3.8 Migraine Headaches

In 1983, we began a special program for migraine sufferers, where we did a 10-day training. We worked with only that subset of migraineurs who had very long-lasting, debilitating migraines. In this work, we learned something exciting: everyone had actually learned how to bring on the migraines themselves. Now I’m not saying this is the case with all migraines, but with this special small super-severe subgroup of migraines, there was a different etiology. It turns out that migraines have rigorous parents, as a rule. The parents of migraines are also typically perfectionists. In addition to being strict, they demanded their children’s very best behavior and were severely intolerant of any childhood disruptive behavior. Well, into this tense family environment, there was injected a powerfully disruptive force. We found in this group of very severe migraines that in a critical period between six and eight years of age, these children began having what we later realized to be kundalini events.


Kundalini usually happens only in the most advanced long-term meditators. It is a powerful energy that surges up the spine, awakening each of the chakras into superconscious awareness. It feels like a freight train of energy erupting, and it comes pouring up your spine using all the energy in the universe, and as it comes up, it awakens each one of the chakras into full super-consciousness. If there is any sense of personal identity left, it gets pushed to the extreme outer edge of this torrent of energy. Maybe there is a thin veneer of self pushed to the outer edges,
screaming to hang on to the limited self, as this huge energy flow rushes through.

Sometimes, rarely, Kundalini awakening happens spontaneously to 6 or 8-year old children. They literally bounce around the room like a basketball exhibiting
uncontrolled behavior and being quite unable to sit still and be the perfect little angels that migraine-generating parents require. These sudden bursts of physically intense and behaviorally disruptive activity totally upset the strict perfectionist parents who immediately severely punish the child and even, as the behavior continues, withdraw love from their child. Either of these by itself (punishment or withdrawal of love) is terrible for a child, and the combination is catastrophic. So the children had to find a way to stop their suddenly disruptive behavior caused by this awakening spiritual energy. If these kids had been in India, they would have been taken to the local ashram, revered as saints, and trained in using this energy to benefit humanity. They would have been spiritually trained and maybe even revered as a living incarnation of God-energy. Here in the USA, however, the parents frequently don’t know about such things, and instead of awe and reverence for the gifts their child is manifesting, the American parents can be punishing and withdraw love. The only thing the children could do to shut off this incredible flood of energy was to bring on a migraine.

So they learned to do it as children, and then they couldn’t do it, and it just got worse as they got older. We found this history in each one of these super-intense migraine sufferers that we ran in this period from 1983 to about 1988 for this special migraine program. The program was seven days of regular Alpha training, three days off, then three more days of alpha neurofeedback training. We also provided 30-40 minutes of temperature or muscle biofeedback for these people at the start of each training day.

It was a powerfully effective healing method for all of the severe migraine sufferers except in one instance, which ended up providing a powerful learning experience. The process initially worked well for this person, a woman who was a former beauty queen from the Southern California coastal area. However, she now had skin cancer and was no longer very pretty to look at. Her husband had taken to having affairs in the house with other women lovers when she was lying there in her bedroom, unable to move for seven days at a stretch, lost in the pain of her migraines. Her husband came along to the training program to support her (or so he said), but this was not something he wanted when her migraines went away. When she finished the training and went home, she was no longer having these debilitating migraines, so his girlfriends couldn’t come over anymore. He started to undermine her, causing her stress and pushing her most vulnerable buttons to cause her to succumb to migraines again so he could again have sex with his girlfriends in the comfort of his home. So this supposedly supportive husband pushed all the buttons he knew of and so stressed and undermined his wife that she reverted to having migraines again, and he was able to continue with his affairs at home. We found out about this through friends of the family. That was the one failure of our migraine clinic. All the other migraines were able to appreciate the spiritual gifts they had been given through the kundalini awakening and control their physiology well enough so that they would no longer have migraines. They did have to be wise and careful: no red wine, no more of certain cheeses, and no getting badly chilled. If they observed these precautions, they could be completely free of migraines using their abilities to enhance their alpha brain waves.

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