Welcome To Training in Bavaria, Germany


Please fill out and return the Confidential Information Form - if you do not return this you cannot attend the training.

The information shared here will be kept confidential and intended for your assigned Trainer to review and begin preparing for your personalized training experience with Biocybernaut. We request that you complete and return this form as soon as possible. If you can, please bring a printed version of your form in person with you on your first day. If you have any questions or would like to share any additional medical information please contact us.
There are two options for completing this form:
1. Read this information and fill out the form on your computer, save it, and email it to g.stevens@biocybernaut.com
2. Print and complete the form, fill it out with pen, scan or take a picture of it and then return via email to: g.stevens@biocybernaut.com

Please bring a hard copy of the form with you on your first day of training. 

                                                                                       The #2 item that we require – TRAINING AGREEMENT

This document will be sent to you 24 to 72 hours prior to the training starting. This document can be digitally signed. If for whatever reason you cannot sign it, we will have a copy waiting for you at the centre on the first day.

                                            The #3 item that we suggest you bring for training – if at all possible – is a picture of yourself as a child.


Nearest Airports

  • Munich Int. (MUC)
    3 Hours by Train , 2 Hours by Rental Car

  • Zürich Int. (ZRH)
    3.5 Hours by Train, 2 Hours by Rental Car

  • Memmingen (FMM)
    1.5 Hours by Train, 50 min by Rental Car (operated by Ryan Air and Others , Connections to many Destinations in Europe )


Travel logistics during this time to Bavaria are the responsibility of the trainee. We encourage each trainee to be familiar with travel requirements to and from their respective country to Bavaria.
Please contact your hotel/accommodations directly about COVID protocols and requirements concerning testing.




Transportation Options

Our training center is located nearby the Lake Constance not far from the borders of Switzerland and Austria. With the car for example you will need about 2,5 hours from Zurich to drive to us. There is also the possibility to take the train, but depending where you like to have accommodation a car would be necessary to come to the center in the morning and go back in the evening.

The address for the training centre is:  
Ehrhafts 4, 88167 Maierhöfen im Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany, Europe

  • From Munich and Memmingen, there is an offer “Bavaria Ticket“ – this allows to go 24 Hours in Bavaria with normal trains for 25 € (Rate in the Moment)
  • Kempten / Allgäu or Röthenbach / Allgäu are the closest Train-Stations

Car Rentals: 

  • Car Rental Options from Munich Airport
  • Taxi is available at every Airport, and on the Train stations – Kempten and Memmingen
  • For Röthenbach / Allgäu and local drives there is a Taxi Service in ISNY/Allgäu — Tel: 0049 (0) 7562 56200 (English available). This Service also offers shuttle with Limousines and Vans for groups from the Airports.

Photos of The Training Center

Photos of The Training Center #1
Photos of The Training Center #2

Important Things to Know

  • The following foods reduce your Alpha Brainwaves and we recommend you abstain from them for at least a week before your training.
  • Learn about good fats to eat here.
  • The chambers can get cold, we suggest you bring a zip-up  jacket that can be layered for your trainings, the center is meant to feel like home so get comfortable and make yourself at home.
  • We understand it is not always possible, however in the weeks prior to the start of your training, begin to focus on getting rest, if possible. If rest is an issue for you like it is for many, Alpha training often has improved individuals sleep habits.
  • We also recommend that it would be an advantage to arrive in Bavaria at the latest, the evening prior to the training starting and we do recommend to plan to stay an additional night after the end of the training. Brain training can be tiring. Give yourself space to rest and rejuvenate and integrate your new learnings!
  • Please arrive at 9am on the first day of your training. Breakfast will not be provided, so you will want to make sure you have a hearty meal before attending. The end of every day depends on how many trainees take part at this training and which training you are participating in. Nutritional light snacks and a evening meal is provided by Biocybernaut. Please advise of any food requirements or allergies.
  • Please plan for between 10 to 14 hours per day to dedicate to training.
  • Being outside of time is a significant part of the process so access to cellular telephones and time pieces is limited during training hours. Please prepare accordingly to ensure uninterrupted training.
  • Please be reminded that Interpreters, if required are the responsibility and expense of the trainee. Please advise if you will be requiring an interpreter to attend the training with you. Our Trainers deliver the training in English. Please see the FAQs for more information.
  • Electrodes will be applied to your head each day with a gentle, water soluble, sticky paste. Please be prepared to wash your hair each evening.
  • Please find additional Pretraining information and a summary of the above here.

Please note the training is delivered in English and if you require a translator, the cost responsibility and arrangements of the translator is the responsibility of the trainee. Due to the sensitive nature of our training we require the trainee to locate their own translator, we do not make specific recommendations. 

If you are having issues locating a translator, our Polish representative may be able to assist. Please contact Agnieszka directly stating your preferred dates of training and language. Agnieszkas direct email address is: agnieszka@agnieszkajurko.pl

The trainee should be comfortable with their choice of translator.

We love seeing your Biocybernaut experience from your eyes! Please feel free to share your experience via social media, podcasts, blog posts, videos, and more!We ask that if you do this, please tag or mention us and send us a link so we can both give you some love and promote on our end as well!

Have more questions? 

Kate is available via telephone or WHATSAPP TEXT: Canada – 855 798-3814 or by email: g.stevens@biocybernaut.com

 If you are having issues locating the center, you may contact Miguel E. His cellular contact is:  +49 0160 375 4950

The address for the centre is:

Biocybernaut Institut Deutschland, GmbH,
Ehrhafts 4, 88167 Maierhöfen im Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany, Europe