was offensive, hard to work with, very opinionated, stubborn, and she got furious at the people giving this test. She even thought it was her associates’ plot to ‘get her’ because she had such difficulties working with people, so she ended up voiding the contract of the consultant who had dared to reveal the excesses of her ego. When I innocently mentioned the ego’s relation to the work of the Biocybernaut training, this reactivated that emotionally charged incident for this woman. Hence, she became filled with ego, was very angry, and refused to talk about it further or participate in the training. I’ve seen the same thing happen with people that have various addictions. The addiction is often in alliance with ego because the addiction keeps the higher self suppressed. Addictions suppress both alpha and access to your higher self. So the addiction becomes an ally of the ego in undermining a person’s ability to grow and develop their consciousness.

Biocybernaut alpha trainee:

This is the same reason behind the opposition of the ego to someone doing the forgiveness work. If the Biocybernaut alpha trainee has negative emotions stashed throughout their unconscious mind, these become convenient tools for ego to use in controlling that person. If the person’s mind happens to approach a mind state that could lead to spiritual growth or transcendence, the ego becomes alarmed that this might diminish its control. So the ego pushes the anger button or the fear button or the sadness button, and that negative emotion floods into the person’s awareness and this usually distracts the person from the spiritual growth they were about to accomplish. Thus the ego depends upon a stash or a cache of negative emotions for controlling the person by distraction. If the person, the alpha trainee, were to use effective forgiveness to eliminate these stashes or caches of negative emotions, the ego would lose one of its most effective means of controlling the person. Therefore egos typically will oppose any forgiveness work. And if the person persists and actually accomplishes some forgiveness work, then the ego will try to make the person forget those good accomplishments in order to lessen the chances of further forgiveness work along those effective lines. Here is where the Biocybernaut trainer plays an essential role in the process. First the trainer repeatedly encourages the trainee to do the forgiveness work. Second the trainer draws out of the trainee all the, often forgotten, details of the forgiveness work, and third, the trainer repeatedly reminds the trainee of the great work they did with forgiveness and encourages the trainee to do more forgiveness work and deeper forgiveness work. The negative emotions surrounding events that have not been forgiven are almost like fuel for the ego, and they certainly are effective tools of the ego. Let’s say you are working on raising your alpha and you discover some hidden anger related to an incident. You naturally want to forgive that incident to diminish the anger that is blocking your access to higher alpha states. But your ego has a very different agenda. Ego wants to be able to make you angry, sad or afraid by pushing those buttons in you whenever your ego wants to control you. But if you have done effective forgiveness work and gotten rid of the anger and the sadness, and if you have done your worst-case scenarios with alpha flooding to eliminate your fears, then ego’s control of you will be profoundly diminished. Your true self grows in inverse proportion to the growth of egoism.

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