The Biocybernaut Process

You can learn to control any process in your mind, your brain or your body when you are given immediate and accurate feedback about that process.


The Biocybernaut Process™

You will have the opportunity to attain and then to live in the same brain wave states as advanced meditators and peak performers in sports and business.  These are flow states sometimes known as “The Zone.”  In your Biocybernaut brain wave training, you will use state-of-the-art 8-Channel EEG Neurofeedback technology systems and you will receive coaching and instructions from Certified Biocybernaut Trainers.  The unique 7-Day Biocybernaut brain training programs will teach you the kind of self-control over your own states of consciousness and awareness that many people dream of, but few ever achieve.  The meditative methods of training toward these states are arduous and often require decades of highly disciplined practice.  But we know that technology speeds things up, and when you use the Biocybernaut technology and training methods, you can make 21-40 years of progress in just one week.


Neurofeedback training


When you come to Biocybernaut to train your brain, you will receive accurate feedback on your brain activity and this will give you instant awareness of what is happening in your brain moment by moment.  Your Biocybernaut brain wave feedback will enable you to refine your techniques until you reach Self-Mastery.  Feedback is the secret that allowed you to master complex physical movements as your grew up from infancy and going from crawling to walking to running through “trial and error” (trial and feedback) when you were an infant and growing up into an adult.  The incredible thing about feedback is that your brain is accustomed to receiving constant feedback from every part of your body except for your brain itself!  So while your brain uses feedback from your body to develop mastery of movement and motion, your brain has no feedback about itself and what it is doing.  Thus brain wave feedback is an obvious and very important missing link in your brain’s skill set.  Biocybernaut fills in that missing link so your brain can now develop Mastery about itself and its skills and abilities.

By introducing feedback from your brain to your brain, Neurofeedback makes even the most subtle changes in mind state immediately obvious to anyone, even to people who would normally be completely unaware of their internal mental processes.  Business people know that you cannot manage what you cannot measure, so developing mastery of your own mind requires that you be able to measure what is going on in your brain and mind, and then through feedback of the information that was measured, you go on to developing mastery of everything in your now expanded awareness.



Brain Waves

The brain is a bio- electrico- magneto- chemical organ and the biochemical activity within and between neurons produces tiny, but detectable electrical waves, often measuring just a few millionths of a volt.  Some types of brain electrical activity arise in response to sensory inputs.  These are call Evoked Potentials and they fade away quickly after any stimulus.  The focus of the Biocybernaut technology is not Evoked Potentials, but rather the continuous EEG that runs even in the absence of sensory stimulation reaching the brain.  These waves are called brain waves or EEG, which stands for Electro-Encephalo-Graph.  Brain wave measurements of the EEG provide information on the instantaneous and ongoing states of an individual’s brain.

Brain waves are given names based on their electrical frequency of oscillation.  Brain wave frequencies in cycles per second (called Hertz) range from below 1 Hertz to 100+ Hertz.  The following list of the different brain waves is in order of electrical frequency from lowest to highest:  Delta (0-4 Hertz), Theta (4-7 Hertz), Schumann (7-8 Hertz) , Alpha (8-13 Hertz), Beta (13-25 Hertz) and Gamma waves (25-100 Hertz).

Each brain wave has distinct sub-frequencies that are also defined based on their frequency.  The sub-frequencies are also all indicative of distinct brains states.

In addition to electrical frequency, EEG machines also measure electrical amplitudes.  Electrical amplitude is indicative of the power in a brain wave activity.  Brain wave feedback training, also called neurofeedback training, teaches individuals to reduce or increase their brain wave amplitudes at particular frequencies that are associated with useful and beneficial results.


Alpha Brain Waves

Hans Berger discovered Alpha brain waves in 1908 using a very primitive amplifier of his own design. This was the first EEG machine.  Naturally with this weak early amplifier he was only able to detect the biggest amplitude brain waves.  He called them Alpha waves because they were the first brain waves ever detected, hence named after the first letter in the Greek alphabet – Alpha. They are not the fastest nor the slowest frequency, but they are usually the biggest amplitude waves, and so they were the first to be found.

Alpha brain waves have electrical frequencies between 8-13 Hertz.  They are generated by pacemaker cells in the Thalamus (a structure of cortical material that is deep within the brain).  These pacemaker cells run 24 hours a day whether the person is asleep or awake.  The pacemaker signals reach the cortex by traveling along thalamo-cortical fibers.  The cortex varies in it’s ability to respond to this subtle “voice from within” depending on state of arousal of the organism and many other factors.  Alpha brain waves are more abundant in a wakeful state that is characterized by a relaxed and effortless alertness.  More abundant Alpha could mean more frequent Alpha spindles and /or bigger Alpha spindles.  A spindle is a group of Alpha waves traveling together through time.  Birds come in flocks; lions come in prides; and Alpha waves come in spindles.  Alpha states have been described variously as feelings of flying, floating, light, lightness, vast space, peace, and tranquility.  Alpha brain waves are not always present at the cortical surface of the brain, even though the pacemaker cells deep within the brain run continuously, subtly urging the cortex to “…be in alpha”.  For example, if someone is in deep sleep there are almost no Alpha brain waves.  Alpha waves are also reduced in anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, depression.

Alpha brain waves are essential for creativity.  Scientists have shown that highly creative people have different brain waves from normal, non-creative people.  In order to have a creative inspiration your brain needs to be able to generate a big burst of Alpha brain waves.  The brains of creative people can generate these big Alpha brain wave bursts, and they can do so when they are faced with problems to solve.  Normal, non-creative people do not produce big Alpha brain wave increases when they are faced with problems, and so they cannot come up with creative ideas and solutions.  Any time that you have an insight or an inspiration, you know that your brain just produced more Alpha waves than usual.  Increased creativity is helpful for everyone.  Almost the only way to increase your creativity is to increase your Alpha brain waves.

Peak performance is another activity for which Alpha brain waves are helpful.  Recently, sports scientists have shown that increases of Alpha brain waves precede every example of peak performance in every sport where this was tested.  One key difference between novice and elite athletes is in their brain waves.  Just before an instance of peak performances, elite basketball players, golfers, and marksmen (archers, riflemen, pistol shooters) will produce a burst of Alpha brain waves.  Novice and intermediate athletes do not produce these Alpha bursts, and their performance suffers as a result.  However, one study of student archers training over 16 weeks, showed that as they improved their archery performance, there was also an increase in the amount of Alpha bursts which occurred just before their best shots. The Alpha brain waves seem to be essential for peak performance and were seen to increase as the archery training produced better archers.  If the archery training were to include Alpha brain wave feedback training, this would give the archery students even faster access to the higher Alpha states needed for peak performance.

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