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Learn what your brainwaves can tell you about your anxiety, and how neurofeedback training may be the answer you've been searching for.

The Answer to Anxiety

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Anxiety + Brainwaves

If you are searching for a way to understand your anxiety at a deeper level, and learn about what you can do to relieve it for the long-term, then this is what you’ve been searching for. 


What's happening?

Learn about exactly what’s happening in your brain, so that you can take the first step towards understanding how YOU work. 


What’s the relationship between Beta brainwaves and anxiety? How does increased Alpha production affect that? What can you do to balance your Beta with an improvement of Alpha?

Take Action

What can you do?

While your understanding grows, it’s important to put what you’ve learned into practice. Start small, with the actionable tips we provide.


Experiencing just a little of what increased Alpha brainwave production can do for your anxiety will inspire you to take the next step: neurofeedback training.

Brain Lead Magnet

Our Mission

Our mission is as bold as it is simple:


To increase awareness around the world, reduce anxiety and suffering, and help to usher in an enduring Golden Age for all humanity.


This work is centered on raising the consciousness of every person to a higher and healthier state of being – to becoming the best version of themselves.


We know that this can be achieved through Biocybernaut’s neurofeedback technology and research science.

Who Are We?

Under Dr. Hardt’s guidance, the Biocybernaut Institute is a family of highly-trained, deeply committed expert technicians and enthusiasts with a passion for training their own brains and helping others do the same.
Brain Lead Magnet

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