The Fastest Way to Raise Emotional Intelligence

While IQ (a measure of cognitive intelligence) matters... EQ (emotional intelligence) is actually a FAR better predictor of success.

A meta-analysis of more than 200 separate studies that compared students with emotional intelligence-based programs (to those without them) found that positive behavior increased 10 percent, negative went down 10 percent, and academic achievement scores jumped up 11 percent.

Assuming you are already smart enough to be in your field or line of work, it’s your emotional intelligence that determines:

In short, if your success involves other people, then emotional intelligence (EQ) is even more important than IQ.

Luckily, There’s One Way to Upgrade BOTH in Just 7 Days


The Most Successful People on Earth Usually Have a Blend of IQ and EQ

One of the most exciting takeaways from these research findings is you can increase both IQ and EQ simultaneously through Biocybernaut Alpha Training. 
This is incredibly rare, because typically, a person who with abnormally high IQ (think full-stack, deep learning, computer vision engineer) will tend to be a little lower in emotional intelligence.
However, research shows many of the most successful individuals, who shape the entire direction of the planet… are indeed both.

Bottom line: many of the individuals who transform entire countries, industries, the planet at large… are both cognitively intelligent AND emotionally intelligent.

What makes Biocybernaut training is that you can increase your IQ by up to 11.7 points (nearly a standard deviation higher!), and your EQ by 10 points.

There’s no other technology, process, or training method on the planet that facilitates such considerable gains in both areas at the same time. Which is why traditional methods of raising your EQ involve putting a long list of suggestions into practice over six months, one year, or more… a tedious and lengthy processes. 


But why spend over a year if you could spend only a week?

The Biocybernaut Alpha One training is a rapid, powerful, and effective way to dramatically increase your emotional intelligence, in one week of high-tech, patented neurofeedback (based on advanced zen meditative brain states) alongside a proven method of emotional management exercises.

And Here's the Published Research to Prove It

Dr. James Hardt, the President and Founder of Biocybernaut Institute, has been studying the electrophysiological basis of advanced spiritual states for over 40 years and here are some of the many core benefits available to everyone:

Training Packages and Pricing

PremiumPremium DoubleDeluxe Premium Double
Training Days777
Number of People in Training5 Max3 Max3 Max
Training CoachYesYesYes w/ Dr. Hardt
Advanced Neurofeedback TrainingYesYesYes
Neurofeedback Channels61212
Neurofeedback Training Raw EEG & Integrated Amplitude ReviewYesYesYes
Moodscale TestingYesYesYes
Training TypeAlpha & ThetaAlpha & ThetaAlpha & Theta
Training Levels1-91-91-9
Required Entry LevelAlpha 1Alpha 1Alpha 1
Training ProgressionAlpha 2 or Theta 1Alpha 2 or Theta 1Alpha 2 or Theta 1
* Additional taxes may apply depending on country.
Based on eq research, a $10,000 training typically pays for itself in the first year alone — and that’s on average — if you’re in a high-earning career or business, that time frame and roi could be sped up considerably. 

Here's What to Do Next...

If you’d like to raise your EQ by 10 points in only one week, put your mind in a peak performance state, and experience the life changing benefits 2,000+ people have had over the 40 years Biocybernaut has been operating — fill out the form below and we’ll contact to you to help you find a spot on our schedule and answer any questions you may have.

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