The Simple Secret To Controlling Your Creativity

This post is about the connection between alpha waves, neurofeedback and creativity.

First, let’s begin with a definition of creativity, which the Oxford dictionary states to be:

The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.”

Second, it’s critical we address the myth that only those in “creative” professions, like writing, photography or other artists benefit from increased creativity.

At its root, creativity is about how resourceful your mind is at solving problems or making new connections of value — and in this light, rare is the individual who does not benefit in some way from increased creativity.

Don’t Fall Victim to the
“I’m Not Creative” Myth

Truthfully, the value of being able to produce higher quality ideas, solutions and connections is wide-ranging — and helps just about any endeavor.

  • Entrepreneurs can use creativity to solve pressing problems (like dwindling revenue)…
  • Salespeople use creativity to understand better ways to close deals…
  • Doctors might use it to help patients more effectively…
  • Executives use it to dream up better ways to lead their teams…

And this is just the professional dimension!

When you look into your life, you begin to see that creative problem-solving could be more effectively applied to dozens of areas, from finances to relationships, communication and beyond.

Which brings up a key question…

Can Creativity Be Controlled?

Traditionally, it’s common to think “you’re either creative, or you’re not”… and even amongst highly creative people, it’s often treated as a somewhat random and unpredictable phenomenon.

Yet what if both are false — and your creative output (and control thereof) depended entirely on your ability to access your subconscious mind?

A research summary that overviews neuroimaging of the brain suggests the subconscious mind plays a tremendous role in creativity. From the original paper:

“These accounts suggest that unconscious processes play an important role in achieving creative insights. Neuroimaging studies of the brain during “REST” (random episodic silent thought, also referred to as the default state) suggest that the association cortices are the primary areas that are active during this state and that the brain is spontaneously reorganising and acting as a self-organising system. Neuroimaging studies also suggest that highly creative individuals have more intense activity in association cortices when performing tasks that challenge them to “make associations.”

What the paper does not discuss is the connection between brainwaves, such as alpha, and the subconscious mind.

Yet, that is something we have consistently found to be true amongst Biocybernaut attendees — the deeper you can go into alpha through the use of neurofeedback and other tools, the greater your subconscious access.

It helps explain research Dr. Hardt conducted with Stanford Professors, which showed…

Creativity Can Be Significantly
Increased in UNDER A WEEK

In fact, his study with Stanford Professors found that they increased their creative output by an astonishing 50% — in far less than a week, and in some cases, just a few days.

Some even left the study early, because they figured out solutions to problems they’d been struggling with for YEARS.

In the high Alpha state, the solutions came quickly and easily because in Alpha, your brain assembles information, often from different categories of knowledge and experience — including information you’d been exposed to before, maybe even had forgotten.  

When Colin Martindale studied creativity, he found that highly creative people had the ability to turn on Alpha when they were working on a problem, and normal people didn’t. 

Normal people would try to solve problems in the same brainwave state that they occupy when they’re at rest, but the highly creative people could turn on a high Alpha state within which they could quickly and effectively solve problems.

Einstein Famously Said: “Problems Cannot Be
Solved at the Same Level They Were Created.”

And nothing could be more true — especially when it comes to brainwaves.

Speaking of Einstein, one of the best things about him is that — because he was alive during the 20th century — his thinking and brain patterns have been studied arguably more than any other genius.

In one report by neuroscience researchers Penfield and Jasper, they looked at EEG recordings from Albert Einstein. What they found was mind-blowing…

In their words: “Einstein produced continuous alpha waves during the solution of
complex mathematical tasks which he was skilled and trained to solve.”

And it was only when the alpha states ceased would he notice mistakes or a shortage of creative output.

So while Einstein was obviously brilliant, accessing Alpha brain waves critical to him tapping into his immense intelligence. And the same holds true for you.

What Would Dramatically
Increased Creativity Do for YOU?

Let’s land this post by turning the focus on YOU and your life/work.

Maybe you’re already clear on the role creativity plays in your life — and how you’d benefit from more of it. It might mean more output, increased income, greater enjoyment in your work…

Or, perhaps you’ve never felt like you’re a “creative person” — if so, now you understand why and how that’s so limiting.

To be human is to be creative. And through alpha neurofeedback training, we can dramatically increase our subconscious access and ability to make new, creative associations of significant value.

On behalf of the entire Biocybernaut team, we encourage you to ponder this more — and let us know if you have any thoughts or questions in the comment section below!


The Biocybernaut Team

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