Rewire your brain
+50% more Creative,
+11.7 IQ points Smarter,
+15.8 EQ points Higher,

and much happier —
all this in just 7 days

See how over 40 years of scientific experiments conducted in University laboratories can help YOU break free from mediocrity, negativity and limited success…

I am so pleased that you’re considering visiting the BIOCYBERNAUT Brain Training Institute for your next Spiritual Retreat —  or what I call a ‘High Tech Vision Quest‘.

BIOCYBERNAUT was founded in 1983 by Dr. James V. Hardt, physicist, psychologist with over thirty years of experience in clinical practice and research on the increase of brain-wave levels with the help of neurofeedback.

Trainings using neurofeedback enable learning to control brain waves, which effectively raises:

  • Better access to forgiveness
  • Quality of release from aggressive programs
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Confidence and self-understanding
  • Self-Esteem
  • Creativity by 50%
  • Clarity of mind
  • Work efficiency
  • IQ level by 11.7 points
  • Mental and physical health
  • Sports results
  • and significantly enhances the effects of clinical work (addiction to alcohol and drugs, personal therapy, release from stress, constant tension, anxiety and trauma)


There are BIOCYBERNAUT Brain Training Institues in:
– Sedona, Arizona
– Bavaria, Germany 

As soon as you submit the form below, we’ll know that you have accepted my invitation to consider a BIOCYBERNAUT Brainwave Training Adventure.

Next, you’ll be connected to a Biocybernaut Institute team member who will support you as you consider when and where to do this amazing brain wave training. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about moving forward in this life changing training.  

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for inquiring about the inner explorations possible with BIOCYBERNAUT Brainwave Training Programs.

Warm regards,
Lara Pair 

Feeling like you hit the wall
of your Mental, Emotional, Physical or
Spiritual development?

Imagine you have reached, and now live in the same brain wave states as advanced meditators and peak performers in sports and business. These are “Flow States” sometimes known as “The Zone”.

Imagine that you can become 50% more creative. This means that difficult problems you were struggling to solve now become quick and easy. Imagine that you can add an extra 11.7 points to your IQ level, elevating you from “above average” to “near genius”. Finally, imagine waking up every day feeling empowered so that you will remain strong and joyful and grateful for an opportunity to rise above any problems or challenges.

Why All Traditional Methods
Are Just Baby Steps

…and how to speed up the learning curve to deliver in days what
meditation, counseling, coaching, seminars, and self-help books
take years to deliver.

50% Creativity Increase

It’s clearly the most important stress-reduction habit you can develop. But it takes Yogic and Zen-Masters decades to learn how to effectively control their brain wave activity… Biocybernaut technology speeds all of this up so you do not have to wait decades for results.

11.7 Point Boost in IQ

You come back pumped up like a hot-air balloon only to “deflate” as soon as you step back in normal life, without having had the Transformation that would catalyze lasting change.

15.8 Point Rise in EQ

Yet another course, seminar, book or podcast to create an illusion of a real change… How much do you remember from the books you read last year? How much do you apply to your life now?

Discover The
Pioneering 7-Day
Alpha One Training

By Biocybernaut

Many people come to Dr. Hardt after they’ve spent years or decades in states of sadness, depression, anger, or fear. What’s worse? They often think it’s going to be like that forever. They feel that they are stuck in a dead end life. What they do not know is that the root of their negativity is too few Alpha brain waves at too low a power and too many Beta brain-waves. Beta brainwaves are associated with stress, anxiety, anger and the negative voices in your head. So if you suffer from a lot of negative self-talk…well guess what… it’s actually not your fault! Your not yet trained brain is producing too little Alpha and too much Beta. All this can change in lasting ways in just 7 days with Biocybernaut Alpha One Training.

Day Alpha One Training
“(As a journal Editor,) I receive hundreds of studies every week. It is rare for a study to show changes in personality and if it does (then) it shows changes for one or two measures for a segment of the population. These are baby steps. When I saw the Biocybernaut data that showed changes in all measures for all participants I got excited. This is not a baby step, this is an elephant step.”

— Dr. Andy Campbell, Editor in Chief of Advances in Mind-Body Medicine

Is this for me

Is this for me?

You will benefit from The Alpha-One Training if:

Why Take The Training

In Alpha Brainwave Training you remove the blocks to your success in:

This means you can enter states of euphoria, love, productivity and your connection with the Universe more easily and more reliably.
Why Take The Training

Emotional Benefits

Imagine yourself feeling gratitude and dissolving all resentments. You are feeling compassion, forgiveness, and blissful peace. Others will notice and will respond better to you and you will feel happier and in better control of your own emotions.

Productivity Benefits

Notice when your mind drifts away. Be mindful. This stops negativity in its tracks before it takes control over your tasks. Reach the level of effortless flow and experience enhanced productivity that many people only dream of, but few ever achieve. See yourself accomplishing more in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Well-Being Benefits

Stress contributes to 80% of all disease processes. Alpha training dissolves stress. Increased Alpha improves the functioning of your immune system. In addition, in higher Alpha, you experience enhanced Well-Being Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

+40 Years In The
— Now Finally

This 7-day training employs advanced EEG Neurofeedback technology that picks up the tiny signals of the brain waves to amplify them about 100,000 times. This way the tiny waves become big enough to be processed and analyzed by Biocybernaut computers. There are 128 different channels of raw brain wave that can be given as feedback. And their are up to 65,536 Hemi-Coherence pairs for feedback. And their are up 8,388,608 Hemi-Coherence triples on which you can be given feedback. Naturally, to avoid overwhelming beginners with too much information, we start you off with a smaller, more manageable number of channels, which grow larger as you through Alpha One and Alpha 2 and 3, and all the way up to level 24. The advanced Biocybernaut computers score the energy and the coherence of your brain waves while giving you feedback using sounds of musical instruments and periodic digital scores. Imagine listening to your own brain-waves as the music of your mind.

Starting on day one, you enter the training chambers every day, sometimes more than once a day. You sit with many gold disc electrodes attached to your head as the computers monitor your brainwaves. The Mood Scale Computers can detect both positive and negative emotions even if you are not conscious of them. Your Trainer guides you to make wise use of your new awareness of your unconscious emotions. This guidance helps you remember the people and the incidents that gave rise to your now unconscious negative emotions that are blocking your success.
Overcoming the old, often unconscious resentments and anger opens the door for embracing feelings of love, peace and gratitude. This is how you launch your increase in creativity and peak performance.
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What Others Say

We are the
world’s pioneers

of neurofeedback

The 7-day Alpha One Training is the original, first-ever week-long training based on Neurofeedback Technology. Although you may come across other “alternatives”, this is the only training that employs the most advanced, patented brain-feedback technology in the world. Accept no substitutes and avoid latecomers trying to ride the wave of our method’s popularity.

Worlds pioneers

Ergonomic technology

Biocybernaut is led by Dr. James Hardt, one of the inventors of the original EEG technology. Dr. Hardt has raised millions of dollars in grant funding to develop, to test, and to scientifically prove the effectiveness of Biocybernaut brain wave training to solve a number of problems like anxiety, sadness, depression, anger and fear.

Uninterrupted immersion

At Biocybernaut you immerse yourself in 7 days of uninterrupted practice, rather than attending sporadic sessions spread out over time. Through many hours of daily work, you build on the successes of previous days building momentum through massed practice that ensures you will retain your beneficial results.

We will walk you through the training from A-Z

You will have a trainer who will personalize your training and guide you through every step of the process that have been perfected in University Research. For example when you leave your feedback chamber, you immediately go for debriefing with your Trainer. Your trainer draws out the details of your experience and thus helps you to transfer these important details into your Long-Term memory

The Most Advanced
EEG Neurofeedback Technology On The

As market leaders we are miles ahead of other latecomer-companies that try to copy The Alpha-One Training.
We use our patented EEG technology to record and analyze many different types of brain waves including: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma and their sub-bands and also Schumann waves. Thanks to our super fast multi-core computers, all of this happens in real-time so your brain interacts with new feedback stimuli as rapidly as they happen. We also convert your brainwaves into the sound of music. Imagine listening to your own brain playing instruments such as Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Saxophones and Organs. This is something you will always remember.
Most Advanced
The Program

The Program

You are in a 7-day training delivered by expert trainers and laboratory technicians who have two goals. To assure you achieve the highest possible results, and to integrate the technique into your life after the program ends.

Stage 1: Education with Training

We will introduce you to our process. This is when you get really excited about what’s coming next.

Stage 2: Time in the Chamber

You’ll have the opportunity to explore your brain like a mechanic who repairs a car he knows inside out

Stage 3: Interview & Processing

Tell our trainers who you are and what shaped you as a person. We are not there to judge but to use both your past experiences and current beliefs to make the most out of the 7-day transformation.

Stage 4: Evaluation

Internalize the feedback and start living at your full capacity

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Our Training Programs

See how over 40 years of scientific research backed by
laboratory experiments can help you break out from the life of
mediocrity, negativity and lack of success

Premium 7 day training
Premium Double 7 day training
5 day Double Bootcamp
Deluxe Premium 7 day training with Dr. Hardt
Deluxe Premium Double 7 day with Dr. Hardt
$14,998 USD
$19,998 USD
$14,998 USD
$49,998 USD
$79,998 USD
Number of people in training
5 Maximum
3 Maximum
3 Maximum
3 Maximum
3 Maximum
Certified Biocybernaut Trainer
Dr. James Hardt
Dr. James Hardt
Channels of EEG Information
Channels Provided in Alpha Feedback
Channels Provided in Theta
Available Hemi Coherence Channel Pairs
Available Hemi Coherence Channel Triples
Neurofeedback Training Raw EEG & Integrated Amplitude
Yes with Dr. Hardt
Yes with Dr. Hardt
Moodscale testing & review
Yes with Dr. Hardt
Yes with Dr. Hardt
Training Types
Alpha & Theta
Alpha & Theta
Alpha & Theta
Alpha & Theta
Alpha & Theta
Alpha Training Levels
1 to 24
1 to 24
1 to 24
1 to 24
1 to 24
Theta Training Levels
1 to 24
1 to 24
1 to 24
1 to 24
1 to 24
Required Entry
Alpha 1
Alpha 1
Alpha 1
Alpha 1
Alpha 1
Training Progression after Alpha 1 is completed
Alpha 2 to 24 Or Theta 1 to 24
Alpha 2 to 24 Or Theta 1 to 24
Alpha 2 to 24 Or Theta 1 to 24
Alpha 2 to 24 Or Theta 1 to 24
Alpha 2 to 24 Or Theta 1 to 24

The first training level is Alpha 1. During your Alpha 1 training
you can discuss with your Trainer what your next steps should be
in the Biocybernaut training progression, whether it is Alpha 2 or
Theta 1 training.


In what languages is the Biocybernaut training offered?

The Biocybernaut training is offered in many languages. Biocybernaut Mood Scales documents have been translated into German, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian. We can accommodate translators at all of our training centers.

Are scholarship programs available?

Scholarships programs have been available at Biocybernaut in the past through grants for the US Federal Government, Private Foundations, and philanthropic individuals. With this grant funding hundreds of people who could not afford the training themselves were able to gain the benefits of Biocybernaut trainings. Presently, we have have no grant funding. However if you would like to make a grant to fund members of your family, friends please contact us. If you buy, and pre-pay for, a package of 12 trainings for your family and friends we provide a 15% discount. This is called the Friends and Family Dozen Package.

I have hearing issues and have a cochlear implant. Can I still attend training?

Yes, Biocybernaut can accommodate you if you have hearing issues. Please advise our sales representative of any medical and health issues you may have, so that our team can prepare accordingly for your visit. We can turn up or down the volume of your feedback tones seperately on the left and right side of your head. If there are some frequencies that are harder for you to hear, we can turn up or down individual speakers on the left and right side of your head. The primary Alpha tones are between 400 and 800 Hz so the common high frequency hearing loss is not likely to affect your full enjoyment of the feedback tones.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, Biocybernaut has created a payment plan to assist in making training more accessible. Please contact our sales representatives to learn more.

Is there further reading I can do about the process that Biocybernaut offers?
Where can I learn more about Dr. Hardt?

You can visit and read more on our website. Dr. Hardt has also published a book, The Art of Smart Thinking, which is available on Amazon or through one of our centers. If you have further questions please contact one of our representatives. We also encourage you to follow Biocybernaut on social media.

I have questions about accommodations and logistics traveling to your centers and while I am there

Our Sales Representatives are happy to assist you in organizing your travel and experience while training at Biocybernaut. We have recommendations for places to stay near our German and US training centers. Please ask because some of these places offer discounts to Biocybernaut trainees. We can recommed shuttle services between Phoenix International Airport and Sedona, AZ, for people who do not want to rent a car.

Training Section

More Information

Get more information on Neurofeedback, Biocybernaut’s trainings, and our world-class trainers. One of our representatives will contact you to give you all of the information you desire.

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