2.5 The Biocybernaut Institute and the Biocybernaut Process

The central purpose of my life’s work has been. It continues to be creating technologies and methodologies for the increase of awareness and attaining mastery in every area of human endeavors, which require expanded awareness and improved skills and abilities. I am keenly interested in assisting people who wish to develop their talents and gifts and discover, refining, and transmitting the knowledge of how best to do this.

Over the course of my research career, I have been affiliated with universities, have obtained public and private research grant funding, and have published numerous
scientific papers. In 1976, on America’s bi-centennial (July 4, 1976), I founded the Biocyber- nautic Institute, later re-organized in 1983 and now known as the Biocybernaut Institute. The proprietary process we have developed uses patented technology and training protocols that cannot easily be replicated.

Biocybernaut Process™will be used from now on when I am talking about my specific protocol of brain wave neurofeedback training. There is nothing else like this in existence, and at the time of publication, the only place you can experience it is at our institutes worldwide.

EEG feedback:

Two of the themes that I have found most intriguing over the years have been (1) The relationship between meditation on one hand and alpha and other types of EEG feedback training on the other hand, and (2) How EEG feedback training could be used to accelerate and enhance the development of gifts of the mind.

These gifts are our birthright, yet they are suppressed by what I call the hurricane effect of beta and the dangerous dominance of the rational mind over our lives and our culture, which I will explain in the next chapter, ‘Calming the Hurricane in Your Brain.’

2.5 The Biocybernaut Institute and the Biocybernaut Process — BI
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