Welcome to Training in Bavaria, Germany

Welcome To Training in Bavaria, Germany


Nearest Airports

  • Munich Int. (MUC)
    3 Hours by Train , 2 Hours by Rental Car

  • Zürich Int. (ZRH)
    3.5 Hours by Train, 2 Hours by Rental Car

  • Memmingen (FMM)
    1.5 Hours by Train, 50 min by Rental Car (operated by Ryan Air and Others , Connections to many Destinations in Europe )

You must identify yourself as a Business Traveller.


Please note that masks will be required while in the Biocyernaut center and all trainees are expected to follow COVID guidelines of social distancing (1.5m inside) and handwashing.


Here is a link to travel to Germany you may already be familiar with, however I am including it so that you can plan accordingly.





Transportation Options

Our training center is located nearby the Lake Constance not far from the borders of Switzerland and Austria. With the car for example you will need about 2,5 hours from Zurich to drive to us. There is also the possibility to take the train (we will certainly pick you up and bring you there), but depending where you like to have accommodation a car would be necessary to come to the center in the morning and go back in the evening.

  • From Munich and Memmingen, there is an offer “Bavaria Ticket“ – this allows to go 24 Hours in Bavaria with normal trains for 25 € (Rate in the Moment)
  • Kempten / Allgäu or Röthenbach / Allgäu are the closest Train-Stations

Car Rentals: 

  • Taxi is available at every Airport, and on the Train stations – Kempten and Memmingen
  • For Röthenbach / Allgäu and local drives there is a Taxi Service in ISNY/Allgäu — Tel: 0049 (0) 7562 56200 (English available). This Service also offers shuttle with Limousines and Vans for groups from the Airports.

Important Things to Know

  • The following foods reduce your Alpha Brainwaves and we recommend you abstain from them for at least a week before your training.
  • Learn about good fats to eat here.
  • The chambers can get cold, we suggest you bring a zip-up  jacket that can be layered for your trainings, the center is meant to feel like home so get comfortable and make yourself at home.
  • We understand it is not always possible, however in the weeks prior to the start of your training, begin to focus on getting rest, if possible. If rest is an issue for you like it is for many, Alpha training often has improved individuals sleep habits.
  • We also recommend that it would be an advantage to arrive in Bavaria at the latest, the evening prior to the training starting and we do recommend to plan to stay an additional night after the end of the training. Brain training can be tiring. Give yourself space to rest and rejuvenate and integrate your new learnings!
  • Please arrive at 9am on the first day of your training. The end of every day depends on how many trainees take part at this training and you length of chamber work each day. Nutritional light snacks and a evening meal is provided by Biocybernaut. Please advise of any food requirements or allergies.
  • Please plan for between 10 to 14 hours per day to dedicate to training.
  • Access to cellular telephones and time pieces is limited during training hours. Please prepare accordingly to ensure uninterrupted training.

Confidential Information Form - Please complete and return as soon as possible.

The information shared here will be kept confidential and intended for your assigned Trainer to review and begin preparing for your personalised training experience with Biocybernaut. We request that you complete and return this form as soon as possible. If you have any questions or would like to share any additional medical information please contact us.
There are three options for completing this form:
1. Read this information and fill out the form on your computer, save it, and email it to kate@biocybernaut.com 
2. Print and complete the form, fill it out with pen, scan or take a picture of it and then return via email to: kate@biocybernaut.com
3. You can print the form, complete and bring with you on your first day of training.

We love seeing your Biocybernaut experience from your eyes! Please feel free to share your experience via social media, podcasts, blog posts, videos, and more!We ask that if you do this, please tag or mention us and send us a link so we can both give you some love and promote on our end as well!

Have more questions? Contact Kate directly at Kate@biocybernaut.com

Looking for ways to Amplify Your Alpha?

Download our exclusive guide, 7 Ways To Increase Your Alpha! Learn what to avoid and what to embrace in your pursuit of changing your brainwaves to change your life.

Moodscale testing & review

One of the tests trainees participate in during training. The scale can yield measures of different moods that the trainee might not be aware of.

Neurofeedback Training Raw EEG & Integrated Amplitude

Close review with Trainer of the trainees recorded brainwaves.

Available Hemi Coherence Channel Triples

Hemi Coherence is the review of how coherent, balanced and integrated the different parts of the brain are.

Available Hemi Coherence Channel Pairs

Hemi Coherence is the review of how coherent, balanced and integrated the different parts of the brain are.

Channels Provided in Theta

These are the channels that are progressively added and monitored throughout your selected training program.

Channels Provided in Alpha Feedback

These are the channels that are progressively added and monitored throughout your selected training program.

Channels of EEG Information

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that detects electrical activity in your brain using small, metal discs (electrodes) attached to your scalp. Your brain cells communicate via electrical impulses and are active all the time, even when you’re asleep. This activity shows up as wavy lines on an EEG recording.

Deluxe Premium Double 7 day with Dr. Hardt

Premium Double trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $79,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Double Training package.

Deluxe Premium 7 day Training with Dr. Hardt

Premium trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $49,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Training package.

Premium Double 7 day Training

The 7-Day Premium Double training provides double the amount of Neurofeedback training time as the 7-Day Premium Training. The 7-Day Premium Alpha One Training has been scientifically proven to deliver significant beneficial results including continued improvement after the Training. The 7-Day Premium Double is an intense experience that enhances the experience of the Trainees and maximizes the results. In addition to providing double the Neurofeedback training time as the Premium 7-Day training, the Premium Double offers a gradual increase in the number of EEG head sites that the Trainee is given Neurofeedback. So the Premium Double gives double the amount of time in the feedback chamber and it works up to double the number of head sites at which the trainee is given feedback.

Premium 7 day Training

The Biocybernaut Premium is the 7-day training program that is the core Biocybernaut offering and with which all of our scientific papers have been produced. The 7-Day Alpha One Training is scientifically proven in peer-reviewed scientific publications, to deliver significant beneficial results to the Trainee, including the Trainee’s continued improvement after leaving the Training.

5 Day Intensive

This Training is based on the Premium Double 7-Day Training. It is for those people who cannot find the time to get away for the full 7-Day Training. The Trainee will experience neurofeedback training twice a day and will have an incremental increase on the head sites they will receive feedback.