4.13 Taking Advanced Training Programs

There are three tracks of advanced Biocybernaut training programs, and they often converge and overlap.

4.13.1 Track One: Alpha Training at Biocybernaut

Some people concentrate on the alpha track, and in the Alpha Two training, they receive double the number of EEG feedback channels compared to the Alpha One Training. In Alpha One, there are 6 channels of information that are continuously fed back to the trainees. These are heard as flutes and oboes and deep rich organ music. There are also 6 numerical scores on-screen during the brief periods of score display at the end of every 2-minute feedback epoch. There are twice as many feedback channels in Alpha Two- a full 12 channels of EEG feedback. The additional 6 channels are heard as violins, saxophones, and a synthesizer voice called Mystic Choir: With this fuller set of feedback information about many more locations on their heads, the Alpha Two trainees expand their awareness of their whole brain activity. With higher scores indicated by deep Indigo colored numbers and any new High Scores for the day reflected in brilliant Green colored numbers, the Alpha Two trainees can see waves of color washing across their left brains or their right brains depending on which hemisphere surges into the lead in alpha production.

Sometimes just the front or the back of the headlights up, and the Alpha Two trainees can see this in their scores. They can begin to feel it insides their heads as the whole head feedback of the Alpha Two begins to awaken their internal awareness of their EEG alpha activity. Sometimes, when the two hemispheres cooperate and work together in producing alpha, the central column of Hemicoherence scores lights up Indigo or brilliant Green. In those magical moments of highest alpha, the whole head lights up in alpha, and all 12 scores turn brilliant Green. Some trainees characterize the Alpha One feedback as learning to fly your own plane, and then they describe the Alpha Two as having command of your own F-16 superplane.

The Alpha Three focuses primarily on integrating the alpha activity of your left and right hemispheres so that you can more easily be ‘of one mind’ about everything in your life. It is challenging to talk about the Alpha Three in any meaningful way with someone who has not done the Alpha One and the Alpha Two. In the same way, it would be difficult to talk about calculus with someone who had not learned arithmetic and algebra.

4.13.2 Track Two: Theta Training at Biocybernaut

Alpha One is a pre-requisite for doing any advanced pieces of training at Biocybernaut. Learning the 9 levels of the Theta brain wave training can be started any time after learning the Alpha One training program. However, there are several reasons why someone might want to complete some of the higher levels of the Alpha Track of training before starting the Theta Track of brain wave training:

If there are strong patterns of Theta brain waves in the EEG record at any point in training, including immediately after the Alpha One training, it is easier to go into the deeper states that characterize the Theta brain wave training. In Theta, you gain access to the Akashic Records and all the knowledge stored there, and you can also make bigger changes in your personality and behavior patterns.

If people have addictive behaviors, such as drugs, sex, or gambling, they can reprogram themselves most effectively in a deep theta state. Also, Theta gives the person access to archetypes and powerful and often brilliantly colorful imagery from their deep unconscious.

The Theta track of brain wave training at Biocybernaut follows the patterns of EEG channels given as feedback in the alpha track, with the big change that the feedback comes from 6 or 12 channels of Theta brain waves instead of 6 or 12 channels of alpha brain waves.

4.13.3 Track Three: Delta Training at Biocybernaut

Delta trainings are by invitation only, and are for people who have demonstrated a profound degree of ethical cleansing with deep forgiveness work and an opening of their hearts to love so that they now want to be, and are able to be, kind to themselves and others. Delta trainings are for the pure of heart and mind who want to be of great service to humanity by using advanced powers of the mind to alter events and things (but never other people).

4.13 Taking Advanced Training Programs — Biocybernaut
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