7.3 True Forgiveness Requires an Alpha High

People often tell me, well, I’ve already done the forgiveness work. This is not a new concept. Many people have written about the importance of forgiveness in spiritual growth and psychological health. But if you haven’t done it in a high alpha state, you haven’t completely erased the emotional charge from the situation. Our process creates a cybernetic feedback loop: Increased alpha helps the forgiveness process, and forgiveness helps increase alpha . . . so it spirals up and up, and you feel more and more saintly.

When a person has a traumatic event in their life, this creates dysfunctional thought patterns, or samskaras, as discussed in Chapter 3. Once these events can be brought into awareness by the computerized mood scale program, these events can become forgiveness targets for work in the chamber. Most of these dysfunctional coping patterns were formed in a state of anxiety, fear, anger, stress, or sadness. Especially fear.


To help people ascend into joy, we show them a scale of emotions that goes like this:

Joy, of course, is at the top where we all want to be. But if we are not there, it could be that we are sad or depressed. But what this emotional hierarchy teaches us is that when we are actually in touch with feeling sadness, there is unacknowledged and unexpressed anger. On the other hand, when someone is raging, obviously filled with anger, this emotional hierarchy teaches us that they are terrified. The underlying emotion is fear. And when a Biocybernaut trainee gets in touch with what they are terrified of, I tell them they are fortunate. First of all, because they are just one step below joy, but also because if they explore, in the safety of the chamber, directly into the face of their fears, this is always their fastest growth path!

And if someone is lost into apathy, we know they have been sad and depressed for so long that their system has just broken down, and they have given up. It is easier to get to joy from fear or anger or sadness than from apathy.

In each case of a σ item on the mood scale, identifying the fear that was at the root of the event is very important. Those dysfunctional patterns, the samskaras, were formed in a state that is characterized mostly by beta. So not clearing out those cobwebs with effective forgiveness keeps you in more of that state in your brain. When you go into a Biocybernaut chamber and you’re training yourself to produce more alpha, and you bring those traumatic events forward to deal with them, you can forgive them and you can even rescript them. You can rescript them at a higher state of alpha, replacing a beta state. You’re rescripting them at a level of love, compassion, and forgiveness, not at a level of anxiety, anger or fear. In some ways the brain does not know the difference between actual and imagined events, so what we are doing with this process is giving people an opportunity to rescript their lives. Or at least get a start in rescripting their lives. In this way when their mind reaches down to the historical events to come up with a context and a precedent to give guidance in how to feel at this moment, if that context is a happy precedent, the person is much more likely to interpret the present moment’s events in a happy way. All of this goes on all the time automatically and very rapidly, so installing some happier referential data goes a long way toward increasing your ability to be happy in every moment. At the same time, we train people to bring their brain into a natural state of higher alpha, which continues after the training, and it has lasting power to continue to change their lives for the better.

7.3 True Forgiveness Requires an Alpha High — Biocybernaut
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