Case Histories from Intensive Trainings in Alpha and Beta Feedback

Case Histories from Intensive Trainings in Alpha and Beta Feedback

Six different trainings reveal the wide range of effectiveness of the Biocybernaut Institute Neurofeedback training programs. All trainings involved simultaneous integrated amplitude feedback on 4 different cortical sites [O1, O2, C3, C4], and were conducted using individual or group EEG feedback systems from Biocybernaut Institute. Four trainings were Individual trainings and two were Group trainings.

Training 1:

A seven-day Individual alpha training resolved panic attacks and anxiety in a young housewife who has been free of problems for 12 years following her training in 1985. A 10 day Individual training resolved chronic pain and depression in a suicidal police officer by evoking the “White Light” experience in her. Two other Individual trainings used 10 days of alpha feedback and 10 days of beta feedback to determine the differential therapeutic effectiveness of alpha and beta feedback. Beta feedback actually increased undesirable characteristics, while alpha feedback resolved depression and bereavement in an elderly widow. Alpha feedback also resolved paranoia and hostility, and reduced schizophrenia in an unemployable young man.

Trainings 2 and 3:

Two seven-day Group alpha trainings were also studied. One two-person group included a scientist with chronic depression, high cortisol levels and progressive loss of bone density, together with an aggressive former salesman and special forces member. The alpha training transformed the instant dislike of these two very different people into respect and admiration, and resolved the depression of the scientist, and reduced his high cortisol levels by half, placing him in the middle of the normal range. The high energy salesman had come in announcing that spiritual experiences were things that happened to other people, however on Day 5, he experienced a visitation by the Archangel Gabriel, and was deeply moved to tears of joy.

Trainings 4, 5, and 6:

The other seven-day Group alpha training was a family: Mother, Father, and teenage daughter. The Father was first to have a deep spiritual experience, becoming directly aware of the omni-presence of God, the Ground of Being, the Boundless. The Mother and daughter discovered they were jealous of the Father’s experience of the Boundless, which discovery allowed them to be coached by the Trainer on forgiveness and non-attachment. As they quickly implemented this coaching, they began to have experiences of angelic visitations, which continued throughout the training. They also did shared feedback, in which each family member heard two of their own four feedback tones, and one tone each from the other two family members. The Father described this as the experience of being a cetacean, as he felt that he and his family were a pod of whales communicating deeply, joyously, and totally auditorily. This shared feedback produced a merging in which the family thought and felt as one. Throughout the process, the Mother and Father were repeatedly amazed by the deep spiritual insights and rapid attainment of understandings of their young teenage daughter. The daughter both taught and inspired her parents with her non-attachment and easy access to joy and happiness.

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