Biocybernaut Alpha Training For ADD/ADHD Children and Adults

Biocybernaut Alpha Training For ADD/ADHD Children and Adults

James V. Hardt, PhD
Biocybernaut Institute

Hardt, J.V. Alpha Training For ADD Children and Adults, Proceedings, 13th
Annual Winter Conference on EEG, sponsored by FutureHealth, Palm
Springs, CA, February 7, 2005.

Treating ADD with intensive Alpha EEG Training is rarely undertaken.  Most neurofeedback practitioners with ADD clients rely on previously reported Beta EEG training protocols.  However, Siegfried Othmer has reported in some of his long-term beta training studies of ADD children that the children showed clinical and behavioral improvements without any statistically significant changes in their beta EEG activity.  Also, Julian Isaacs has suggested that neurofeedback in and of itself may have a stabilizing and re-regulating effect on behavior even in the absence of any changes in the feedback parameter(s). 

This inspired scientific curiosity for pilot studies of bi-directional alpha training with ADD/ADHD children and adults.  Using the standard intensive 7-day Alpha training protocol of Biocybernaut Institute three children and their fathers were given the Biocybernaut Alpha One Training.  The subjects were two 9-year-old boys with diagnoses of ADD/ADHD and their undiagnosed but likely ADD fathers and one 8-year-old girl with a diagnosis of ADD and her undiagnosed but likely ADD father.  The girl’s mother was also in this Alpha training. 

All the children had been maintained on Ritalin before their Alpha training and all were successfully withdrawn from Ritalin following their Alpha training.  One 9-year old boy from Iowa and had scored 60% on the state-wide school achievement tests in the school year before his Alpha training, during which he had been on Ritalin every day.  In the school year following his alpha training (and without any Ritalin use), he scored 96% on the same statewide tests. 

The other 9-year old boy from Colorado went back to school after his alpha training and befriended the school bully and taught the bully how to meditate.  He also had a near-fatal drowning accident during the summer several months after his Alpha training.  He fell off a large inflatable island his family used in the middle of a lake for swimming and diving.  He became trapped under the inflatable island and was drowning.  Instead of panicking, he closed his eyes and went back into his High Alpha State and made an intention for HELP.  Almost immediately, as he describes it, an angel appeared who took his hand and guided him through the maze under the island and up to the surface and safety. 

The 8-year old girl also had visitations from an angel during her Alpha training.  The angel would take her hand and would fly off with her on adventures, which were profound morality lessons.  Her Father and her Mother listened in awe and amazement as their 8-year old child recounted these morality teaching lessons that were far beyond any 8-year old child’s ability to “invent” in their profundity, understanding, wisdom, and compassion. 

Each child received the benefit of elimination of Ritalin from the Alpha Training along with performance enhancement at school and in social settings.  The accelerated spiritual growth available in intensive Alpha Training is well known, and this pilot study shows that even children as young as 8 years of age can benefit from intensive Alpha Training with astonishing Spiritual Growth.  Intriguingly, ADD/ADHD children can obtain the Ritalin-elimination benefits commonly seen in beta training through Alpha Training, which has the additional benefits of spiritual growth that is rarely seen in beta training and is even rarer in ADD children.

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