Matt Worthington

Dr. Matt worthington, clinical psychologist, has experienced and wants to share with you A Scientifically Proven Way To Become Smarter, Happier, more Creative AND Stress-Free

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This is what Matt has to say about the his experience with Biocybernaut:

I am watching a beautiful sunrise from a cliff top cafe at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Australia. Just sipping my dirty chai latte and reflecting on my experience at the Biocybernaut Institute.

Kate is just phenomenal, she made it all possible. Her support was nothing short of brilliant!

From the moment I stepped into the office at Sedona until the last day, I felt something profoundly different about this place. It is The Inner Space Agency.
Grace, Darren and Todd are all wonderful human beings. Prior to the Neurofeedback sessions Grace the Biocybernaut trainer would patiently coachme for the day. Grace is an amazing trainer so knowledgeable and she really helped me to feel at ease. We would discuss the daily missions together and the thought processes to help achieve the mission objectives.
During the Neurofeedback Darren and Todd sat in mission control and would help me to navigate through my inner space. I went to some amazing inner places and discovered more about myself than I thought possible. The whole process was life changing.
Over the training week I noticed significant changes and these have become more apparent after my return home. Notably, I have a greater sense of inner stillness. This is apparent because I have PTSD for years sleep could be difficult.
The best outcome for me was overcoming a life long extremely traumatic event which occurred in childhood. I never intended for this to happen but now I feel so calm when thinking about the event, this deep feeling of inner peace is new to me. I owe a big thankyou to Grace and all the staff for this.
I am still myself but different. I still get irritated like any other human being but I recover more quickly, much more quickly. Significant others have noticed changes as well, especially my increased calm. I’ve also noticed a much improved creativity, focus and clarity. I have had some great breakthroughs for the book I’m writing.
Overall life just seems easier. Before the training I had some great life goals. For many years I have wanted to go to the North Pole and climb Everest. I can see a way forward now and feel these goals are closer than they have ever been.

Dr Matt Worthington
Clinical Psychologist

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