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Real human studies and advanced neuroscience reveal Biocybernaut Alpha One training is…

A Scientifically Proven Way  To Become Smarter, Happier, AND Nearly Stress-Free

For years, global thought leaders, CEOs of billion-dollar companies, royalty, Green Beret,
Navy SEALs, best-selling authors, top Hollywood actors and many more have
quietly used a 7-day process to unlock the full potential of their brain.

Tony Robbins said, “Biocybernaut was one of the most valuable things I’ve done in my life.”
And now you too can leverage the same technology and proven process — to rapidly
upgrade your brain — and transform every key area of your life, including:

✓ Boost your IQ by 11.7 points 
✓ Be 50% more creative
✓ Become laser-focused
✓ Increase your productivity
✓ Reduce stress instantly
✓ Feel happy without a reason 
✓ Slow or reverse brain aging
✓ Worth decades of meditation
✓ Solve problems faster
✓ Even earn more income

By taking advantage of our Summer Special and booking your first Biocybernaut Alpha One training, you too have the potential to

✓ Jump to a HIGHER IQ category
✓ Worth DECADES of meditation
✓ And even leap to a HIGHER INCOME bracket 

To understand how that’s possible, let’s walk through the story of a recent attendee — a writer named Anthony, for whom…

Biocybernaut Changed the
Entire Course of His Life

In late 2016, Anthony was a successful internet writer who had recently found his life in shambles.

He was in the process of a difficult divorce — coupled with a nonstop series of financial and work complications — that had begun to totally overwhelm him.

He was so stressed out, scattered and ineffective… at this point, he could barely write a single word. His income had gone from about $35,000 per month down to $5,000 — and even that was in jeopardy.

Bleeding away $30,000 per month was only compounding his stress and writer’s block.

What’s more, to get through all his responsibilities and personal chaos — he’d been consuming the equivalent of 10-15 cups of coffee PER DAY plus pharmaceutical brain stimulants to remain awake longer.

His body was on the verge of total breakdown. And if something didn’t change fast — his entire life would come crashing down. 

He Transformed His
Stress Levels Permanently

On the first day of undergoing this process he was understandably drowsy. That’s normal for anyone who’d just given up 15 cups of coffee — basically cold turkey — the day before.

BUT BY THE SECOND DAY… he begun to feel amazing.

In fact, looking at his charts — we saw Anthony was experiencing PROFOUND states of meditative peace, stillness and bliss that normally take decades of daily Zen practice.

overwhelmed 2

He went from “overwhelmed”… TO OVERJOYED… in less than two days.

That’s the power of unlocking your brain’s ability to successfully manage stress response. 

Before Biocybernaut, Anthony felt blocked and didn’t know what to do. But within days of tapping into more of his brain — he was flooded with insight on how to solve and correct everything that was not working in his life.

This included his painful relationship, professional and financial challenges.

He told us

“I can’t believe it! I’ve had zero coffee or stimulants and I feel totally energized.
I don’t feel worried or confused. I see everything so clearly and ‘know’ what to do.
My mind is so serene, it’s like all the negative chatter is gone and all the answers
are right there…”

Anthony’s intense worry and stress were replaced by confidence and optimism.

When he went home, his income picked up again to previous levels — within a week! You’d think it was a miracle — except there’s a scientific foundation underlying the change he experienced and…

How Biocybernaut Alpha One
Can Change Your Life

It’s clear — had Anthony continued down the road he was headed — losing an average of $30,000 per month — he would have undoubtedly flushed away $120,000… $150,000… maybe even $200,000 or more.

Yet it’s not just the financial cost of an underperforming brain, though. Let’s translate just a few other benefits from that research for you:

  • If you could increase your IQ by 11.7 points — which our studies have shown to be true — you likely go from being ‘intelligent’ to ‘highly intelligent’… or if you’re already ‘highly intelligent’… you might jump to ‘genius level’ IQ… (note: much of the world’s wealth, especially in industries like tech and investing, is created by those at the highly intelligent and genius levels)…
  • If you could be 50% more creative — and generate better quality ideas or insights — wouldn’t that help you produce more work… make more sales… roll out new products faster?
  • If you could replace stress and worry — a major cause of lost productivity, aging, disease and early death — with deep Zen, peace and joy — how much could that you save on medical bills? How much more would you get done? 

Chances are, you’re already very successful — probably earning well above average — despite operating below your potential for IQ, creativity, productivity and happiness. 

The Biocybernaut Adventure Begins
with an Understanding of Brainwaves

Brainwaves are “groups” of electrical impulses used by the neurons in your brain use to do things.

While there are many ways to stimulate them (including certain types of audio sounds, like white or pink noise) — there’s only one method that teaches your mind how to actively control them. It’s called NEUROFEEDBACK

First discovered in the 1950’s, neurofeedback involves attaching electrodes to the scalp and using EEG technology to measure activity in your brain.

By providing real-time “feedback” — it’s like your brain has a mirror and can ‘see’ itself for the first time — causing it to naturally improve.

Neurofeedback is a 100% safe, non-invasive, clinically-researched method for enhancing natural brainwave production and control. To date, neurofeedback has been validated by hundreds of human studies — and well-regarded for its ability to help with conditions ranging from depression to ADHD and beyond.

Now, before you run out to get a brainwave-based audio program — or schedule a neurofeedback session…

because not all neurofeedback
protocols are created equal.

By itself, neurofeedback WON’T give you the kind of results Anthony or others have had. Nor has it been shown to boost your IQ by 11.7 points, or give you the equivalent to decades of Zen meditation in a single week. 

Where Alpha One Training from Biocybernaut is so valuable is that most people try to do everything — including creative tasks or meditation — in “beta.”

You see, beta is a rapid brainwave (12-38hz) useful for certain daily tasks — but very poor for many other activities.

In beta, your mind is often chattering incessantly… and can often be filled with doubt, worry, fear, and frustration.

Because when you meditate or do creative work in alpha for the first time — and not just alpha from an audio program (VERY important!) — but DEEP ALPHA like Biocybernaut training helps you attain… meditation and other creative problem solving challenges — become intensely pleasurable.

Bottom line: meditation or any creative endeavor in beta not optimum… but in deep alpha it’s absolutely blissful. 

Once you begin accessing alpha is occurs during Biocybernaut–you not only feel more Zen, serene and joyful… you actually become measurably smarter.

And it’s not just a subjective observation, either. After week of deeply increasing your alpha brain waves during Biocybernaut, you could be… 

11.7 IQ Points

Yes, pioneering research has shown that just ONE WEEK of alpha brainwave enhancement with the Biocybernaut process produced a measurable increase of IQ that averaged 11.7 points — across all tested subjects.

Better yet, those increases didn’t disappear after a year, as is the case with many therapies. Those IQ gains were stable one year later, without any additional training or work.

Amazing, right?

11.7 IQ points could mean the difference between someone being “average” versus “highly” intelligent… or even between “highly” intelligent… and “genius” level.

And to date, Biocybernaut is the only organization that has actually demonstrated this increase in IQ as a result of extended alpha training. Others make similar claims, only Biocybernaut training has been formally studied in this regard.

You’ll learn more about this landmark IQ study in a moment, but this principle helps explain the amazing abilities of geniuses Albert Einstein.

High alpha can even help you

Albert Einstein is universally regarded as one of the greatest geniuses to ever live. Because he was alive during the 20th century, his thinking and brain patterns have been studied arguably more than any other genius.

In one report by neuroscience researchers Penfield and Jasper, they looked at EEG recordings from Albert Einstein. What they found was mind-blowing…

In their words

“Einstein produced continuous alpha waves during the solution of
complex mathematical tasks which he was skilled and trained to solve.” 

And it was only when the alpha states ceased would he notice mistakes or a shortage of creative output.

So while Einstein was obviously brilliant, accessing Alpha brain waves critical to him tapping into his immense intelligence. And the same holds true for you.

And it’s just one of

It would take an entire book to cover the vast array of brain and overall life benefits that arise out of the 7-day Biocybernaut process. They include those we’ve discussed, such as…

  • Reduction in brain aging
  • Getting into “the zone” for peak performance
  • The equivalent to decades of Zen meditation
  • 50% increase in creativity
  • 11.7 point average increase in IQ
  • Increased income experienced by 72% of attendees in one study

And others we’ve yet to explore, including:

  • Enhanced focus — more valuable than ever in today’s distracted age
  • Better decision making — by training your brain to know the superior choice in advance
  • Reduced anxiety — lowering stress-related worry and anxiety rapidly
  • Relief of depression — getting with the root of the issue in your brain
  • Fear resolution — so that you can undo the paralyzing effect of fear on your psyche
  • Anger Management — with a process that deeply resolves past anger, rage and resentment
  • Increased joy — helping you tap into feelings at the top of the emotional hierarchy
  • And so much more — as there’s much research left to be done

If you feel ready to make a quantum leap in your brain’s processing power, intelligence, creativity, Zen and more — then I invite you to take advantage of an exclusive Summer Special — with 25-35% off all trainings.

Biocybernaut Institute

                                                      ALPHA 1 TRAINING

For years, this has been THE premier neurofeedback intensive training. It’s the first of its kind, and the only one subjected to a wide array of clinical research.

When people learn about Biocybernaut and how it’s the ONLY process that’s been clinically studied and proven to increase IQ, creativity — and the many other benefits — the response is often something like:

“Sounds amazing — what does it cost?”

So let me explain why our trainings require an investment of $15,000-20,000 per person — because context is everything.

In my many years of research, doing 1-3 days of our process — while less expensive — simply isn’t enough. It can’t provide the deeper breakthroughs and changes possible in the 5-7 day window.

(Our landmark IQ study, for instance, involved one session per day across 7 days.)

What’s more, to go this deep and make such profound life changes — it’s critical that you be away from your normal day-to-day activities and what we call “out of time” — so your mind and brain can break free and truly let go of the past.

That’s a big part of what makes this work.

Couple that with our state of the art training facilities designed to optimize your experience, including a dedicated team of technicians running our platform…

And the fact that you have an experienced, world-class trainer working closely with you for 1-on-1 sessions each day… over 5 to 7 full days… and it becomes a little easier to understand the considerable costs involved.

The good news is…

Due to Our Summer Special,
You’ll Save 25-35% and Get the
Lowest Rates Ever Offered

If you are serious about moving forward and being considered for a future training — we offer them in 5-7 day versions, with 1 or 2 feedback sessions per day.

Below is a chart that explains the difference between each one.


What this means is that you, for instance, could do a Premium Double Training for $14,998 — saving almost $5,000 (25% off) the normal $19,980 rate. Or $11,248 (saving almost $3,750 off the $14998 price) of a 7-Day Standard Training. 

If you want to bring a friend, you can each save 30% — and get the price down to $13,998 for a double, or $10,498 each for a Standard. 

And if you bring two friends, you save 35% — $12,999 each for a double and $9,748 each for a Standard.

Training takes place in Arizona and Bavaria Germany — typically on the 3-9th, 13-19th, and 23-29th of each month.

Because our groups are very small and we have a limited number of trainings who can repeated results for attendees — we are often booked out in advance.

To move forward and secure future dates that work for you, I highly recommend you do two things right now:

Using the form below, enter your information, including how you heard about this training and why you believe it will be life-changing for you. You will typically receive a call within 24-48 hours from someone on our team to discuss your needs, goals, and possible dates/location to get you in.

If you’d like to know more about the experience — or you’d like to know availability for coming dates — don’t hesitate to call us immediately (855)-240-0999. If someone does not answer the phone right away, please leave your information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

That’s it — do those two things and you’ll have taken one of the most powerful steps any human on this planet can take.

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