Theta Brain Wave Training at Biocybernaut: A Gateway to Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is a highly prized state of consciousness awakening.  The Buddha is often depicted wearing a crown of flower petals.  This is described as the “Thousand Petalled Lotus”, which is a visual way to suggest a bit of what happens when the Kundalini energy ascends (rushes up) the spine, awakening each Chakra into Super Conscious Awareness, and then finally reaching the crown Chakra [7th Chakra] and lighting up the whole brain, metaphorically, the illumination depicted as the 1,000 petalled lotus.  Dr. Hardt has interviewed over 150 Kundalini Yoga teachers, none of whom had ever had a Kundalini awakening.  So Kundalini, while highly prized as a Powerful Experience in Consciousness, is rare and is not that easily evoked or awakened.  Kundalini Yoga has exercises and practices, which may increase the probability of a Kundalini, but these do not guarantee and do not even reasonably often awaken the Kundalini.

Dr. Hardt had his first Kundalini awakening during a Theta training.  He was leading a 3-person Theta training at MindCenter in Palo Alto, CA.  This is a company that he co-founded with Foster Gamble in 1984.  MindCenter leased the Biocybernaut neurofeedback technology for its neurofeedback trainings.  Dr. Hardt was there at MindCenter leading a 3-person Theta training in 1990, and there was one empty chamber, so, during the lengthy Theta Enhancement Phase of the sessions, Dr. Hardt would get on electrodes and lie in the Theta chair of Chamber 4 and do Theta feedback at the same time the 3 trainees were doing their Theta Enhancement.

On Day 7 of this training, Dr. Hardt had an explosion of massive energy power its way up his spine.  Everything that was Dr. Hardt – name, personality, hopes, dreams, imaginations, relationships – everything was pushed to the extreme outer limits of the “fire-hose” of energy that surged up his spine.  

Fortunately, an alert technician in the control room saw something astonishing happening on the paper and ink-writing polygraph and quickly flipped the speed of the paper polygraph from its normal 10 mm/sec speed to its maximum speed of 60 mm/sec.  This enabled the capture of a most remarkable EEG, that was “IMPOSSIBLE” from the perspective of western neurological understanding of the brain.  

Massive Delta waves were recorded at 1.25 Hz and, while the mechanical stops on the ink-writing recording pens prevented the sapphire-tipped ink pens from damagingly large excursions, it was possible to use a French curve to extend the mechanically truncated ink lines upward and downward to estimate the true amplitude of the powerful Delta waves in Dr. Hardt’s head.  These Delta waves were over 30,000 on our EEG measurement scale where a score of 3,000 indicates 100 microvolts.  Dr. Hardt was permanently changed by this Kundalini awakening.

Recently, in August 2021, one of Dr. Hardt’s Trainers in his Sedona, AZ Biocybernaut training center was leading a Theta training that led to a powerful Kundalini awakening.  Brian Alcorn was the Trainer.  On Day 5 of this Theta 1 training, one of the Theta trainees had a series of massive bursts of high amplitude Delta waves,- up to 16,000 in the 15-second scores and less, of course, in the 3-minute epoch scores.  This trainee had previously done the Biocybernaut Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 training and was here in Sedona doing their Biocybernaut Theta 1 training.

The trainee experienced the classic body effects of a Kundalini awakening:  Shaking, trembling, energy rushes up the spine.  And the effects in consciousness were even more profound.  The trainee, who had never experienced anything like this before, was startled and even a little bit frightened.  The trainee was a meditator with a practice going back some years but had never experienced anything like this before.  Brian was immediately reassuring and supportive of the breakthrough that the trainee had just had.

Brian did the debriefing after the session and reassured the trainee that these were perfectly “normal” experiences for people who were having a “far-beyond-normal” Kundalini awakening experience.

Then Brian asked Dr. Hardt to join the review of graphs and polygraph records that usually occurs after the debriefing and the following dinner break.  Excited and delighted to meet someone fresh from a Kundalini awakening, Dr. Hardt joined the training session after the dinner break for the review of graphs and the EEG polygraph records.

Confirming for Brian and the trainee that these were indeed the EEGs of a Kundalini awakening (Remember the Biocybernaut motto:  Brain Waves Rule™), Dr. Hardt continued to tell stories of other trainees who had experienced Kundalini awakenings, and also some stories of people who came in for Biocybernaut trainings who had, some time previously in their lives, experienced a Kundalini awakening as their brains burst forth into high amplitude synchronized Delta waves in one or more of their headsites.  In the course of this teaching and discussion, the trainee asked about Delta trainings.  Dr. Hardt replied that they were available, but only by invitation.  Delta confers powers or Siddhis and Dr. Hardt wants to be sure that the person has done sufficient ethical cleansing to be safe with such Mind powers™.  For if there is any sadness in the person, even in the unconscious, … or worse… anger or fear, then the person could project very harmful energy to others, and even damage themselves.  Typically a person wanting to do a Biocybernaut Delta training would have done multiple Alpha trainings and one or more Theta trainings, some of them with Dr. Hardt, in order to determine their readiness for the Delta training,- and the powers or Siddhis that come with Delta brain waves.

This trainee asked what would be needed to receive an invitation to a Delta training.  To make such an invitation, Dr. Hardt would need to have knowledge of the person’s degree of ethical cleansing.  Dr. Hardt had not been the Trainer for either of this person’s two Alpha trainings, so he decided to fully join both Day 6 and Day 7 of this person’s Theta One training.  This would allow him to see what emotions were being detected by the Mood Scale program and to see how effectively, and how diligently, the trainee would work to do the forgiveness on the negative unconscious emotions detected by the Mood Scale program.

So suddenly, this Premium Theta training was transformed into a Deluxe Premium Theta training with Dr. Hardt sitting in at every stage of the trainee’s work with Brian Alcorn, the Trainer.  This included the morning Mood Scale reviews and discussions and coaching, the debriefings in the canopy room, and the reviews of the graphs and polygraphs at the end of Days 6 and 7.

Without going into any of the details, Dr. Hardt became convinced of the person’s readiness to take on the huge ethical responsibilities of becoming a ~ Delta Force ~ member.  And, in the course of the Day 6 and Day 7 Theta Enhancement sessions, Dr. Hardt got on electrodes and went into another chamber and did Delta Tune-Ups and Brian Alcorn, in another chamber, did Theta Tune-Ups.  

To our great astonishment and delight, Brian produced his first-ever synchronous trains of Delta brain waves.  They were not of sufficient amplitude to bring Brian a Kundalini awakening, but he was clearly on the path in a new way, and his subjective experiences were premonitory indicators of an incipient Kundalini awakening.  Wow!  Brian had previously and multiply demonstrated his ethical purity and self-control sufficient to be eligible for a Biocybernaut Delta training, and now with his first-ever emergence of synchronous trains of slow Delta, Brian also received an invitation to participate in a Delta training.  Brian and his newly Kundalini-awakened trainee might well do this Delta training together, which means there will be room for one more person …

The brain waves and the subjective reports of this trainee will become the basis of a scientific publication in a psychological journal and will also become a PowerPoint presentation that Dr. Hardt will give at the Global Consciousness Summit 2.0 that will go live October 23-24.

Stay Tuned … 🙂

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