Is Neurofeedback Training Expensive?

The cost of first-class Neurofeedback Training might seem daunting. But to determine whether it is “expensive” requires one to think beyond the sticker shock. Ask what it is worth, rather than what it costs.
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What Does “Expensive” Actually Mean?

“Expensive” is a relative term. It doesn’t simply mean that something costs a lot. Steak in the grocery store for $29.99 per pound is expensive. A vintage Ferrari for $50,000 is not expensive – in fact, it might be an absurd bargain.

“Expensive” is a measure of cost-per-value or cost-for–return. If you measure it any other way, consider refining your definition.
For example, the highest-cost item for most people in developed countries is usually their home. Yet that home, once purchased, almost always becomes its buyer’s best investment – the anchor and centerpiece of that person’s net worth.
People complain that California real estate is “expensive.” Real estate in Sheridan, Wyoming is, by contrast, inexpensive or “affordable.” Yet if you buy a condo in San Francisco for $500K and flip it in a year for $750K – was it expensive? You might have to wait twenty years for your ranch house in Sheridan to appreciate that much.
That’s not the first time Tony has spoken publicly about the Biocybernaut training, though. A recent article published in the Huffington Post mentioned his enthusiasm for the training.
Person after person who experiences Neurofeedback Training at Biocybernaut Institute will affirm that their training is the best investment they ever made in themselves – often better than their “expensive” college degrees. And when they take their Alpha Training out into the business world and find themselves winning promotions, being courted and recruited for their dream jobs, or starting their own companies, their opinion of the value and ROI on the price of their Alpha Training doesn’t just go up – it goes up exponentially.

What About Claims That Neurofeedback Doesn’t Work?

Even though Neurofeedback Training has been winning converts and helping people for decades, it is easy to find articles and opinions that try to disparage and debunk this field. We’ll save you the trouble of searching for them – here are three, chosen at random: (1) (2) (3).

You’ll notice something important and interesting about these articles: None of the authors has actually taken Neurofeedback Training. They make their criticisms and evaluations from the outside looking in. In fact, in researching this article I was not able to find a single negative review by a critic who had actually signed up for an experienced NT at a respectable training center.

On the other hand, consider these comments from authors and authorities who have actually experienced NT – starting with world-renowned motivational genius Tony Robbins:

“By the end of the week, all three of us were able to go into the state of Alpha – and if you’re familiar with Alpha, the best way I can describe Alpha is: there’s no problem that can’t be solved in Alpha.” (4)

Christina Lavelle, a partner at Brainworks, is quoted in Psychology Today:

“In the 1990s technology caught up with the concept and there was scientific evidence that it works. Neurotherapy allows you to reach states of mind you can’t normally reach, and its effects are permanent.” (1)

A trainer at Biocybernaut was quoted in a Yahoo Finance article:

“The people who come in on day one are not the same people who leave on day seven,” she said, adding, “After they do this training people just want more. They start businesses, they get promotions, they change.” (4)

Thorough research on NT reveals a preponderance of the evidence that the training is highly effective and that it yields a plethora of benefits both monetary and non-monetary.

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) on Neurofeedback Training?

This is a difficult question to answer in a generalized way. A lot of the answer depends on what brings a person to NT, what their goals are, what problems they wish to solve – what benefits they are seeking. It also varies because the price of NT varies from center to center. But since any formula to determine ROI formula is going to include…
Benefits of Training (profit) ÷ Cost of Training (investment)
… one would have to know both the upper and lower elements to solve the equation.
For example, many fine NT clinics focus exclusively on the elimination of negative symptoms and conditions – for example,
– Traumatic Brain Injury
– Anxiety
– Depression

…and others (5) (6). The effectiveness of NT in treating these afflictions is well-documented, but the cost of treatment at these clinics can vary by a factor of ten or more. So prospective users would be well-advised to comparison shop before signing up, and the principle of caveat emptor applies.

There is another group of prospective NT students who are more-or-less free of the conditions cited above, but who approach NT with the idea of self-improvement on a broad range of areas like:
– Professional Advancement
– Improved Performance
– Creativity Enhancement
– Spiritual growth (the list could be expanded infinitely)
Calculating a ROI for the cost invested in Alpha Training is a little more challenging among this class of trainees, but a general trend can be determined. Consider the following, from famed venture capitalist Gunnar Hurtig:

“Thanks to the Biocybernaut Alpha training, I have had the most productive five months in the history of my business. I am mentally more efficient and have a clarity I never thought possible.”

Surprisingly, serial entrepreneur and angel investor Will Bunker of San Francisco commented not on the financial impact of Biocybernaut, but on its spiritual impact:

“It opened me up to experience spiritual things and it felt like I was able to access my creativity in an amazing way. Later, I still have a bedrock of calm and feel more in touch with visualization ability. It’s a great system run by a world class scientist.”

But this article is about whether or not Neurofeedback Training is “expensive,” so let’s return to financial considerations. One of the notable research results on Biocybernaut Training is its proven tendency to increase student’s “EQ” – or Emotional Intelligence Quotient, as defined by Daniel Goleman in his books and presentations (7) – by an average of 15.8 points. Data on a broad spectrum of EQ testing revealed the following:

In a recent study, using the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal®, we tested the emotional intelligence (EQ) of over 42,000 people and compared their scores to their annual incomes. We found that people with high EQs make an average of $29,000 per year more than people with low EQs. On average, every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to an annual salary. (8)

By this math, the typical Biocybernaut trainee can expect their annual income to rise by roughly $ 20,540 as a result of the training – in the first year. Compound this increase annually and the number obviously becomes quite large. After 20 years it becomes an additional income of $410,800 more than the person would have earned without the Biocybernaut Alpha training. With this data, you can begin to fill in some real numbers on the ROI of NT Training.


How Can I Choose The Best Neurofeedback Training Experience?

There is a broad spectrum of trainers and system to consider when choosing the right NT experience for you. Some are well-qualified; others may be simply capitalizing on technology without fully understanding the depth of the process.
Dr. James V. Hardt, founder of Biocybernaut, is an undisputed pioneer in the Nuerofeedback research and training. He has:
– Over 40 years of experience in the field
– Over 60 papers and presentations authored
– Over 30 patents on proprietary technology
– Support of private and US governmental grants for his work
These credentials speak for themselves. Any skepticism or criticism directed at the NT field are swept away by the authority of Hardt’s method, his unique technology, and his genius for communicating his knowledge to trainees.

In Conclusion

When considering investing in NT training, risk-reward ratio should be weighed. By choosing Biocybernaut Institute, you are effectively lowering the “risk” of failure of lack-of-return to zero, as testified by the over 6000 people Doctor Hardt has trained.
Armed with this knowledge, think back to the early paragraphs of this article and remember that “expensive” is a measure of cost-per-value or cost-for-return. When viewed from this new perspective one might say that Alpha Training at Biocybernaut Institute is not expensive – it’s priceless.
Ask what it is worth, rather than what it costs.
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