Paranoia, Hostility, Schizophrenia, Unemployable

Paranoia, Hostility, Schizophrenia, Unemployable

This 30-year-old man had clinically significant levels of paranoia and schizophrenia. He was so hostile and paranoid, that he was unable to keep a job or maintain a living situation. He quite literally could not get along with people. When he started the brain energy training program, he had just been involved in a fight with a total stranger at a bus stop. As a result of the fight his whole body was bruised and he had 20 stitches over his left eye. Because of the stitches, we were unable to place EMG electrodes on his forehead. He seemed likely to be a difficult person to train since he bristled with hostility and ill will. It was easy to see that he was a magnet for physical attacks because of his extremely disagreeable nature. The lab assistants had a major argument over who would have work with “that one”, as his bad energy spilled over into our lab personnel.

By the time he was halfway through his 20 sessions, he had become more compliant and progressively less hostile. It is difficult for us to treat both Paranoia (PA) and Schizophrenia (SC) simultaneously since each condition is best treated with alpha energy increases at different places on the head. Increases of central alpha energy reduce Paranoia, while increases of occipital alpha energy reduce Schizophrenia. However, we provide each patient with four (simultaneous) channels of feedback information (left and right central alpha energy, and left and right occipital alpha energy). This patient used that feedback information to the best advantage and increased both his central and occipital alpha energy. As a result, he successfully reduced both his Paranoia and his Schizophrenia, with Paranoia being reduced all the way down to the normal range.

Through brain energy training, this patient reduced his Schizophrenia and got rid of his clinically extreme levels of Paranoia. He was also less hostile and could now get along better with other people. He found a job shortly after completing his training and his living situation stabilized. At his one year follow-up, the patient had lived in the same house, with the same roommates for one year, and he was still holding the same job (almost a year later). He was also pursuing his dream of an acting career by taking courses at a local college. He had not been in a fight since his training.

Data Analysis

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment method, it is very helpful to study the relationships between changes in dependent and independent measures. An excellent means of revealing the existence of a relationship between treatment outcome and learned changes in brain energy is to perform Pearson product moment correlations on data which relate EEG changes to changes in mood and personality. Left and Right Occipital Alpha changes were separately computed and correlated with changes in the patient’s mood and emotional state.

This patient did 20 days of brain energy training, with the first 10 days devoted to increasing alpha brain energy, and the second 10 days devoted to increasing beta brain energy. Using the Profile of Mood States (POMS), and correlating changes in 6 scales of the POMS with changes in both alpha and beta brain energies, it becomes possible to see the connection between therapeutic outcome and changes in brain energy. Increases of right occipital alpha energy tended to reduce “Tension/Anxiety”, however increases of beta energy at that same site tended to increased “Tension/Anxiety”. Similarly, increases of right occipital alpha significantly reduced “Depression/Dejection” (r=-.69 p<.025), whereas beta increases at the same site increased “Depression/Dejection”. Both alpha and beta increases at the left occipital site reduced “Confusion/Bewilderment”, but the right occipital again showed a disparate effect for alpha and beta: alpha increases significantly reduced “Confusion/Bewilderment” (r= -.78 p<.005), whereas beta increases there tended to produce the opposite effect. “Anger/Hostility” was reduced by increases of alpha and beta at the right occipital, while “Fatigue” was reduced in proportion to increases in left occipital alpha and beta. The strongest effect of fatigue reduction was produced by increases in left occipital alpha (r= -.79 p<.005). Increases in alpha at both occipital sites tended to increase the patient’s “Vigor”.

It became clear in this analysis that mere changes in brain energy were not sufficient to produce the therapeutic outcome. It really did matter which brain energies changed. The direction of change also mattered. Increases in alpha brain energy seemed to be more beneficial than increases of beta brain energy when the desired outcome was therapy. Increases of alpha brain energy tended to be related to REDUCTIONS in Tension, Depression, Confusion, Anger, and Fatigue, and to INCREASES in Vigor.

One of the best indicators of the overall improvement of this patient is the comparison of the “Before Training” version of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) with the version taken one year after completing the training program. Improvements (reductions) in the Clinical Scales were quite remarkable. Psychopathic Deviancy (PD) decreased 8 percentile points to 73. Paranoia (PA) decreased 14 percentile points to 65. The two largest reductions in measured psychopathology were in Psychaesthenia (PT) and Schizophrenia (SC), which dropped 21 and 19 percentile points each, to end at 67 and 76, respectively. Mania (MA) dropped 13 points to end at 64; Social Introversion (SI) dropped 2 points to end at the mean (50), and Anxiety (Welsh A) dropped 9 points to end at 41. At the same time, his Ego Strength (ES) increased a healthy 9 points to end at 58. We should not permit this blizzard of numerical improvements to obscure the fact that a remarkable transformation took place within this patient as a result of his brain energy training. A miserable and obnoxious person blossomed into an open, loving human being. He occasionally dropped by the laboratory, unannounced, to bring flowers to the lab assistants… after his training. Through an energy medicine treatment program, this patient became transformed. This is a result available to others also, through brain energy training.

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