Using Alpha Neurofeedback Training To Transform Your Daily Life: My Biocybernaut Journey – Part Two

My name is Anthony, and in my last post, I talked about my Biocybernaut Journey and how it helped me go from agony to ecstasy.

If you haven’t read it for any reason, you should do that before diving into this one… because that gives you context for my actual experience DURING the 7-day alpha neurofeedback training.

Now, the very fact that you’re reading this probably means that you’re probably familiar with at least SOME of training benefits, including:

  • Increasing your IQ 11.7 points
  • Boosting creativity 50%
  • Decades worth of Zen meditation in a week
  • Reversing brain aging in the EEG
  • More happiness and joy, and less fear
  • Improved focus and peak performance

And the list goes on.

This post isn’t about my experience during the training–but rather–about integrating the many insights and changes I experienced into my daily life.

Those 7-Days Are Amazingly Profound. But the
Bigger Miracles Take Place After You Leave

If you read my story in part one, you know I had virtually every part of my life in disarray — from health, to relationships, work, money, you name it.

And as much as I’d love to tell you that I just got home from Biocybernaut and — with my upgraded super genius brain — just speedily solved every single life problem like Bradley Cooper after taking NZT in the movie Limitless…

… that was simply not the case. It’s important to have realistic expectations.

You see, we’ve all had “other” seminar or program experiences where we feel amazing while we’re at the event… but then, almost the moment we get home, the feelings wear off.

And we’re back to normal. It’s almost as though nothing really changed and it was just a temporary high.

With Biocybernaut, it’s really the opposite. The effects and changes you experience during the training remain steady once you get back to your life…

In fact, in many ways, things intensify and you positively change even more in the weeks and months that follow your training.

This was very much my experience. Truth be told, I’m STILL feeling the effects and noticing NEW changes and shifts nearly 5 months later! Pretty mind-boggling.

And because I was so Zen’d out and had more brain power… I had far more capacity for integrating all these changes into my life.

Let’s begin with the first major shift I noticed…

What "decades of Zen meditation" Really MEANS

It’s easy to hear about a claim like, “experience decades of Zen meditation in a single week” — and think, “wow, that sounds amazing”… and yet have no clue what that actually means!

I certainly believed that claim to be true. After all, Dr. Hardt is the person who pioneered the research that correlated the alpha brain wave activity of Biocybernaut attendees — with the brainwaves of Zen monks who had meditated for decades.  

That’s where the whole expression first came from — his work illustrating the moving from the back to the front of the brain, and the emergence of frontal theta, which I personally experienced.

Here’s my chart again, in case you missed my first post.

Brainwaves Matter

Still, it’s one thing to be more Zen in an isolated/retreat setting like Biocybernaut provides. It’s another to see how that positively translates in your daily life.

Personally, I’d done a decent amount of Zen meditation in college (albeit over 15 years ago), read nearly 50 books, on and on…

And yet, in all my prior meditation — I never came close to the experiences of stillness, emptiness (i.e. the absence of distracting mental chatter), bliss, peace and other states I experienced at Biocybernaut.

First, let’s be clear: these elusive mental or “spiritual” states are immense gifts on their own. 

People spend years, decades (perhaps lifetimes! if you believe in that) working to arrive at inner peace, deep stillness, and joy or love radiating from within…

So to go from stressed and anxious — like I was — to those blissful states… in a SINGLE week… is pretty insane.

That said, I recognize many interested in Biocybernaut come for the shifts in their performance and potential changes in their outer lives — so it’s important to translate what I experienced into some real-world scenarios.

Let me give you an actual example…

Why I May Never Argue
With Anyone... Ever Again

At the time of going in/out of Biocybernaut — I noted I was in the middle of a separation/divorce with someone who was VERY angry with me.

I won’t go into details, but there are many, MANY areas where I learned I need to be better, now and in the future. And the same goes for her.

I bring that up because we’ve all heard how important it is to “be in the moment.”

Yet this training really PUTS YOU — dynamically in the present — in ways and at a level your conscious mind simply cannot fathom right now.

And with that shift, it becomes VERY hard for you to get stuck or fixated
on analyzing the past, assigning blame, pondering all the “what if” possibilities…
or “should haves/could haves” and feeling regret … because none of that
has anything to do with the present moment. Period.

So the first big, BIG shift of becoming more Zen is your ability to focus on the here and now absolutely skyrockets.

In this more present-minded state, I discovered that most arguments, attacks and resentments stem from SOME part of our mind/psyche/emotions being locked into the past… despite the fact that nothing can be done about the past.

The next benefit might be even more powerful, however, because…

It Makes You Immune
to Insults and Verbal Attacks

A moment ago, I mentioned arguing.

And I just explained how the root of most arguments is blame/resentment, which is tied to the past.

(Don’t forget: whether something happened 5 minutes ago, or five years ago, it is STILL the past. The past is the past; while it can be important to learn from the past or make amends for misdeeds–all regret is fundamentally rooted in disconnection from the present.) 

Which leads me to another miracle I observed after Biocybernaut:

Because I released so much of the wounded, hurt, egoic part of my being… I found that — in the days, weeks and months following the training — I could have the most intense verbal attacks and insults hurled at me.

And no matter what — without exception — I felt ZERO need to fight back or even defend myself.

I could just observe what was being said… and make a clear, compassionate, rational choice about how to respond; and always in the highest and best good of both parties.

Some might see this as me being a “pushover”… yet…

Really, It’s a Superpower!

Because whenever you have triggers or buttons to pushed… trust me, people will push them. Life has a way of continually finding ways to expose our insecurities.

It’s really only our egos that need to defend, justify, fight back, and so on.

(Obviously, this only applies to words — not actual physical attacks or harm; where you should justly defend yourself or seek help. No exceptions.)

The point is… and I can remember this so vividly…

Before Biocybernaut, I would OFTEN get sucked into debating, analyzing, accusing, arguing, blaming and fighting over past events that could not be changed — rather than focusing on what could be constructively done in the present.

Objectively, that makes absolutely no sense. But the ego is rarely rational…

Yet after Biocybernaut’s alpha one neurofeedback training process, I could lovingly let any attack or insult roll off me, and kindly maintain a focus on the present.

And I could do so while acknowledging their words/feelings and saying something like:

“I hear you. I understand. I want to help. What can I do right now to make this better?”

The Difference Was PROFOUND -- And Almost
No Amount of Self-Help Will Get You There

I know, because I’d done a LOT of self-help before. Books. Seminars. Courses. Retreats. You name it…

I’d also done a lot of meditation and “alternative” healing work.

Yet, I still got routinely triggered by my ex and others.

It wasn’t until I did DEEP forgiveness work, using the Biocybernaut process, while in alpha brainwave states… that this reactivity changed for me.

And I believe it’s because, like I explained in my last post, my unconscious mind had finally been freed of resentments, hurt emotions and ego.

There was nothing left for me to protect.

When someone attacked me verbally, I could simply see they were coming from pain, and destructively fixated on the past. So while merely “being” with them and feeling compassion — I could freely direct questions and our interaction to the present moment.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, whether business or personal, that involved a lot of fighting or arguing, you know how much energy that negative process can consume.

Which means, once you arrive at this more “Zen” place, you have massively more energy for other endeavors… and you just plain feel happier.

Which leads to another aspect of my integration experience…

The Unconflicted Psyche Has
The Freedom to Create Anything

As New Agey as I may seem here or in other posts…

I’m actually not a big fan of “woo woo” or “think your way to riches” talk that became popular after The Secret.  

While I do believe in the Law of Attraction, I also believe in science and physics and real spiritual progress — which can be documented and observed, as Dr. Hardt and others have helped bring to light.

What I will say, however, is that as I forgave everyone and everything in my past on a deeper level… and let go of toxic emotions like shame, guilt, fear, anger and others… my entire psyche became far more free.

And that, in my opinion, allowed me to bring more inspired energy and positive intention into areas where I was struggling, especially work and money.

Remember, this was a major area of struggle for me at the time. My work had slowed. Debt was piling up. And my growing fear/anxiety/avoidance (in the form of procrastination and other sabotaging behaviors) was only making things worse.

After the training, it wasn’t like money just miraculously fell into my lap…

More that, due to my increased clarity, positivity and strength of intention — I was able to get my work and income back on track VERY quickly.

I’m not sure this would have been the case otherwise.

So there were some distinct monetary benefits for me; and that’s been the case for others I’ve spoken to.

In fact, when Dr. Hardt conducted a study on an group who attended the training…

They Found that 70% Actually Increased
Their Income in the Year that Followed.

Many got promotions, or found new jobs more in line with their passion and purpose.   

So again, while there are many ways to make more money — and many coaches or teachers with “systems”…

I’m frankly blown away by the fact that I did not need ANY new knowledge or advice in order to increase/restore my earning capacity.

I only needed to let go of what was holding me back.

That feels much more natural, permanent and inspiring to me than always “needing” to learn new techniques, build new habits, and all the typical self-help approaches.

There’s nothing wrong with those things, of course.

But the beauty of alpha neurofeedback training — when done the Biocybernaut way — is that you naturally bring more of your full potential to the surface.

2 More MAJOR Changes I Experienced...

Let me finish this post by noting a couple other major life shifts I experienced after my 7-day experience:

  1. Increased desire to “clean up” any messes: Following Biocybernaut, it became clear that my own internal chaos and mindstate created and allowed all the issues I was experiencing in my life.

    It really brought me face to face with my creative power, and my responsibility.

    So when I got home, another thing I noticed is that I was no longer aligned or willing to tolerate so much of the insanity that I’d frankly become accustomed to. This included thoughts, behaviors, unhealthy habits, and modes of operating — both in work and my personal life.

    It was beautiful, for sure. But it’s not always easy to be forcefully confronted with the fact that YOU are the architect of your own experience; and there’s absolutely no one to blame.

    Then again, responsibility is at the root of empowerment — and I think we’d all agree it’s better to embrace a difficult-yet-empowering truth… than a limiting lie, or worse, to remain stuck victimhood.

    So this has been a major gift. The second major change was…

  2. Meditation became 100 times easier and more natural. This was and is a bit of a double-edged sword, though…  

Because whereas most people struggle to meditate, even for mere minutes — after Biocybernaut — meditation becomes far more automatic and effortless.

In fact, I found myself drifting into a meditative state pretty much anytime I didn’t have a external task to accomplish.

The only thing I had to be mindful about is not spending TOO much time in meditation and using it to avoid facing/address practical changes I needed to make in my life.

In the grand scheme of the world, I don’t think “meditating too much” ranks very high on the list of problems. And certainly, after the training I think most will find it’s an absolute breeze to do 20… 30… even 45 or 60 minutes of meditation.

I personally had to be careful not to drift into meditation/inner awareness TOO often — or I’d risk those blissful states becoming a source of procrastination and creative avoidance. 

With Great Energy Comes a
Greater Need to DIRECT It

We’ve all heard the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

And it reminds me of another important shift I observed in the months following the 7-day training.

Because after Biocybernaut, my mental and emotional/spiritual capacities shot up considerably… and I suddenly found myself with an abundance of inner energy I was not used to having.

It’s almost like I had a brand NEW “battery pack” hooked up to my mind/body. FAR more voltage and electrical current were running through me; I needed to learn how to use it.

This took a period of adjustment before I was able to effectively deploy this new energy in the direction of what I wanted to create.

Again, this was MY experience.

I know many others who immediately found they had more mental capacity — there was almost no adjustment for them.

Which leads me to the last observation and point I want to make:

You May Want VERY Different
Things AFTER Those 7 Eventful Days

Another profound take-away for me…

I saw that SO MUCH of what I thought I wanted or did — BEFORE Biocybernaut — was simply “programming”… or unconscious reactions to feelings of pain, insufficiency, needing to prove myself worthy of love or having value.

But once those were released, I was able to truly distinguish truth from falsehood within myself…

I was able to see the “real” me, versus the fake me that I’d constructed — typically in reaction to pain and social conditioning.

Going deeper still, I saw that much of my so-called “identity” was little more than my ego constructing walls of protection for survival.

And those walls were actually BLOCKING my experience of love, joy, ecstasy and so many other “peak states” that are our human birthright.

So while I’m sure those who preach the whole “you must learn to love yourself” mantra mean well… I think that’s only a useful practice in the very beginning.

Once you forgive away past pain — and you come into contact with your deeper nature…

Love Is Simply What

There’s no “trying” to love yourself. Or forcing or training yourself to do anything.

Release pain, including guilt, shame and self-hate through forgiveness… and you automatically radiate love from the core of your being.

Love feels like the truth of who you are inside; not anything you must strive to do or change or battle with.

Again, I DO recognize the value of learning self-love and care — especially early in one’s journey. My point is more around how quickly you can shift to love as a state of being, following Biocybernaut.

It’s a change that occurred for me, and I’m hopeful it will happen for others, including you and anyone who reads this.

The Difference Is Truly Night and Day.

Which brings me back to the point I made a moment ago…

Namely, that what you want may change. Because if your current goals exist in the hope that they will make you happy or worthy of love…

… and then, you suddenly realize that you ARE happy and full of love–well, it kinda changes the game my friend.

And what you want will probably begin to slowly shift. You’ll begin to choose new goals and pursuits that complement and enhance the joy and love you already feel inside.

Again, please keep in mind:

Everyone Is Different; Your Experience
Will Be 100% Unique to YOU

I’ve always been a little “out there”…

Instead of pre-law or engineering or pre-med like most of my classmates at Stanford, I chose the very economically unviable path of being a Philosophy major… which serendipitously, included a LOT of Zen philosophy.

I say that not to brag; I’ve never used my higher education for anything. More to note that I’ve always been unpractical and predisposed to big, grand “epiphanies” or elevated ideas.

That may not be who you are — and that’s totally okay!

Should you ever do the Biocybernaut training, you will have your own unique experience.

That’s the beauty of it; the 7-day training is 100% personalized to who YOU are and where you are at in all areas of your life.

The same is true is your life-integration process after the training.

I DO know for a fact that I’m happier than ever, my heart is more open, expansive and loving than I dreamed possible… and I’ve never been more clear, on purpose, alive, positive, resilient and excited about life than I am now.

And I owe a great deal of that to the 7-day Alpha One neurofeedback training.

Each day feels more and more miraculous… and I see everything — literally everything — as a divine gift. As crazy as things have been for me, I would not change a single thing about my life or past — there is mysterious perfection in it all.

My hope and intent for sharing is that this helps more people come to that point, whether through Biocybernaut or other means, it makes no difference.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me below — I’ll do my best to answer any comments or questions as candidly as possible.

That’s it for this post, I hope you’re enjoying me sharing my journey.

I’ll be in touch with another new post next week…

Love Always <3


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