Erik Lenderman – Spiritual

Hello and welcome!

I’m so pleased that you’re considering training at the BIOCYBERNAUT Brain Training Institute in order to upgrade your consciousness, awareness, and ability to expand your mind.

Biocybernaut’s patented and one of a kind neurofeedback process and technology is being used by thought leaders, zen masters, and healers to put their ability to learn, grow, and support others into hyper-drive. Our trainings are not for the faint hearted but are perfect for people passionate about changing their souls and minds for the better.

BIOCYBERNAUT was founded in 1983 by Dr. James V. Hardt, a physicist and psychologist with over thirty years of experience in clinical practice and research on the increase of brain-wave levels with the help of neurofeedback. 

Trainings using neurofeedback enable learning to control brain waves, which effectively raises your:
  • Ability to access life-changing forgiveness
  • Access to your deepest consciousness
  • Confidence and self-understanding regarding past trauma and stress
  • Creativity by +50% in work and relationships
  • Clarity of mind in regards to how to proceed in your life
  • IQ  by an average of +11.7 points
  • The effects of clinical work (addiction to alcohol and drugs, personal therapy, release from stress, constant tension, anxiety and trauma)
There are BIOCYBERNAUT Brain Training Institues in:
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Victoria, BC Canada
  • Bavaria, Germany

As soon as you submit the form below you’ll be connected to a Biocybernaut Institute Client Experience Specialist. They will support you as you consider attending this amazing brain wave training; they can answer any questions you may have regarding the process.

Thank you for inquiring about the inner explorations possible with BIOCYBERNAUT Brainwave Training Programs.

Warm regards,
Lilou Mace