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Posted by Dr. James V. Hardt on Nov 14, 2018 5:37:35 PM

Conscious Millionaire



Future Tech Podcast



Coast to Coast Am



  • What are the three keys to manifesting anything?
  • What percentage of your success is attributable to your IQ vs EQ?
  • How I generated an extra 7 figures in 18 months (without extra effort).

Ben Pakulski

⇾ Alpha brain waves during athletic competition, how athletes can achieve peak performance in their sport

⇾ The secret behind Thomas Edison’s 1000+ patents.

⇾ Curing attention deficit disorder in children which brainwave training. 

⇾ Breathing exercises to do at home increase your intelligence and alpha waves.


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Optimize Brain Performance and Wealth - The Conscious Millionaire Podcast

Posted by Dr. James V. Hardt on Oct 25, 2018 10:30:51 AM

 More info on wealth and brainwaves: Your Wealth and Your Brainwaves

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Topics: brainwaves, Neurofeedback Training, Alpha Neurofeedback Training, creativity, wealth, EQ, Emotional Intelligence, alpha brain training, 40 years of research, zen neurofeedback, millionaire, conscious millionaire

Biocybernaut news and reviews - Business Insider and Huffington post

Posted by Biocybernaut Review on Sep 17, 2018 12:38:07 PM

Business Insider

Tony Robbins swears by this 7-day retreat designed to sharpen your focus like '20 years of meditation'

A $15,000 retreat claims it teaches people like Tony Robbins how to control their own brain waves


Huffington Post

Biocybernaut - Change Your Brainwaves. Change Your Life!

Addiction Recovery Under the New Insurance Laws

Theta - Entering the World of the Unconscious


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Increased Self-Awareness, Achieving Potential, Building Courage... then Taking Action

Posted by Biocybernaut Review on Aug 21, 2018 5:40:14 PM

A testimonial from a trainee who completed their Premium Double Alpha 1 training in February of 2018

"Though I wasn’t expecting it and never thought it would happen, in February of 2018, the stars aligned; an amazing opportunity presented itself and I was able to go to the Biocybernaut Institute. I went to enhance my meditation practice and to work on some personal goals. I had some expectations... but in general, looking back, nothing was to prepare me for what my upcoming visit there would turn out to be.

I had very general, non-specific plans and only a vague impression of what the training was to be. On our first day our wonderful trainer Grace called it “Disorientation Day”. It perfectly described how I felt that day. 

Simply put, the training was a perfect crash course on what the ego is, how interwoven into our lives and bodies it is and how to do the most effective inner work in order to get the ego out of the way of our potential.

The amount of inner work that we (the trainees and I) did through uncovering inner problems that were harbored within us, and working on solutions through the amazing process of forgiveness cannot be compared to any levels of mind/body or talk work I’ve done throughout the years…

What we did in seven days in the institute seemed to equate to many years of talking through issues, under professional guidance, with intense focus… Years!!! It may seem unbelievable to some, but some very deep rooted issues, issues that seemed to need a long time to be resolved were easily resolved in matter of hours and days at the Institute. 

Somehow, the process we were taught there, refined over decades by Jim and his staff, worked each and every time we applied it to any of the issues we wanted to resolve. No issue was too big or too small for this process, it worked with great efficacy. 

I was able to do a lot of inner work that helped me heal problems at their very root. Many things were allowed to come up to the surface that have affected my life since I was born, and some were a complete surprise when they were uncovered. 

I realized that I have been unaware of many things that were hindering my potential and happiness.

Upon completion of the training, I went back home to my family and noticed an immediate shift in my personal and professional life. Work was no longer making me feel performance anxiety and more and more work opportunities started appearing out of nowhere. I felt excited and motivated. I am now able to work with a new level of confidence that was missing before.

I have ideas that are clear and productive, and I have the courage to act upon them accordingly. 

My family life shifted as well. As a busy mom and a wife, I used to feel very overwhelmed and under-appreciated. This changed as soon as I finished my training. My family and I have so much fun together and we enjoy a new form of bonding that we did not allow ourselves to have beforehand. 

There continues to be much evidence that the training was a major life-changing event for me…. There are synchronicities and “messages” from the Universe on a regular basis that I now notice and am grateful for each and every time. In retrospect, I not only accomplished more enhanced levels of meditation and worked on personal goals, the training unveiled things that were hidden from my consciousness that were hindering my personal growth and hurting my personal relationships for decades. I was able to learn things about myself that I got to release and start making room for better and bigger things in my life. 

A really interesting by-product of the training was seeing a shift in my husband and children. My husband almost instantly started feeling less and less anxiety until he no longer felt panic attacks when flying on a plane!!! He was able to work through these major issues and courageously leave a job of 20 years to pursue a new job.

It turned out that Biocybernaut offered way more than I would have ever expected and I plan to return to the Institute at least two more times in my lifetime. The possibilities that came from my first training were so immediate and pleasing not only to me but also to my family members, that I know going further with Alpha Levels II & III will be an immense benefit to us all."

- B. C. 
Photographer, Herbalist, Mother, Wife

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Your Wealth And Your Brain Waves

Posted by Dr. James V. Hardt on Aug 13, 2017 1:52:28 PM

In simple language, Brain Waves Rule

This simple rule is taught at Biocybernaut Institute under the name of The Psychophysiological Principle, and it says that “Any experience you have as a living human being, you have only when you have the appropriate underlying pattern of brain waves.

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