Spring Theta Special 2017

Hellow and welcome

“Everything is going to be OKAY!”

Register here to get a 25% discount on theta trainings. if you bring a friend or colleague, you both get 30% off. 

Come and experience the magic of Theta!

Some feel such profound peace in the Theta state, they come to the realization that all stress and worry is self-created, and that everything will always and forever be “okay.”

“After many years of personal and spiritual growth, I conceptually and intellectually knew (at the most basic or cosmic level) that “Everything is OK.”  However, at the end of my Biocybernaut THETA Training, I actually had the visceral, tangible, simple, cellular-level experience of “Ahhh… Everything really IS OK.” And, EVERYTHING, in this new context, refers to not only the cosmic, big-picture matters, but also to all of the big and little down-to-earth stuff (family, friends, work, health, chores, habits, etc.)”

– Steve Fox

After registeration,  one of our representatives will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Jim and the Biocybernaut Team