Biocybernaut Institute testimonials


from our clients


CEO’s of billion-dollar companies, scientists, police officers, Green Berets, pro-athletes, artists, office-workers, even Zen and Yoga masters have participated in the Biocybernaut training to achieve new levels of peak performance.  People of every age and walk of life experience powerful new bursts of creativity, emotional renewal, and even spiritual epiphanies beyond anything they ever thought themselves capable of.  


Biocybernaut is one of the most valuable things I’ve done in my life.

Tony Robbins Award Winning Speaker, Best-Selling Author

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 Biocybernaut enhanced my ability to multitask, and as a creative professional, I now have the ability to visualize two seperate tasks simultaneously. Example being, I can now type an email to one person while having an conversation with another person and the email will be flawless. Hard to imigine how this would happen, but it happened after my alpha training.

James Michael Lang Paradigm Creative Group

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When I actually saw (and heard) my brainwaves, I just about fell off my chair! Not too long ago, I experienced something so incredible — something that affected me in such an amazing way–that I just have to tell you about it. If you’re at all serious about your emotional and spiritual growth, this is going to absolutely blow your mind.

Bill Harris Centerpointe

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It helped me to break free from old pattern behaviours, to view myself with more clarity and to develop greater spiritual awareness. I am more grounded, I trust and love myself more and I have a much stronger creativity and intuition. It has provided me with foundations upon which i have continued to grow and learn. I can't wait for more time in the chamber.

Jock Pettitt Edible Geurnsey

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