8.2 Your Ego is Not You

Who are you, anyway? Because we have such a difficult time uncovering the authentic self, we often identify with the ego-mind or the inauthentic self. Here are some red flags that tell us when the ego-mind is in charge.

Too often your authentic self is overshadowed by the ego-mind, the inauthentic self. As author Roy Masters explains, ‘The real identity of each of us exists as a potential not yet realized, buried somewhere within us, but prevented from expressing itself and unfolding . . . your soul is under a prison of conditioning.’ As you begin to awaken into awareness of your authentic self, the ego will seek to oppose this process in every way it can, because the ego becomes diminished as this awakening happens. Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, ‘The true self grows in inverse proportion to the growth of egoism.’ One of the valuable and important processes of the seven-day Biocybernaut Alpha One training is the coaching that we give trainees using the computerized Mood Scales. This coaching and their work with the computerized Mood Scales lead to an exceedingly important result: They are able to discover more of who they really are, and they begin to learn how to control their ego-mind. And without fail whenever anyone moves in the direction of learning to control their ego, the ego rises up in rebellion one way or another and seeks to sabotage their work in the brain wave training processes! This topic will be discussed in greater depth shortly. So how do you know you are in touch with your authentic self? The following characteristics are more prevalent.

The authentic self:

8.2 Your Ego is Not You — Biocybernaut
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