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Dr. James V. Hardt

How To Become Smarter, More Creative And More Satisfied With Alpha Training - Flowgrade Show 99 With Dr. James Hardt

In this episode of the Flowgrade Show, you'll learn how alpha training can help you deal with your trauma while becoming more creative and emotionally intelligent."Your ability to produce alpha waves is directly related to your satisfaction, your creativity and your emotional intelligence. You will probably find out more about yourself in the next few days than in the past 7 years." Dr. James Hardt smiles mischievously when he tells me about the many advantages of his Alpha 1 training at the Biocybernaut training center in Allgäu that I should expect over the next 7 days.For a week, I would spend about 12 hours a day dealing with myself and my brain waves. I have to admit that I felt a bit uncomfortable at first. I had just arrived in Ehrhafts, the small town in the Allgäu right next to Isny, where the training center is located in a converted old barn.

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Biocybernaut – Change your Brainwaves. Change your Life!

Caffeine, alcohol, garlic and onions off the menu. They affect your brainwaves apparently. No mobile phones or watches allowed during the training period. The Biocybernaut Institute experience takes you out of time because, according to Ram Dass, if you want to live high you have to live outside of time.

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Neurofeedback and the Transformation of Consciousness: An Interview with Biocybernaut’s James Hardt

he Biocybernaut Institute offers perhaps the world's most elite and exclusive neurofeedback training. According to their website, a one-week intensive can boost IQ and creativity, create beneficial personality changes, and “expand your awareness more than 20 years of zen meditation.” The cost? $15,000 or more.


Brainwave Rebirth – The Fascinating Process of Biofeedback and How We Can Literally Change Who We Are

Dr. James V. Hardt shares his personal experiences with biofeedback and brainwave work in general, and the incredible documented results that biocybernaut training can deliver for improved health and wellness.

Dr. James V. Hardt

Change Your Brainwaves, Change Your Life With Dr. James V. Hardt

A fascinating conversation on increasing emotional intelligence, elevating consciousness, training 21 to 40-years of meditation in 7 days, the Akashic Records, and much more. Dr. James V. Hardt is the Founder of The Biocybernaut Institute and an expert in training with biofeedback. He has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins and other high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness for over 40-years.

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Unlimited Potential with Brain Wave Optimization – Featuring Dr. James V. Hardt

How would you like to access all of your brain s innate capacity to learn, invent, create and solve problems? Would it improve your life if you could think more clearly, access your intuition, reduce stress and anxiety, and prevent your brain from aging? We’ve all heard that we use only a tiny percentage of our brains natural capacity. If you’ve ever wondered why, today’s second interview with Dr. James V. Hardt will offer insights into this and several other topics.

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Transcendent Awareness Through Alpha EEG Feedback Training

The following story is to give the reader a personal experience of how alpha feedback works. The physiological processes of alpha brain waves are strongly coupled to our experience of conscious awareness. Alpha waves reflect even very subtle shifts in awareness or consciousness. This story will help to share with the reader some of the insights into consciousness which flow from doing alpha feedback. As you read it, try to note the development of the perspective of the “Witness” and to imagine how such a perspective could be useful to someone who knew in advance what would be happening to him or to her.

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Biocybernaut Alpha Brain Wave Training with Dr. James V. Hardt

Dr. Hardt has devoted his life to the study of the electrophysiological basis of advanced spiritual states. He has traveled the globe in pursuit of his research, and to India especially to study advanced Yogis, with his technology. From Zen masters to Christian prayer, Dr. Hardt has continued his relentless pursuit of advanced brainwave and meditation connections that allow people to become the best form of themselves.

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Dr James Hardt - Founder Biocybernaut Institute

Dr. James V. Hardt is a celebrated research scientist and founder of The Biocybernaut Institute and an expert in training with biofeedback. He has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins and other high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness for over 40-years. Biocybernaut offers unique Brain training programs available Sedona, Arizona and Bavaria, Germany.

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The Answer to Anxiety

Change Your Brainwaves, Change Your Life

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